Top 10 Worst Vacations Ever

Top 10 Worst Vacations Ever 10) Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic British holidaymakers at this luxury Caribbean
resort held a two-day protest after hundreds of drunk and rowdy locals raided the hotel
on a cheap package deal. The islanders were accused of defecating in
the pool, eating all the food in the buffet, and peeing on guests while they lay on sun
loungers. Up to 100 hotel guests were eventually moved
to an alternative hotel but were offered just $45 compensation. 9) Essex, England A group of friends on a bachelorette party
had their seaside break ruined by a foul stench coming from the room next door. The bride to be spent the night vomiting due
to the smell and sprayed cans of deodorant in an attempt to mask it. Despite complaints to reception, the hotel
said they couldn’t investigate next door as it was private property. The next morning, a cleaner discovered that
the source of the smell was a man’s decomposing corpse. 8) Marrakesh, Morocco Pensioner Ray Cole was on holiday in Marrakesh
to visit his male partner, when he was jailed for being gay. Police arrested the men in public and used
private photos on Ray’s phone as proof that the pair had committed homosexual acts. They
also deemed his antibiotics and skin cream to be sex toys. Ray was held in a cell with 60 others, denied
a lawyer, and coerced into signing a statement, before being charged with visiting Morocco
to prey on young men. At trial Ray was found guilty, but eventually
released early due to health concerns. 7) Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia Eleanor Hawkins and nine other tourists were
accused of causing an earthquake in Malaysia that killed 18 people, after photos emerged
revealing that the group had stripped naked on a sacred mountain. Offended community leaders said that the naked
stunt had angered the mountain spirit and that’s what caused the earthquake. Four members of the group were tracked down,
sentenced to 3 days in jail, and fined $1,330 for committing ‘obscene acts in public’,
before being deported. 6) Canada An elderly couple from Australia became unwitting
drug mules after winning a fake vacation to Canada. The organizers of the trip paid for the couple’s
accommodation and expenses, but suspicion arose when the elderly couple were handed
new suitcases as part of their prize. Although the couple traveled back to Australia
with the new bags, they reported their concerns to customs officials, who found $7 million
dollars worth of methamphetamine stashed in the lining of each bag. Luckily the couple’s honesty meant that
they avoided drug smuggling charges. 5) New Trout Cave, West Virginia, USA Gary Lutes and his two sons aged 13 and 9
became entombed in a cave for five days. They left behind their bag of supplies to
avoid lugging it across the rocky cave floor, but deep into the cave their lights ran out
and the family realized that they were lost. It was too dangerous to try and find their
way out in the dark, so they lay in one spot as starvation and dehydration took over. After five days waiting for death, rescuers
found the family and bought them back to safety. 4) Canary Islands British couple Shaun and Elizabeth Shields
were locked in their cabin for 48 hours after Shaun became one of a hundred passengers to
fall ill with a vomiting bug. The couple were forced to stay in their room
and their entrance cards were disconnected, preventing escape. They received just 4 crackers and some cheese
during the entire period. On leaving the cabin the Shields saw guests
throwing up all over the ship and children crying. 3) Cabo da Roca, Portugal A Polish family took a trip to Cabo da Roca,
the most Western point of Europe, when they decided to document the view. The couple sneaked past the cliff edge barriers,
but while trying to take a selfie they slipped, plunging to their deaths. The incident was witnessed by their two children
aged 5 and 6, who had to be placed into the custody of Polish diplomats. 2) Great Barrier Reef, Australia Married couple Tom and Eileen Lonergan were
abandoned in shark infested waters after a diving company sailed back to shore – while
they were still scuba diving. Despite being on a day trip with 24 other
divers, no one noticed that the pair was missing. It wasn’t until two days later that the
Lonergans’ possessions were discovered still on the boat. Search teams failed to find them and the couple
were never seen again. 1) Los Angeles, USA Tourists staying at a rundown LA hotel unknowingly
drank and bathed in water contaminated by a dead body, after Chinese student Elisa Lam
mysteriously drowned in the hotel’s water tank. Lam’s body was discovered 3 weeks after
her disappearance when a maintenance worker inspected the water tank, after hotel guests
reported a problem with the water pressure. The case inspired conspiracy theories speculating
as to the cause of her death after a video emerged of Lam acting strangely in the hotel’s
elevators. Questions also arose regarding how she got into the tank, which was alarmed
and locked.

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