TOP 7 Badass Military Vehicles
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TOP 7 Badass Military Vehicles

Top 7 Badass Military Vehicles Whats up guys- mr top7’s here, coming at you
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to let me know and ill do my best to reply to each and every one of you! With that said, lets get started Between weapons, programs and technological
advancements – there’s some seriously awesome military topics to talk about. There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as the
thrill of battle and the spoils of war – but to fight a good fight, you need a solid vehicle
to get you there safely. While tanks and aircraft are a huge part of
any strong military force, there’s an entire world of other fascinating inventions the
armed forces of the world utilize. From futuristic vessels to some tiny (but
ridiculously powerful) land-crawlers, today – let’s take a look at seven of the coolest
and most impressive military vehicles in existence. You won’t believe how big things get by the
end of it. Let’s get started! Number seven – the Unimog. Let’s kick things off simply – and yes, THIS
is considered simple compared to some of the other entries on today’s list. Unimog, a line of multi-purpose all-wheel
drive medium trucks produced by the venerable Mercedes-Benz, may not look SHOCKINGLY crazy
or anything, but they’ve long been considered to be something like the swiss army knife
of off-roading vehicles. With extremely high clearance and portal gears,
they make for excellent, dependable transport for not just the military – but for firefighters,
expedition campers, jungle and desert explorers and even truck trial competitions. Not only can this thing handle pretty much
ANY sort of terrain you throw at it – it’s also highway approved. Number six – the DPV. The Desert Patrol Vehicle, built by Cenowth
Racing Products Inc., is a high-speed sandrail-like vehicle that was first used in active combat
during the 1991 Gulf War. Designed and based on both the Volkswagen
Beetle and the Fast Attack Vehicle – it may have similarities – but they stop pretty quickly
down the line. This zippy little guy is able to reach speeds
of 60MPH in only four seconds – and can cruise around at a brisk 80MPH when fully gunned. Stocked with a heavy .50 caliber M2 Browning
machine gun, two lighter machine guns and two anti-armor weapons, it isn’t hard to see
why this was used extensively during Operation Desert Storm. Sure, it may be small – but just don’t call
this thing cute. Number five – the UH-19XRW. The UH-19XRW is one of Universal Hovercrafts
small hybrid vehicles – and there isn’t a person alive that doesn’t want one of these
things. Somewhere in between miniature plane and Star
Wars vehicle, it blends the capability of a boat, plane and hovercraft – literally capable
of hovering at heights of 6 feet above water. Although this isn’t truly what you’d call
a military vehicle YET, the surprising amount of things you can do with this thing has attracted
the interest of several world militaries – as it’s low hovering height makes it an ideal
candidate to slip into enemy territory without being detected. With capabilities that allow it to operate
on both water and rugged terrain – its 55MPH speeds make it incredibly cool. Number four – the Buffalo. Not like its animal counterpart in any way
– the Buffalo MRAP (or mine resistant ambush protected vehicle) can take some serious abuse. How serious? Try IED-level amounts of abuse. Built by Force Protection Inc. – a division
of the American aerospace and defense multinational corporation General Dynamics – the Buffalo
is the largest vehicle to be produced in their line. With a design based on the the South African
Casspir mine-protected vehicle (but a slew of improvements including an extra 2 wheels,
bringing the count to six – and significant upgrades to it’s armor and ballistic / blast
protection and mine/IED disposal. Just TRY to put a dent in this thing. Trust us – you can’t. Number three – the ULTRA AP. Weighing only 8,900 pounds and sporting fuel
efficiency six times greater than the already intimidating HMMWV Humvee, the ULTRA AP is
essentially a Ford F-350 on mega-steroids. Although only a concept vehicle, there’s been
much talk and several advancements made to this futuristic-looking beast since it was
first unveiled by the Georgia Tech Research Institute in September 2005. Aside from it combining the safety and maneuverability
of a commercial truck with superior blast-deflection technology and military-grade materials – it
sports an egg-shaped crew capsule called “the blast bucket”, which not only shields operators
from bullets and explosions but doubles as a roll-cage with NASCAR-engineered safety
features. Tough. Number two – the GHOST. Known by its full name, the Juliet Marine
System Ghost, this advanced super-cavitating stealth ship was developed to provide the
United States Military superior protection and watercraft capabilities. Intended to patrol naval fleet perimeters,
it looks like a spaceship but drives like a boat. While its particularly effective for defending
against small enemy boats, its also being marketed as protection for commercial vessels
against potential pirate attacks. Gyro-Stabilized and powered by a dual-pontoon
super-cavitating hull – it’s virtually undetectable to both sonar and radar (thanks to its aluminum
and stainless steel construction). The GHOST is certainly haunting to any threat
that comes its way. Number one – the M80 Stiletto. Designed for combat in littoral waters, the
Stiletto is just as its namesake implies – a powerful, long and sharp dagger of war. Utilizing advanced stealth technologies and
a massive 45 tons at its lightest, it just happens to be the largest US Naval water vessel
built with carbon-fiber composite and other epoxy-building techniques. With the ability to carry 20 tons of cargo
and a shape that allows for it to cruise at speeds of 50 knots – enthusiasts routinely
refer to it as the “Cadillac of the sea”. To give an idea how badass this thing is – it
was supposed to only be a prototype (never to actually be operational), until it was
deployed to Columbia – where a particular drug interdiction led to the seizure of almost
2,000 pounds of cocaine. Mean, lean and designed to be an all around
dream-machine, the Stiletto is pure craftsmanship. You made it to the end! Thank you for watching Interesting Top 7s! Do you have an idea for a future Top 7? Leave a comment below! We get tons of ideas every week! Who knows – you may see your idea in an upcoming
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