Top 10 Must Have RVing Gadgets
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Top 10 Must Have RVing Gadgets

Today we are going to talk about our
10 favorite RVing and gadgets. Awesome. Sometimes I wake up and I have
no idea what’s going on. This is actually our first collaboration video. And we’re doing with Kali and Josh over at The Freedom Theory. This is really exciting for us. They’re going to make a video about
their favorite RVing gadgets. We’re going to talk about ours today. And definitely check them out. But here’s a really quick video for you
to get a better idea of The Freedom Theory. And who they are. (music playing) A Wi-Fi ranger for us is a must-have. When we get into RV parks like this we found that some of the best spots are
along the perimeter of the park. But that also means you’re probably pretty far away from their Wi-Fi tower. A lot of times you may not get signal or if you do, it’s going to be very faint. So the first part of the solution is the
Wi-Fi ranger. That’s what we’ve got up on the window. All we have to do when we arrive, is try to figure out where that Wi-Fi tower is put this up on the window and then connect it to. This is a Wi-Fi repeater. It takes the signal from the Ranger and a broadcast throughout our RV. So that means we can connect our laptops our phones, tablets. All the devices we have that are on a Wi-Fi signal connect to this. Then this picks up the signal from the park. The one we have is by Alpha Network. We got it from TechnoRV, who has some excellent customer service. The instructions on these are awesome. They send you their own instructions and it’s really easy to follow and set up. I am going to do a longer view on these two products sometime in the future. So stay tuned for that. These next two items might not be considered gadgets in the traditional sense. But they are must haves for us. The first thing is the Allstays Camp
& RV app. We love this app because we pull up the app, it will show your exact location. All the campgrounds, gas stations, RV services around your area. It even includes low hanging bridges and other information that’s really
helpful to RVers and campers as well. It’s something that we reference almost every time we move. And it’s come in so handy, and not only that. It’s save us a lot of money because you can also find free places to camp but also free places to dump. We did write an extensive review about this app which you can find linked in the description below. The next app that we absolutely love is Gas Buddy. Gas Buddy helps us save money on gas. When you pull it up you can tap to find the nearest gas stations in the area. And it will show you almost real-time gas prices reported by users. Now we’re currently in Door County, but we’re headed to Green Bay next. We can decide if we want to get gas now or get gas we get the Green Bay depending on the gas price. They have all gas stations listed from Costco to
Sam’s Club to your traditional Shell and Chevron stations. Based on the app I can tell the gas at Costco in Green Bay is $2.25 which is so much cheaper than the
$2.45 at the Marathon down the street. So if you don’t have the Gas Buddy app, which is free, you’ve got to download it. This is the Garmin 760 LMT. It is an RV specific GPS and we found it invaluable when trying to drive our RV through places we just don’t know The cool thing about this is, it allows
us to input all the parameters of our RV. The height, the width, the weight, the length. What this does is it helps rerouted us around obstacles or things that are going to be difficult or impossible for us to drive through an RV. Such as a low bridge. There are a lot of weight restrictions that we have to be worried about. If we’re driving through the mountains,
this will alert us as to a steep grade ahead. It’ll tell us what that grade is. It’ll also warned us about winding roads. And different obstacles that we’re coming up against. In a car that usually isn’t a concern but in an RV it is great information to have. We wrote an extensive review that highlight a lot of the features and some of the things we don’t like about this GPS. You can find the link in the description below With the amount of rain that we’ve seen since we started traveling full time. We are so glad to have a cover for our vent. We have two Fan-tastic vents in the RV. We purchase a Fan-tastic specific vent cover for the one in the kitchen. On days like this when it’s raining outside we can leave the vent open and run the fan without worrying about the rain getting in or triggering our rain sensor. Another benefit we realized is you don’t hear the rain as much. Also you get a little extra protection from the sun with the vent cover. Now some of you might not consider this a gadget. It is absolutely cannot live without in the RV. In the shower. One of our favorite gadgets is this on and off valve for the shower. This allows us to turn the water on, get
it to the temperature that we want. Put the valve to the off switch. Lather up. Turn it back on. We can rinse
off. Not only that, we get to adjust how much water comes out of the shower head. This is great for us because we do quite a bit of boondocking. And one minute showers are not unheard of. And having this valve let’s us save a tremendous amount of water. Now the biggest gadget that we have and we love is our Roadmaster spare tire carrier. We haven’t blown a tire, yet. If we ever do we don’t want to be caught without one of these. Sure there are a lot of roadside companies that can come out and change a tire for you. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to have the tire you need. You might be stuck waiting a day or two to get the tire. Or have to pay two to three times what the
tires actually worth. Anywhere we go we love to have a spare tire. Either on our motorhome or Jeep. So for us, this is a must have. The best part about it is, it’s really easy to take off. There is a lock you can drop the wheel to either side. Unbolt it and roll it right over. I did an extensive review on this tire carrier. will link to that in the description below. Another gadget outside that I really love is the Valterra gate valve. What this does. It’s an additional valve at the end of our sewer and grey tank pipes. And what I found in the past was. Before we got this. If we were driving for any length of time, you might get some water that leaks into the pipe. When you take the cover off that all ends up on your hands, your arms, in the bay. Has to be washed out. This gate valve allows you to hook up your sewer hose, open the valve, and any drippings that are left in there just go straight into the hose. It makes for a very clean situation and I love it. We’ll link to the specific gate valve in the description below. We also have an Amazon store on our website that will link to too. One of my favorite outdoor gadgets are these motorcoach Hoss Pad that we have. They come in all different sizes. They’re made from recycled rubber. They’re great for putting under your jack but also for leveling. Instead of putting your jacks on directly on the dirt or gravel. You can just put one of these down. If we happen to be parked on a very uneven spot. Before I put our plastic leveling blocks down I’ll put one of these underneath to protect the block from breaking. We’ve had two sets of leveling blocks go
bad on us because we put it directly on gravel and the weight of the coach would split it and break it. Now that we have the Hoss Pads it protects those leveling blocks from breaking. Right now we happen to be in a pretty muddy site because of the rain. Since we have these under our jacks,
our jacks aren’t sinking into the mud. Because they’re sitting on top of the Hoss Pads. First thing we do when we get to a campsite or anyplace where there’s electrical hook-up. We plug in our Progressive Industries EMS. This is rated for 30 amps which is what our coaches. They also have 50 amp unit. What this does is it protects us from power surges. But more importantly, power drops. So we’ve been a few places where everyone goes and turns on their electricity at the same time. Let’s say it’s hot and everyone gets home turns on their AC. A lot of times the voltage in the park will drop to unsafe levels. What ends up happening is this will cut you from that power. Now, low voltage will damage a lot of sensitive electronics and other things in your be especially the AC unit This helps protect you from that among numerous other things. But for us it is a must have. We never plug into electricity without putting this between us and the electrical source. We also have a post on this where we discuss many more points and more details about it. Again we’ll link to that in the description below. We hope you enjoyed our top 10 favorite
are RVing gadgets. We’d love to hear what some of your favorite gadgets are for RVing. Leave us a comment below. Hot Mess Take 25 When your… When you have an RV shower you need an on off valve… When you have an RV shower a on/off valve is essential. We can turn the but…


  • Michael Jankowski

    I chose to go with the EMS EMS-HW30C. A little more expensive but it's hardwired in and less susceptible to theft since no one can see it.!ems-hw50c/cjk6

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  • Tony DiGirolamo

    We have the Garmin 760 LMT along with the wireless backup camera (also sold by Garmin). The camera is mounted inside our RV's rear window. It's connected to a wireless remote switch (bought separately) to power the camera on and off as needed. I find that I currently use the Garmin with the camera more as a rear monitor than a GPS–for now. We're fairly new to RVing and once we venture out more, I'm sure the it will be very handy as a GPS as well. Along with the camera, and dedicated RV setup, the lifetime maps & traffic were instrumental in our purchasing decision.
    Love your channel, just subscribed.

  • Kevin Burke

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  • Robert Orion

    The MOST important thing in that list is the Progressive Industries electrical line conditioner. I have one on my coach which is just three months old, and already it has saved me a lot of damage. I hooked up to a 30AMP socket on a home (driveway surfing) that said right on it 120V, but turns out it was wired as 240V. The Progressive Industries EMS (Electrical Management System) blocked the high voltage and saved my coach from serious damage. What a great product!

  • Jerry Daminato

    Wow. Just downloaded the "Allstays" app and it is SUPER Great!!! it works great and…it covers Canada which is where we are. We are planning a trip to the east coast in September and this app will be soooo handy! Thanks for the tip.

  • A Nelson

    What do you think of Allstays Pro (purchased directly from Allstays online)? I understand that it is much more indepth than the app. The cost is also 3 times as much. I understand that if there are any changes or updates to be made, it is done daily through Allstays Pro. It looks like it takes a lot longer for the Apps through Google and Apple to be updated. Luv your channel!

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  • Sandie Bock

    quick connect for hoses so no more screwing on and off and quicker. Also a Y for the hose at the water faucet at campground so you can have water and also hook up hose for tank wash outs.

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    In France we filled plastic cube shaped vessels that resembled jerrycans at the grape farmer, those vessels stacked when filled and could be deflated when they were emptied and cleaned.

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  • Google1 User

    Thanks for nice tips. If electric items like the AC are not running or on when a voltage drop occurs do they still potentially get damaged without a safety device? I have the TRC 30 amp surge protector. Tomorrow I'm try find out if it also protects for voltage drops. Happy RVing.

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    Great video, goods items. I just ordered the Valterra valve. Just what you said happened to me on our last trip. I opened the cap and "stuff" fell out on my hands and in the bay. Yuck!

  • MK Outdoor Adventures

    Great share! I do have a question specific to the Progressive Industries EMS. Does its design include some method of locking it to the post in a way that it cannot be removed/taken without permanently damaging it (which, hopefully, serves as a deterrent)?

  • Henry Avery

    did you know that most electronic that come with voltage inverters run just as well off of 12VDC. like your laptops. They have a voltage limiting circuit built into them because electronics only uses 5VDC to operate. If you wire a cigarette lighter plug to your cord keeping polarity in mind you can do away with the voltage inverters. They use a lot of power doing the voltage change over.

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    The "wifi ranger" is a metal 52 router and a standard wifi house router. Total cost on both is $198.00 so if you are remotely tech savvy save yourself $550.00 and check out ebay.

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