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Hey, I’m Derek with weBoost. Today I’m here
with Nick and Steve from the Arizona Elk Society. And we’re going to show
you some awesome gadgets for your next hunting trip. All right. I’m Steve Clark. I’m the executive director
of the Arizona Elk Society, and today, we’re up
in northern Arizona getting ready for an elk hunt. This archery elk season
starts this Friday. And Nick and I both have
tags, and so we’re going to be out there hunting elk. We brought some
gadgets with us, some gear that we use
that we believe in. We thought we’d show
you some of the things that we like to use
out in the woods. Hey, how’s it going? I’m Nick Swanson. I’m with the Arizona Elk Society
Hunts for Heroes Program. And today, I’m going
to talk to you guys about some advances in GPS. Historically, I’ve always
just carried a big GPS unit. And now with the advancements
with the smartphone, I’m going to use an app. I use onX Hunt Maps. And the way it works is you can
download your maps via Wi-Fi. And then when you
get out to the field, you put it on offline
mode and put your phone on airplane mode. It saves your battery. But your map’s saved, and your
GPS unit is running internally in your phone. And you can use that. It has topo, satellite,
and a hybrid feature. But the coolest part about this
is that it really adds layers, so it really shows you
where private property is, federal property, state
property, and the game units. So you know exactly
where your boundaries are when you’re hunting. And since we’re partnered
up with weBoost, if we decide to move
areas within the game unit and try something else, we
can easily download a new map through the cell
data on the weBoost that we have in the trunk. How many times have
you been in the woods and can’t get cell service
or don’t get enough service that you can’t get data on your
phone, download your onX map, call your wife at home? We partnered up this
year with weBoost. This is one of their new
boosters, their cell phone boosters. They have cell
phone boosters that go in your RV, cell phone
boosters that go in your cars. Permanent, you
can mount them in, or this is a really, really
good one for taking on the road if you have different vehicles. Real simple to use. Basically, you have a cradle
that your phone slips in. And it’s made to fit a
lot of different phones, maybe even a couple small of
the iPads and things like that. You put an antenna
on top of your truck that has a wire or your
car, whatever you are using. And you pop out the
amplifier and just set it, plug it all in, and everything
just works from there. And I’ve been using Wilson
and weBoost products for about 10 years now,
and I can guarantee you that they work. We do a lot of work projects in
the woods, and usually somebody that’s with us will have one. And everybody comes around
the vehicles to use them. Very handy if
you’re in the woods. Great for emergencies. If you need data, if
you own a small business and you need to get e-mails
and things like that, you’ve got to have one of these. So this year, I’ll be
hunting a lot of waterholes, setting up some blinds. And any time I get around
water, I immediately think about mosquitoes. So I have my Thermacell with me. I think this is probably
one of the handiest insect and pest repellents
on the market. It doesn’t have a scent. It covers your whole area. You don’t have to worry about
where you’ve applied it as long as you have it with you. So if you’re hunting out east,
doing whitetail this year, and you’re up doing tree
stands or sitting in box vines or whatever you’re
going to do, I strongly suggest getting a Thermacell. If you’re coming
out west, I would have because, depending
on where you’re at, there’s a lot of
wallows, a lot of water, and that’s where
[INAUDIBLE] because that’s what they’re trying to find. And it just allows
you to sit there without worrying about
making any movements and being comfortable for the
time that you’re out there. We’re on an archery hunt and,
obviously, archery targets. You’ve got to have
a targeting camp. This is a brand new target
made by Block for Cabela’s. Very easy to pull arrows out of. It stops arrows from
crossbows, regular bows, it’s good for broad heads. It’s pretty much the
new all-around target. It’s going to work really good,
and we’re a little bit excited about sight-in, when
you check in our bows, and getting ready for this hunt. So we’ll be shooting this
here in a few minutes, and maybe show you how easy it
is to pull some of the arrows out. We’re in a pretty
good-sized camp. We’re not doing the
backpacking-type hunt. We have a sizable social camp
that we’re hanging out in. So we’re doing a
lot of daypacks, and so I got with ALPS Outdoorz. And this is the Traverse
X. It’s a daypack. And when you look
online, you see a lot of videos
about the guys who are doing the
lightweight backpacking. I know a lot of people
covered the daypacks. Now this is probably one
of the better daypacks that are out on the market. It’s internal frame
has a large compartment for a lot of your
gear that you just don’t really need to get at. So I keep a first aid kit,
survival kit, kill kit, and my rain jacket on top. And then anything
that I’ll need, headlamps, or quick
access to, snacks, keep it in this
small center pouch. Where this pack
really excels is it has two optics packs on the
sides that are felt lined. So you put your spotting scopes
and your tripods through here, or you can mount your tripods to
the side and that way it’s all contained. But you don’t have
to open up your pack, or do the bungee cord
method to get at your stuff. It’s got a pretty rigid
waist belt, which I like, with two pockets. Great for your
GPS or your phone. I keep calls in one and
my phone in the other. And then I carry a three liter
Platypus hydration glider. And then, like many of the Alps
products, right off the bat, we’ve had to already
deal with rain and just been here a little bit. Comes with a rain flap
included, and it’s secured and tethered to the pack. Then you have your meat hauler. So after you
quarter your animal, it’s got a flap that comes
over, and it connects to the top of your pack. And you’re able to secure
your meat or your antlers. And the thing I like
about it is it does have orange stitched in so
that way other hunters easily identify you while you’re
hauling out your meat. And then lastly, there
is the weapons sling. You could do a rifle butt
or the [INAUDIBLE] bow. I’ll be using a
crossbow this week, so I’ll put my crossbow in here
and strap it in real tight, condenses real nice and small. And I’ll be able
to keep it light. All right, obviously,
once you get an elk down, you’re going to be
doing a lot of cutting. And one of the
newest items that we have at the Arizona Elk Society
is the outdoor edge knife. It’s a replaceable
scalpel blade. It’s actually called
the Onyx EDC Knife. Really easy to use,
very, very sharp. I’m really excited
about this one. It’s got a very tough
blade in it that should take a lot of abuse. It’s very easy to
change the blade. You just push the button
and pull the blade. That’s it. And you slide it right
back in, and that’s it. A lot safer than some of
the other knives out there. You know that one of the
benefits of these knives is that they are scalpel blades. They’re very, very sharp. Scalpel like a hospital scalpel. And being sharp
like that, it makes it a lot easier to cut
through the hide and some of the other things. And they last a lot longer
than a regular knife. They take a lot more abuse. You don’t want to
twist things with them, but because they’re sharp, you
can usually do one or two elk with the same knife. And if something does happen,
like I showed earlier, it’s very easy to
switch out a blade. Please be careful, and don’t
lay your blades on the ground. Put them in something,
and put them away if you’re discarding them. Sound of this call. It’s a cow elk call. And the sound is
just phenomenal. I’ve been calling elk
for about 20 years now. I actually specialize in calling
elk, rather than running them down. And this sound, to me,
is the best cow sound I’ve ever heard out
of a latex call. I will demonstrate. There’s a couple of
different ways you can use. It’s a wooden call, which
makes it sound a lot better than a tinny plastic call. And you can blow in it. Or you can put it in your
mouth, and make that sound. Especially as bow-hunter,
I can’t have my hands up. I got my hands full
of archery equipment. So I use it by putting
it in my mouth. I feel this is one of the best
calls on the market today. And I think you guys
will love this call. For more information on
the Arizona Elk Society, please visit us at For more information on the
Hunt for Heroes Program, check us out on the Arizona
Elk Society web page. And for more information
on the Drive Sleek, go to If you like what you’re seeing
today, please subscribe below. All the details and links are
going to be in the description. And we’re going to have fun. So I just want to
say thanks again to weBoost for sending
Derek and Tyler out here. And y’all have a good one.

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