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Top F150 Camping Parts | Get Your F150 Camping Ready – The Haul

I’m Justin with And on this episode of “The Haul” we’re going
camping. What’s going on guys? Justin with and yes, we
are in the great outdoors with a couple of our F-150s as you can see here. And I would say that there’s nothing like
getting out with your rig, the boys, the family, whatever, and get underneath the stars, tell
some stories and do some camping. I mean trucks and off-roading, camping, they’ve
all kind of gone hand in hand together for many years. Now lately, of course, that big craze is overlanding,
right? You hear overlanding everywhere. Well, that’s not exactly what we’re gonna
be doing here today. I’d say overlanding is more of the act of
exploring unknown terrain with some camping mixed in, but this video is gonna focus more
on the physical act of camping. With that said, what this video will not be
is a comprehensive list of what you absolutely must have to go camping, instead gonna be
a few suggestions of some cool parts here at AT that might make your camping experience
a little bit more fun. So what that said, let’s set up camp. All right, guys, first up, we have a part
that’s kind of a must-have for any camping build or trip and that is a cooler. But what you’re looking at here guys, is not
just any cooler, this is hey ARB’s fridge freezer in the 82-quart version. This thing is monstrous. Now what this is is basically a cooler refrigerator
kind of deal for your truck. Plug it in 12, 24, 120 volts, draws only one
amp per hour when set to 37 degrees and it’s gonna keep your stuff cool without any ice. You guys know the deal, you’re off-road, you’re
camping for maybe a couple days at a time, that ice has a lifespan. With this, you don’t have to worry about that
whatsoever. Everything is fully programmable here up front
on your screen. Power again, 0 to 50 degrees you can set this
thing at. Inside though is the big story here, 82 quarts,
again for your size, 120 12 ounce cans is what that works out to. But a couple cool things I really like, it’s
got a separate like fruit or dairy area, it’s gonna keep your stuff about five to six degrees
warmer than the main compartment so you don’t get your milk all curdled up or freezing on
you. Main compartment’s got a couple of different
sections for your water or your favorite adult beverage. And, yeah, guys, this thing is completely
bad ass. You’re spending the money, of course, don’t
get me wrong, this isn’t your typical Coleman, but you’re getting a quality product in return
and the best part is, no soggy sandwiches. Who’s hungry? Well, from keeping things cool to keeping
things full of air that is, we’re talking about the Smittybilt small but mighty portable
air compressor. Now these things are killer not only for the
campsite, just for any rig in general especially if you go off-roading a bit and you need to
not only air down your tires, but obviously eventually air them back up, this little guy
is great. Right around 100 bucks for this thing, super
compact, super portable, pumps about 72 liters per minute. So it’s not exactly lightning fast, but it
will get the job done for right around 100 bucks. Again, far more affordable than those onboard
air systems, which don’t get me wrong, are very nice, but if you’re not wheeling every
weekend and you don’t need anything that hardcore, this is an awesome thing to keep in your back
seat. Does draw of 30 amps at max use here. So guys, if you are using this to air up your
tires after some wheeling, you’re gonna want to make sure your truck is turned on, otherwise
you will kill your battery. Speaking of which, this thing couldn’t be
any easier to plug in guys or hook up. They give you two basically clips here, one
on the negative, one on the positive, you fire up and you’re good to go. But other than that, they do kick in some
really nice stuff, built-in air gauge here for your main hose. They do also give you 24 feet of coiled hose,
so more than enough space to kind of work your way around the truck. So tires we’ve talked about, but obviously,
if we’re using it here in the camping setting, we’re talking about airing up some rafts or
something like that, some tubes if you’re on the lake, or my favorite thing, thanks
Montana, the old pigskin here. So basically they give you some nice attachments,
you plug her in, you take a look at your gauge, fire up and there you go. Put a couple pounds in and you’re good to
go. Up next we have two parts that will surely
make your camping experience a heck of a lot more comfortable. First up the Rightline Gear full-size truck
tent and inside is the Rightline Gear air mattress which we will show you in a second. Because I think truck or bed camping has become
a lot more popular recently, thanks in part to companies like Rightline Gear who make
killer products of course but let’s face it, it’s nice to kind of be up off the ground
in case it’s wet or snowy, you’re not sleeping on that ground and secondly, you’re kind of
up away from all those critters who might otherwise try to get inside your tent or your
sleeping bag. Now this thing is awesome for south of 200
bucks, right? Full-size tent for the five and a half foot
box, so you’re getting a lot of space in here and it goes up really easily. In fact, my buddy Sage and I first time throwing
this thing up, maybe 30 minutes and after that, you know the deal, just only gets easier
from there. Let’s open this thing up, we’ll show you some
of the features of course here, guys. And, yeah, a lot of space, five and a half
foot box, so typically not the biggest bed for the F-150 but because the Rightline utilizes
the tailgate folded down, you’re getting more real estate and in turn, it doesn’t feel very
cramped in here. You can fit two adults comfortably according
to Rightline Gear [inaudible 00:05:20] maybe even your kid if you want to. You’re getting also very cool stuff like glow
the dark zipper pulls to help you find those things in the middle of the night. I really, really like vents on the top of
the tent, not only for ventilation but kind of gives you a nice little viewing window
at night to view the stars or whatever you guys want to do. You also see the lantern hanging up there
that’s thanks to the lantern hook and even a couple of pockets built in as well. So again, for south of 200 bucks, really killer
stuff. They even kick in a nice little rain guard
for you here to cover up that vent in case you run into some nasty weather. But let’s talk about the Rightline air mattress. This is a full-size mattress, guys, again
for the five and a half foot box, so it does utilize that space with the tailgate down. About 81×50 inches can comfortably fit two
adults here at this guy as well. And nice little thing, they kick in an electric
pump that you just throw into the cigarette lighter in your truck, pumps up in I’d say
less than a minute. So this is the way to do it, right? If you’re going truck camping and you want
to be comfortable and dry, I’d say getting a bed tent along with a nice air mattress
is the only way to roll. Moving inside the cab, we have a part that’s
not necessarily unique to camping, but I’d say just really beneficial to any truck owner
out there and that is Husky’s under seat storage or gearbox. We’ve talked about these things before in
some other builds and they’re really just worth their weight in gold, help you keep
stuff organized underneath your seat and for just over 100 bucks here, 150 bucks, they
are really, really useful. Now for our camping trip, you can keep things
obviously like you got your little hatchet back here. We got some ratchet straps. It’d be a great place to keep recovery gear
if you are doing some off-roading while getting to the campsite. Again, just 101 uses for these things. They attach to some anchor points here underneath
the rear seat and they are either SuperCab or SuperCrew-specific, so just make sure you’re
checking out the right one for your application. Best of all, my favorite part about camping,
the old Red Ryder. Well from one useful part to another, up next
we got a part that I really am a big fan of and let’s talk about a little bit more. This is the Surco hitch basket. Now I know you guys are seeing this and going
like, wait a minute dude, you got two pickup trucks, you’re telling me you can’t fit everything
in the beds? Well, you guys know the deal, right? If you’re taking these trips with your boys
or the family, everybody has got a suitcase or a gear bag, everybody’s got coolers, you
got supplies, these things tend to fill up quick. So if that’s the case, this is kind of your
next best option, relatively affordable, right around 200 bucks here, it can support up to
500 pounds. And the best part is it installs in a matter
of seconds, simply slide it in the receiver, secure it with your hitch pin and you’re good
to go. You’re getting a lot more real estate back
here, guys, burly steel, it is powder coated. But one thing to keep in mind guys is that
it is going to block the rear plate depending on how much gear you have in here, so you
might want to attach one to the backside of the Surco just to be on the safe side. So whether it’s coolers, extra gear bags,
your kids’ bikes, whatever. If you’re having trouble fitting everything
in the cab or the bed of your truck, go with a hitch basket like this is a very, very wise
decision. Now the nice thing is I told you guys how
easy it is to install this thing. Well, guess what’s even easier to uninstall? Simply yank the pin out of your hitch, pull
that out, slide it out of your receiver and you’re good to go. So very useful part here. And again, I know not everybody needs this
with a big old pickup truck but if you are tapped for space, these things are awesome. Two more parts of show you guys in the bed
of this puppy here, so let’s check those out. All right, check this thing out guys, this
is the coolest, it’s called the Jammock. And yes, it is a play on the hammock word,
but know it’s not all about leisure, it does actually serve a purpose outside of being
just a very comfy spot to hang out. It does act as a cargo cover here for all
of your bed gear while you’re on the highway to keep things from blowing out. Now when it does come to laying on this thing,
it supports up to 300 pounds. Really, really easy to install, just goes
into your stake pocket holes here. You tighten things up with the straps and
you’re chilling at the campsite for as long as you like. The hard part is claiming this thing because
it is very popular but I will say it’s a lot easier getting in than it is to get out. But we have one more part to show you here,
thank you, Matt, it involves a ping-pong ball and I’m sure you guys can figure out the rest. Now if you guys guessed beer pong, well, you’d
be partially correct. Ah-ha, there it is. Oh well. Now this is tailgate pong, so very cool product
for about 100 bucks, guys, installs right in the back of your tailgate here, whether
stock or even with some bedliner stuff, spray liner, LINE-X, things like that. And it just makes way for a impromptu game
of pong at your campsite, tailgate block party, whatever, and instantly turns your truck into
the star of the show. Very easy to install, reuses eight bolt holes
or screw holes in your factory tailgate. They supply you the hardware, they give you
a couple of ping-pong balls. You guys supply the solo cups and the beer,
water or whatever drink of choice I guess and have a whole lot of fun. So a nice little cherry on top of our camping
build here and one that’s certainly gonna spark a lot of fun for the next couple of
hours here at our campsite. Sir, you’re up. All right guys, that’s gonna wrap up our little
camping video here with AT. We hope you enjoyed it. Again, not necessarily life and death necessities
out there on your next camping trip, but maybe some stuff to make your camping experience
a little bit more enjoyable. Guys, we hope you enjoyed the video. Of course, give us a subscribe if you dig
our content, we certainly would appreciate it. But for now, I’m next on the pong table, so
see you later.


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