Top 10 Funny Camping T-shirts – Hilarious Camper Pun Shirts & Cool Outdoors Tees
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Top 10 Funny Camping T-shirts – Hilarious Camper Pun Shirts & Cool Outdoors Tees

– [Announcer] Looking for a cool t-shirt for your next camping trip? Check out our top 10 cool
and funny camping tees. Number 10, Camping? Alpaca my bags! Because nothing beats a good animal pun. Number nine. Well, maybe this marshmallow roasting pun gives the Alpaca a run for it’s money, if Alpacas have money. The “There’s nothing I
love s’more than camping” tee is meant for kids,
but somehow it’s even funnier on adults. Number eight, another campfire pun. If you are more into hot-dog
roasting you’ll love the “It’s All Fun And Games Until
Someone Loses A Weiner” tee. Number seven, there is
nothing more embarrassing than camping with your parents
while they are wearing a set of matching “Husband And Wife
Camping Partners For Life” tees, but you have to admit it’s cute. Number six. In number six are two
designs for people who need a dose of mountains air
to keep their sanity. “Mountains Please” and “The
mountains are my meds”. Number five, this one is
perfect for summer camp teens and young spirit adults. “What happens at camp stays at camp.” Number four, Tapirus
Outdoor Gear Tapir T-shirt. Why is it in number four? Because it has our logo on it, and because Tapirs are awesome. Number three, the happy
camper bucket hat smiley is a classic, adding good vibes
to camping trips for years, way before emojis existed. Number two, Glampers
deserve to be happy too! The happy glamper pink luxury camper tee is probably the prettiest
design on the list! Number one, our favorite
shirt is the perfect camping road trip pun tee. The most annoying question
kids just love to ask with a camper twist: “RV There Yet?” Give us your ideas for new,
cool, or funny camping tees in the comment section. If we think it’s good we will design it and send you one for free!

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