Top 10  most secluded towns in the United States. The viewer version.
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Top 10 most secluded towns in the United States. The viewer version.

what is going on everyone it’s time to
do another most secluded video the last time I did a most secluded town video I
got a ton of suggestions on locations in the u.s. that are more secluded than the
ones I had listed and probably should have been included in the video so I
wrote down the suggestions from your comments I did my research and I came up
with the best 10 suggested secluded towns now i’m sure i’m gonna get a bunch
of comments on this one as well and that’s fine comments likes and even
dislikes help the channel youtube looks at interaction and all three or
interactions so it’s cool with me comment all you want tell me how i’m
wrong i love it the rules of this list are simple the town or location has to
have at least a hundred people has to have a post office and has to be far
away from a real town so before you do stop typing we don’t need to hear about
the truck stop right outside of some town you live in that has a trailer park
and it’s got five trailers in a cornhole court and it’s in the Oklahoma outback
don’t even hear that being said let’s take a look at the top ten most secluded
towns in the United States the viewer version number ten kremlin montana
kremlin is a very small town in hill county the town is only about 282 acres
wide and it’s just got a hundred residents the whole town is a farming
community lacking a grocery store or gas station you’ll have to drive 45 minutes
if you want those luxuries and that’s in Big Sandy yes Big Sandy is a town in
Montana not a nickname we gave my sister when she quit going to the gym then if
you want to go another two hours away you can get to the big city of Great
Falls Montana that’s like a giant metropolis by Montana standards the
community is so small there’s only one school and a fire station that doubles
as the post office can you imagine that the fire department races over your
house to put out a grease fire in your kitchen because you have no idea how to
cook while they’re punching holes in your drywall to put out the fire that
has now become electrical fire because you have no idea how to wire a house and
the chief says oh hey I got some mail for you in the truck comes back and goes
this one’s from the IRS looks like you’re getting an audit number nine st. Paul Alaska st. Paul is
the first of three Alaskan towns that made this list st. Paul is a small town
of about 500 people on st. Paul Island in the middle of the Bering Sea and it’s
hard to get to both figuratively and emotionally figuratively it’s a long
rough plane ride that sometimes requires a couple days of waiting for the weather
to clear emotionally that comes from a subscriber
she said she knew a girl from st. Paul that said the flight and the boredom
took an emotional toll on her that’s why she never went back the flight to st.
Paul is a three hour flight over some of the roughest waters in the world you
know when the flight attendant gives you that safety briefing they could get to
that one part about the water landing and just say in the unlikely event of a
water landing don’t worry about the floatation device you’ll be frozen solid
in four minutes after we hit the water number eight point lay Alaska point lay
is on the northwest coast of the state of Alaska like many other towns in the
northern region there’s no roads to point lake any food any supplies the
town needs they have to be brought in by plane back in the Cold War era might
have been a little bit easier the Air Force actually had a small installation
there for some satellite dishes but those were taken down around 2005-2006
after not being used for like ten years the population in 2000 was around 250
residents as of 2015 the population is risen up to 270 they gained 20 people
with only about 85 residents in the workforce so that’s not good only about
a third of the people actually working point lei is a native village with about
80 percent of the population being Native Alaskan this thing is way out
there there’s nothing around it except ocean
and land mostly frozen tundra number seven Hewlett Wyoming almost
every city in Wyoming that isn’t Cheyenne Casper Laramie is relatively
secluded but you definitely have the extra secluded Hulett the population as
of the 2010 census was about 385 people now it’s estimated be around 400 that
just tells me there’s four hundred people in Wyoming that don’t like having
company fuel it has one school a few places to eat a grocery store the Golf
Club yes Hewlett has a golf course does a town in
the middle of nowhere really need a golf course that is actually larger than the
town itself and makes no sense the nearest big city in Wyoming is
Casper and that’s about three hours away number six Dalhart Texas Dalhart is one
of the larger secluded towns with little over eight thousand people as of 2017
this city sprung up from an old railroad Junction back in like 1901 the city is
in the very northwest corner of the state and 80 miles away from Amarillo
and 40 miles away from the closest Walmart which is by Texas standards
really bad news the good news is they do have a great burger place called the
grill they serve these giant hammers they’re great number five Mackinac
Island Michigan now this one made the list because it’s sort of secluded and a
subscriber wrote me a very lengthy email about going to high school here with a
four-person graduating class it was like a mini novel there’s so many words
Mackinac Island is home to about 500 residents as of the 2010 census the
closest mainland town is Mackinaw City towards the south there’s a couple other
ones that might be a little closer but that’s like the mainland the only way to
the island is by ferry or private boat that’s in the summer or snowmobile or
airplane in the winter the island does have an airport there are no cars on
this island residents visitors have their choice of transportation horse
bike or walk in the summer that’s in the summer in the winter everyone drives
snowmobiles this one made the list because it has no cars also the
subscribers said the island isn’t that far away during the summer during the
winter it seems much further away I kind of got the vibe from that that it’s just
the weather keeps people away from the island anyway people ride their
snowmobiles everywhere during the winter parents pull their kids to school behind
sleds and draw right off the front door at the school I
thought that was kind of neat number four stay he can Washington stay he can
is within the Wenatchee National Forest this place is tucked away to say the
least stay he can has only about a hundred residents and the only way to
get to the town is by taking the ferry up like Chilean a long hike a horseback
ride or by flying into Stehekin and a seaplane since there’s no roads here
those are your only options I imagine you could swim it but that’s a long swim
I don’t know if anyone wants to swim that I’ve never been here I know I’ve
camped on Lake Chilean before and this place is so far up the lake I didn’t
even know it existed I was there three days no one mentioned it knew nothing
about it I saw the seaplane didn’t know where it
was going it was really interesting this place is so far away from everything it
has zero cell service zero if you want to drop off the grid this is your place
now like I said I haven’t been to that town but I heard it’s really nice the
pictures look nice I’m going to go there this summer I’ll have pictures for you
in June or July I’m sure very interested about this place number three Haines Alaska Haines is a
pretty tricky place to get to from Washington State or any of the
contiguous states probably the easiest way is to fly into Fairbanks or
Anchorage drive through the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and the
Yukon Territory you’ll be driving about 15 hours that whole driving portion then
once back in Alaska you’ll have to take the Klondike highway to get to a ferry
that will take you to your final destination of Haines Haines has the
basic necessities for town however if you want anything extra other than the
necessities and alcohol you’ll have to go to the closest city of Juneau which
isn’t any easier to get to it’s just a little bigger like a lot of places in
Alaska weather plays a major role in travel and stop typing not everyone only
travels during the summer I got that on a recent video and someone said well if
you’re worried about the weather just go in this summer yes that’s a great idea
because everyone’s life’s that simple that no matter what happens they’ll just
put it off till the summer number two soup I Arizona soup I is the
capital the Havasupai Indian Reservation located within the Grand Canyon and
about five and a half hours from Flagstaff the community is home to only
about 208 residents and is the only place in the US where mail is still
carried out by mules in the contiguous United States by the Department of
Agriculture and it’s a good thing this place is so remote and hard to get to I
am sure if it was closer to say some main road
it would be overrun by visitors and a-holes look at it it’s amazing most people that make this trek do so
with a certain amount of respect you’re not going to see people in beach chairs
with beer like you would at the river or lake havasu it’s a lot nicer just hard
to get to and number one yellow Pines Idaho yellow Pines is located right
outside of the Payette National Forest and as of the 2010 census the population
was only 32 people and I know that’s below the requirements for this list
kind of broke my own rules but here’s the catch in the woods surrounding
yellow pine they have a bunch of people living in cabins and trailers and the
estimate for the 2020 census is that they’ll get to about a hundred people
the closest town with any chain restaurants or grocery stores is McCall
and that’s three hours through the canyon this is another place where in
the winter you seem like you got a little further away from everything else
this is also one of those places that if you live here you feel like you’re
camping every day of your life this is also a good place to move to if you’re
trying to escape your past so they don’t have any internet television or things
like that might have internet but it’s that satellite internet and you know
that’s so slow it might take you three weeks to load a website of any news it’s
that far out all right so that’s my top 10 most secluded locations in the United
States the viewer version hope you guys enjoyed it hope you got some information
out of it sorry if I mispronounced anything these aren’t places that I’ve
been to that I have some experience with for the most part so it all came from
the comments I gave it a shot I apologize if I mispronounced anything
everybody have a great day be nice to each other


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