Top 5 Winter Camping Gear Picks!

hey what up it’s alex haney here and today
I’m gonna talk to you guys about my top five gear picks from my recent winter backpacking
trip. okay so i’m kinda one of those people who tries not to make it about you know the
gear you have or all the gadgets and stuff like that. really i just want to get outside
and have a good time and thats what its all about. but at the same time I am kind of a
nerd when it comes to gear. and these are just all items that went above and beyond
my original expectations and had just made my time out there that much more enjoyable.
so number one on my list are these smartwool mountaineering socks. they’re the thickest
socks that smartwool makes that i know of. smartwool is always the number one thing i
ask for for any holiday and it’s always totally worth it because every pair of smartwool socks
i’ve ever had i still own. these are what i wore in my sleeping bag at night and my
feet were toasty warm just in this every single night. okay so number two on my list are these
little hotties hand warmers. so i actually got these as a christmas gift and to be honest
like my first thought was ‘this is super gimmicky, there’s no way i’m going to bring this winter
camping, it’s just gonna add weight and i really don’t need it’ and yeah, you know you
definitely don’t need this but this is definitely something that i would consider bringing again.
we ended up bringing two packages, one for myself and one for jess. you know it does
say up to eight hours of heat, i wasn’t expecting that but it lasted all night. it was still
warm in the morning. jess and i both had a really awesome experience with them. i used
them on the second last night to test them out and it was my best sleep out there, like
it just helped so much. number three on my list is this outdoor research merino wool
cap. i actually won this through a twitter q and a with kevin callan. honestly, like
every single part of my body at one point on this trip was cold except for my head and
as you can see i’m bald. so lightweight and tight fitting, super comfortable. i was never
itchy um and never cold on my head, so i would super recommend this hat. number four on my
list is this matter outdoors all heal salve. this is a really really awesome salve i used
on my feet as well as my hands sometimes. smells really awesome, just kept my feet super
nice and happy throughout the entire trip. it’s got olive oil, comfrey leaf, burdock
root, chickweed herb, plantain leaf, chamomile flower, beeswax, vitamin e, essential oils
of tea tree and lavender. and last but not least on my list of top five items from my
winter backpacking trip is this wool pants from the thrift store that i paid less than
tell dollars for. so these are actually dress pants and this is a tip that i got from this
book here. i’ll put a link down in the description for you guys. it is about skiing, but it has
so many awesome winter camping tips. basically everything i learned to prepare for that trip,
like came from that book as well as a lot of stuff from andrew skurka’s book. i’ll also
link that down below. i bought a pair of these for jess as well and we were both just so
surprised by how warm they kept us when it was freezing cold and how wind proof they
were as well as you know we never felt like we were super overheating in them, they’re
so breathable and they regulate your body temperature so well. these like these must
be from the eighties or nineties these pants. and there’s no way in hell that i would be
caught wearing these as actual dress pants because they’re so out of style at this point
but i think that they look really cool and bushcrafty when you’re out in the backcountry.
so i’d love to hear in the comments what some of your favourite winter camping gear is.
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thanks for watching guys, see you later!

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