Top 5 Must-Have Pieces of Gear for Winter Camping
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Top 5 Must-Have Pieces of Gear for Winter Camping

Hi, I’m Eric Hanson and on this episode
of Backpacking TV I’m going to be talking about my five absolute must-have
gear pieces that you need on your winter camping trip. Having the right gear makes
all the difference for winter camping and I want to tell you about a few of my
favorite pieces of gear and they’re all right here! I am sitting within a bubble
of my favorite gear and it all starts right here with a tent. This is the Thor
two-person tent from Marmot and this is a bomber tent. You can see from its
construction way beefier than basically your three season tent and what this
allows me to do is basically be in all conditions and if it’s dumping snow this
thing will shed the snow and it won’t collapse and also this is going to trap
my heat really well and insulate me against the outer elements really well.
So it might be negative 20 outside but inside it’s probably about zero degrees,
which is a significant difference of course. Next I have my sleeping bag. Truly this was one of my most important pieces of gear as a guide. I spent three years
guiding and camping all through the winter and this bag at the end of a long
day guiding there was nothing better than getting into this sleeping bag this
is the negative 20 degree Col MemBrain series it’s the Col series from Marmot
and it is amazing. It is so lofty and warm it’s it’s basically just the best.
So a few key features it has a really super warm foot box here. Feet are always the worst things for sleeping it’s the first thing that gets cold and if you
have icy feet you know how miserable that can be, so having a good sleeping
bag that keeps your feet warm is really really important. As you can see it’s
just really big and lofty but then a few other things is it has a really amazing
a draft collar and for three season bags most of them don’t have it and if you
haven’t experienced the wonders of a draft collar, it basically cinches close around your neck in a comfortable way and it keeps
air from escaping out so every time you move you’re not losing all of your hot air to the outside and having to reheat that
air and waste a lot of energy. So I love this bag it’s truly made a world of
difference and having the right sleeping bag will really revolutionize your sleep.
The next thing that I truly love is a four-season sleeping mattress. This right here is the Comfort Plus sleeping mattress from Sea to Summit and it is truly wonderful thing to sleep on.
sometimes I even do carry it, it’s a little bit heavier, but I’ll carry it
even in the summertime just because it’s so comfortable, but one of the key things
about this is that there’s dual chambers so basically on this underside all of
this air is separated from what’s on the top side so it keeps the cold air
against the snow or ice or ground and it keeps the warm air against me and
comfortable and happy and then also that way my body is not constantly trying to
warm up the air that’s against the snow my body is only maintaining the
temperature of this top layer of this dual chamber sleeping mattress and this
mattress also has down inside here so it actually will be even more of an
insulator than your otherwise typical three-season mattress so I love this
thing it’s super awesome it is a little bit heavier but that’s everything that
we’re dealing with with winter is a little beefier, a little bit heavier that
goes the extra step to keep you warm. I think everybody needs to have a good
down jacket, so you might hear the term thrown around of warmth to weight ratio
and basically there is nothing warmer and lighter than a down jacket so I
always recommend people invest in a good down jacket. This is the Ama Dablam
jacket and I have loved it it’s taken me on some cold adventures and kept me warm and so I love that jacket and basically everybody needs to have a good puffy
jacket. And then there’s one secret item that I absolutely love, it changed the
way I winter camp and I’m so excited to tell you about it…down booties, baby!
There’s nothing better than throwing on your down booties and being comfortable. It helps you sleep better, you can keep your feet warmer and if you have to get
up in the night to go pee, you don’t have to throw on your ice-cold boots. You can
just step outside in the snow and go do your
business and then give back in your tent and there is truly something special…
it’s like getting a hug from your mother… basically down booties are the best
things on earth .So these are my five items they’re all right here
I won’t go winter camping without any of them, I love them and if you get the
right gear, basically there’s no adventure you can’t tackle.


  • John McGrath

    How could your tent feel like 0 degrees in -20 degree weather without a heat source? If you are considering yourself to be the heat source, my next question would relate to that in the heat you would breath out would cause an incredible amount of condensation inside your tent, such that without good ventilation (allowing the -20 air to flow through your tent), you would have walls completely covered by frost to the point you would think it was snowing inside your tent….

    My final question is whether this video and/or you are sponsored by Marmot?

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