Top 7 Evergreen Warehousing Products
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Top 7 Evergreen Warehousing Products

Hey, everybody it’s Wes from Printful! Today I’m here with Vince our Operations Manager
in Charlotte, North Carolina, and we’re going to talk all about
warehousing and fulfillment. If you stay until the end of this video, we’re going to give you a list of
the seven best evergreen products that you can sell using our
warehousing of fulfillment services. But before we get started,
go ahead and subscribe to our channel, and click on the bell icon. That way you’ll never miss
new videos just like this. First off, Vince, can you tell us
what warehousing and fulfillment is? Great first question Wes. The warehousing service that we offer allows our clients to store products
they already sell on their ecommerce sites in our existing warehouses. And then we do the process of shipping
those out for them, as the orders come in. Can you talk to me about
the benefits of warehousing and fulfillment? What good perks I’m going to get from that? You’re no longer doing all the work. If you’re fulfilling
these orders from your house, you no longer
have to worry about packing and taking these items
to the postal office to send them out. That’s no longer on your plate.
Let us do that for you. We’re already doing this service, so it falls
perfectly in line with what we’re already doing. On top of that,
we’re doing it very quickly. If your order comes in before noon,
we’ll have it out the same day. So you’re getting fast shipping time,
quick fulfillment time, and if you’re already selling print-on-demand products, we’re going to combine those together. We’re adding a professional touch to your package
with the custom branding that we offer, and getting both items
to the customer at the same time, which saves you a little bit of hassle. Let’s say I’m already print-on-demand customer,
how can I take advantage of warehousing? What are some uses that I can get out of that? Oh, man, if you’re focused on the holiday season, everyone’s busy. We’re busy. You’re busy. It’s not easy to get orders out quickly. If you have top-selling products, let’s say you’re selling a design on a t-shirt, which is very popular all year long; you’re going to expect your sales
to go up during the holiday season. You can place orders in dozens, or small batches,
that we’ll store in warehousing for you. As soon as those orders come in,
they can go out the same day. Being able to deliver that type of speed
during the holiday season is hard to come by, and it’s almost unheard of in print-on-demand. It’s something that
you should take advantage of if you’re knowledgeable about
what sells the best in your store. I imagine choosing the right products
for warehousing is super important, because you want to get something that
people want to buy, but it can’t be too trendy, right? Especially if I’m ordering from overseas, it might take too long,
and now all of a sudden no one cares about it, and I have this huge stock of a thousand
fidget spinners, that no one buys. Yeah, it’s really important. Right now, drop shipping is popular
and targets trendy products. However, if you have too many of them,
you end up with dead stock on your hands. You lose in this situation. It’s important to target evergreen products
that you could stock all year round, and ship without worrying
about a trend disappearing, and a bunch of dead stock
left in your inventory. So let’s jump right in and go
down our list of seven evergreen products. Let’s see if we can get some ideas going.
Yeah, let’s do it! Product one, what you got for me?
I got to start with buttons, pins, stickers. These are high-margin products
that you can store in almost an enormous quantity, and they never go out of style. The benefit here is that stickers can be added easily
to a cart that already has a few shirts in it, and boost up your per cart purchase value. You’re not losing a lot by warehousing them
because their cost to produce was so low. They maintain great margins,
and it’s a year-round product. Buttons and pins are great examples of products
that are hot and trendy right now. But also they’re proven,
and they’ve been trending for a long time. I feel like you can go back to whatever decade
and find cool buttons from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Enamel pins were really popular then and now. It’s something that’s trendy with a proven history. The product itself has always been there. What’s on the product
is what makes it trendy at that time, right? Your design and your brand
on that product are what makes it yours. That product isn’t going anywhere. It’s still being made today. You may not buy one every other day, but someone’s buying them to decorate
a backpack or some other personal item. It’s definitely a win. That’s a great note and tip
about the design put on the product. That’s huge. Especially to always gear things
towards your niche and your audience, and make sure you’re
sticking with what you know. You don’t want it to be like every other pin, you want it to be that one pin
that’s their favorite or that really drives home: “Hey, don’t forget about that brand.”. So what do we have for our second item? Next, we have fitness products. Health and fitness has always been important. The fit lifestyle has become a trend, but in reality, you have to remember, those fitness products have always been available. Yoga mats, resistance bands,
sometimes even like protein or vitamins, we offer warehousing for
those types of products as well. So what’s great about that, if you’re already
targeting a community of fitness enthusiasts, you might want to tie in these other products
with the apparel they purchase. They might need these other utensils as well. It’s definitely something you want to look into
if you’re already targeting that community. That’s a really awesome tip, especially if
you built athleisure wear with Printful using all of our cut and sew products. You already have things like yoga pants
and sports bras that act as an add-on, that goes hand in hand
with what you’re already selling. If you already know what your audience is interested in, you can add more stuff that matches it. You want to be that one-stop-shop, right? If you’re already selling these products as you mentioned through us as athleisure wear, adding other products on top of that is an easy buy,
if they’re already at your checkout page. Why not toss in that one extra item? Our warehousing services
help you to capitalize on that. You have to know your niche
and keep in mind that this is an evergreen product. People are always going to be
interested in staying healthy. So if there’s anything you can
add to that athleisure wear, do it. So the third product has got to be sunglasses. If you’re anything like me,
you go through many types of sunglasses. If you’re already selling products that might be finished up with an additional set of sunglasses that match that style, you definitely want to try to get in there. People go through sunglasses often, as I do. It’s something that you want
to be available on your site. You never know when
someone might need a new set. Set so if it’s right there, it’s an easy add to the cart. Definitely an evergreen product. You can also play it safe with sunglasses. Aviators, for example, have always been in fashion. If you’re doing kind of custom stuff,
you can always put like your logo on them. So that’s a great great option too.
I really like the idea of adding sunglasses. They’re easy to source.
It’s not something that’s a secret. There are plenty of places
that you can get this type of product. If you know that it’s something
that’s going to sell and it’s always been selling, it’s definitely something
you should add to your store. One thing about sunglasses is that
it also helps with your marketing side of things. If you’re using print-on-demand, you can include the sunglasses in your product photography, whether you’re doing flat lay
or a photoshoot with a model. It’s nice if you can sell
a whole look from head to toe. It helps your customers with the shopping experience. That’s really great and helpful.
It’s a cool product that you can add. Yeah, absolutely.
Everybody wants to buy that whole look together. They don’t usually want just one piece.
They want to get the whole picture So the fourth product is camping gear. It’s important as an evergreen product
because people are typically camping, and no matter where they live in the world,
there’s usually a time of year that they’re doing it. A lot of these products get bought in sets. You need all of these utensils for your trip. You need a sleeping bag
and a camper set for cooking your food. These types of things are good to bundle together. Our warehousing service allows you to send us
various types of camping products. Depending on what your customers need,
they’ll build their own set of products, and that’s always going to be a win for you. Yeah, that’s really cool. And it’s an easy one to link with your niche or your target audience, right? If you’re selling camping themed or outdoor stuff on your site, obviously they’re interested in that and they’re also hiking and camping and doing things outdoors. So that’s a safe bet
if you’re adding those types of products. Yeah, it’s more than just the look in that case. Now It’s also about
the actual use of this tool that they’re buying, whether it’s a knife, small tents
or some other camping gear. Just be mindful of the weight of these products and the size of them. Check our website for the limitations, so that you know this is something that we can reasonably fulfill for you. Having compact stuff is a huge selling point as well, for that type of lifestyle. If you can have hammocks
and sleeping bags that fit into small bags, then they can be put into a backpack.
That’s cheaper to warehouse because of their size. Exactly. You’re going to save a lot if you can get products like that on your site. So the fifth product is stationary and paper products. We’re talking about things like leather bound
or spiral bound notebooks, or stationery cards
that people use on a regular basis. This is something that people use all year round.
It doesn’t matter what season it is. They’re using it for personal,
business, or just creative purpose, and they want something
that’s personalized for them. It’s definitely an evergreen product. If it’s marketed in the right way, and you target the right groups, they’re going to be attracted to your product; assuming, that you’ve already built
that community in your store. The best thing about this is that they’re going to use it, they’re going to be finished with it,
and they’re going to need more. If they were satisfied with your product,
they’re going to come back to your site and buy again. That’s really what you want to drive home. This could also be a good addition
if you’re already selling non-apparel products, like posters and mugs. It fits into that world as well. Everything always comes back to
your niche audience and matching their interests. This fits in really well
if you’re already doing those things. It’s a good way to expand
your non-apparel product line because a lot of times, these are those
plus one items that build the cart up. If you have something, like bound notebooks, that your customers can add in
with something else they’re buying, it will definitely drive more sales. It’s definitely a good product to add. There’s one thing I can add
about following trends. Paper has always been there,
we’ve been using it. Right now, everything
involving the environment is really popular. You can add eco-friendly notebooks on recycled paper, things like that are a great selling point. People will buy it, just to support the movement, even though they might not ever use that product. That’s a great way
to keep in touch with the times. Definitely, you have to keep that in mind. There’re plenty of suppliers that already responded to the need and the demand for eco-friendly products. When it comes to paper, most people don’t see it
as the best thing for the earth. However, we’re now moving in a direction where those types of recycled products are easy to access for even the smallest storefront. Number six on the list
is going to be novelty toys and games. There are a lot of suppliers out there that’ll help you create your own custom board games. There are also a lot of suppliers
who can help create toys or other small items
that you might want to add to your site. Depending on your niche
it might be targeted towards kids or even adults. Ultimately it’s really up to you. People are always buying these products. It’s definitely something you want to add
to your storefront. It’s an evergreen product. Yeah, I think this is a good one
for people that already have a following. Those people that already have fans or followers that are more inclined to buy
a fun novelty toy matching the brand. It’s a good plus one item for people who have this creative idea in them to build their own board game. It’s something you can do. You can warehouse that product and
have it shipped without you having to lift a finger, aside from thinking up the board game. You can also create your own dolls
and all kinds of stuff like that. Plush dolls, things that are easy to find online where they can be custom made for your niche are something you should add to your warehouse. In this category, children’s toys are really
popular right now, especially in the online market. That’s something that’s growing a lot. That’s a great way
to get your foot into that market. More people look
to online sources to get these toys. Think of a parent on the go that may not have time
to make a trip to a store to buy the toy, but they might come across it
on your site or online. That’s going to be a much easier way for them to purchase it without having to spend that extra time. Yeah, and if you’re more of an independent
or indie type of store that’s a great way to get a leg up. Many parents are interested in that, and it’s great that they can have
that touch with smaller, local businesses. Product number seven is going to be Printful items. Things that we produce for you on-demand. If you already have a Printful account, and you created some items,
whether it be hats, shirts, coffee mugs, in some cases you want to warehouse
some of those products for the holidays, or just the busy seasons
that your store experiences, to make sure that you
can keep up with the demand. Customers want things quickly,
and that’s nothing new. If you warehouse these products,
we’re able to send them out within 24 hours, and you’re not subject
to the print-on-demand flow. It is quick, but it can be faster with warehousing. That’s really good idea. I don’t really think about that, and lots of people I feel like don’t think about that option. If you do have a couple of products you hit a stride with, and that’s your bread and butter, it’s so smart to have them in bulk
so they can go quicker, especially in the high demand
seasons that you mentioned. If you’re already using print-on-demand,
take a look at your most popular products, and set aside at least a few dozen
just for warehousing during the holidays. That way you don’t have to be
stressed about whether or not we’re busy, or whether or not it’s going
to get there in time for Christmas. If it’s placed before noon,
it’ll go out the same day. Get that peace of mind,
and store some extra products for the holiday Can you talk to me about safety a little bit? Let’s say I have this product that’s expensive
or delicate, and I’m sending it to you, how do I know that I can trust you with it? That’s a good concern to have. We’re treating all products
with extra care because it’s your product. We didn’t create it,
and we’re now responsible for it But there are these high-value items
that you might be selling, and we have a process internally to divide out those high-value items, to provide some extra security. We lock them down to make sure
that you know they’re safe within our building, and then we’re keeping
an extra close eye on them. We’re looking for the best possible
solution to ship your product out, so that it will arrive
to your customer in the same condition. If you have some specialty requests for packaging
you can always forward those to us. We already have some solutions internally that we’ll use to make sure, that it’s shipped out
in the best possible packaging. If something gets damaged in transit,
what is the breakdown of that situation? Any of the products that we’re warehousing for you, when we send them out, we do share
some responsibility for that product in transit. We highly suggest that you choose shipping methods, which will allow you to provide insurance for those products. If there is an issue with the carrier
losing products or damaging in route that insurance will cover you for the
value of that product, so you can be reimbursed. If you take an approach,
where you don’t use an insurance, it could lead to an issue
where you’re going to lose out that. That is something
that all companies have to deal with. We encourage you to look for those best shipping methods that will cover the value of your product. Can I personally take out insurance for those products before I send them to you? There’s nothing that we
support internally at this time. There are options for a business
to insure their products. That’s something you
have to explore separately from Printful. But it’s definitely a good idea, if you’re working
with high-value items or just high-volume in general, you want to make sure to minimize those losses. Can you tell me a little bit about the pricing?
I’m sure it’s not free. I can’t just send stuff over,
what’s that look like? This is a paid service. There are fees associated with the storage cost. They depend on the product
you’re sending us, and the size of it. On top of that there are pick and pack fees, which we also associate with sending out orders, and then the cost of shipping
that is also included in that. Those fees are easy to sort out
if you go to our website. You’ll find some helpful calculators, where you can enter the dimensions and quantities of your product. You’ll see what sort of discounts you get. The more items you send us,
the better pricing you get per piece. I definitely encourage you to check out the website,
to confirm what that pricing is, so that you know the best times to send your products to us, to make the most margin out of your actual sales. What’s the largest item you’ve seen in this warehouse? The largest item was larger than my wingspan. A very long cane style case that we sold for a customer, who had a few hundred of these. It was interesting, because we didn’t have a package
that would fit it, until it got here. We had to work with the client to find the best packaging that would work, because he had found something
that was outside our normal wheelhouse. The benefit of being here is that
we’re always ready to adapt and change with you. Ultimately, we found something that worked,
and still shipped those giant cases out. So can I send you whatever I want or do I have to get things approved, send you a sample? What’s the ordeal? The products do have to be approved in advance. We review not only what the product is, how large it is, but also make sure that it’s not a dangerous chemical, or anything that can’t be stored
within a warehouse environment. Generally, it only takes about 24 hours
for us to review your product, when it’s requested for approval,
and then we let you. That way you don’t waste any time
or money sending us the product that we can’t actually warehouse for you. That’s important to keep in mind. If you ever not sure, you’re always free to check with our service team. They’ll always tell you whether or not
it is good or bad to send us a product. Those requests will only take about 24 hours to review. And there you have it! The seven best evergreen products that you
can sell using warehousing and fulfillment service. Vince, thank you so much for sharing that
with us and taking your time out today. Let us know in the comments below, what products you think would be the best
drop shipping products to add to your store. As always subscribe to our channel, and don’t forget to click on the bell icon
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    00:02:53 – 1. Buttons, Pins, Stickers
    00:04:26 – 2. Fitness Products
    00:05:54 – 3. Sunglasses
    00:07:15 – 4. Camping Gear
    00:08:39 – 5. Stationery and Paper Products
    00:10:33 – 6. Novelty Toys and Games
    00:12:15 – 7. Printful Items
    00:13:28 – Product Safety
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