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– You’re not gonna help me clean up? – Uh no, I gotta show
the Sharers a surprise. This is the last part of the
house we haven’t showed them. This is the coolest thing. We didn’t even know this
came with the house. It is so cool. I’m serious Sharers, this is probably one of the coolest things
that a house could come with. I’ll give you a hint. This thing takes a key. And this is what the key
looks like on the back. And this is what the key
looks like on the front. So if you haven’t already,
comment down your best guess as to what this thing could be. All right Sharers, let’s
open this up, here we go! In three, two, one, go! Open, open, open. Here we go. – [Grace] What is it? – Oh, yeah. Oh yeah sharers, what is gonna on? Welcome to the vlog. Welcome to another awesome day. If you can’t already tell,
my sister Grace Sharer and I are not at the Sharer fam house. That’s right we are out here
in Los Angeles, California. We rented an awesome vacation house. And check this out. We got the city down there. Couple more high-rise buildings here. And then on this side,
it’s completely different. And down here you can see the entire, like distance of the city for
miles and miles and miles. And this house has four stories. That’s right this vacation
house is absolutely crazy. Lemme give you a little tour. If you haven’t already seen
over on Grace’s channel, she actually did a pretty
big tour of the house, but there’s actually a pool
down on the very bottom level. It’s so high up you can
even see the pool here. And I’m on the roof deck right here. It’s so cool. And you come in here and just
look how nice this house is. It’s absolutely amazing. And one of the coolest
parts about this house is, okay so these lights start
up here on the fourth story and if you look all the way
down, look how far that is. That’s how far down the house goes. We’re gonna go all the way
down to that bottom level because we’re going to go to the garage, because there is a huge,
huge awesome surprise, which comes with this house
and I’ve got to show you. It is so cool, it’s absolutely insane. So let me just work my way down. We’re on the third floor now. This is like the room where we stay and Grace’s room, that
she’s been sleeping in, is over here. Oh yeah, check it out. Look how cool this room is. And the closets are absolutely huge. And then she gets a nice
view of L.A. from out here. Oh yeah, not bad right? And then I kind of got to the house a little bit quicker than her, so I stole this room. And this is the master bedroom. This is crazy. Okay I made a complete mess, but look how big this room is. The bed’s here. This is a closet. You walk into the closet and
motion-sensor lights come on, just like that. The closet’s so big I don’t
even have enough clothes to fill it. Like I put my two Share
the Love shirts here, the blue and red, Share the Love shirts and that’s about it. I don’t have anymore clothes. And then look at this. There’s a fireplace here and on this side, is a giant bathroom. Oh yes, this is crazy! And yeah Sharers, I make
an absolutely huge mess. Comment down below if
you keep your room clean, or if you keep your room dirty. I would say I keep my room pretty dirty. Okay so that’s the third floor. Let’s head down to the main floor, where we’ll be one step
closer to revealing what this huge surprise is. – Oh hey Steve, what’s goin’ on? – [Stephen] Hey Grace, what’s goin’ on? – Well I should be cleaning
up from our last video, but I’m about to take
some Instagram photos. – Oh yeah Sharers if
you didn’t already see, Grace and I have been making a huge mess all around this house
because we’ve been making some awesome fun vlogs. Like look at the kitchen. We’ve been snacking like crazy. – If you’re wondering
why our hairs are wet, it’s because we just
did a underwater video. – Yeah, oh there’s some stuff in the pool. We gotta get that out. – [Grace] Oh it’s like flyin’ away. – [Stephen] Oh Grace and guess what? – What? – Today’s video we’re
unveiling what is in the garage over there, what comes with the house? – Can’t wait. The thing looks so cool. I don’t really know what it
is, but it’s really cool. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. So Sharers a lot of you
been commenting down below in our previous videos, what
you think the surprise is in the garage, but so far
I haven’t seen any comments that guessed it right. And Grace knows what
it is, but she doesn’t, because she, it’s hard to
explain, but let’s go… – It’s just that crazy
that it’s complicated. – It looks like a space
ship, I’ll give you a hint. Oh let’s see. – [Grace] I think this
belongs in the pool. – [Stephen] Oh yeah. (bomb explodes) By the way Sharers the pool is
still, very, very, very hot. It’s 98 degrees. We’ve been keeping it super warm, so when we get in it’s
just like a giant hot tub, versus a big pool. – Yeah Sharers and we’re
thinking of doing a lot more underwater challenges. So comment down below,
what challenges underwater, you want us to do. – What if we did another video like where we like jump off this ledge. Would that be cool Grace? – Yeah, but I think you can
do something cooler than that. – What if we did this Grace? – [Grace] Whoa, Stephen,
please be careful. – Last to fall in wins. – [Grace] Uh that’s very high. – Look how high this is, this is so crazy. – [Grace] Yeah. – It’s actually super high up here. Sharers what if we did
the last to fall challenge from this cliff. That would be crazy! Yeah and whoa. I’m kinda scared of heights too. But at least you’d fall into the water. Okay Grace well you finish cleaning up. I’m gonna go. – Wait you’re not gonna help me clean up? – Uh no, I gotta show
the Sharers the surprise. This is the last part of the
house we haven’t showed them. This is the coolest thing. We didn’t even know this
came with the house. It is so cool! I’m serious Sharers this is probably one of the coolest things
that a house could come with. Before we open that door
and unveil the surprise, we gotta grab this first. So I’ll give you a hint. This think takes a key. And this is what the key
looks like on the back. And this is what the key
looks like on the front. So if you haven’t already,
comment down your best guess as to what this thing could be. I’ll give you a hint, this is
a symbol of the brand’s logo right here, and then there’s a lock button and some other type of button here. So Sharers you now have two clues. You have this key as to what it could be and you have a glimpse of
when we opened the door for a quick preview in my last video. So take your final guesses
as to what the surprise in this garage could be. If you guess it right, you
may just get a shout out. – [Grace] Stephen. – Grace what? – You can’t go in the
garage without the key, because the garage door
is locked right now and I have the key. – [Stephen] Okay, thank you. – No, no. You gotta help me clean up. – [Stephen] Grace.
– Yeah. – [Stephen] Grace.
– Yeah. – [Stephen] Grace, we can’t
delay the surprise any longer. – You gotta help me clean up. – [Stephen] Grace.
– It’s your mess too. – [Stephen] Key.
– Key. – Grace. Grace do not drop it. Grace don’t. Don’t drop it.
Grace. (Grace gasps)
– Grace. – Whoa that kinda sounded like it cracked. – Grace if we can’t open the garage, we’re gonna be in trouble. – [Grace] Oh no. – [Stephen] Grace come on don’t do that. Don’t mess around with that. – [Grace] Let’s see. It was like a drop test. Ah they’re fine. (Stephen gasps)
– [Stephen] Did it bend? Grace, come on. – I’m gonna play hide and seek with them. I’ll go hide them and you
have to try and find them. – No we don’t needa play that game. Sharers why is Grace not showing us the, Grace stop dropping the keys. – Okay fine. Since the surprise is so cool and I wanna see the Sharers’ reactions and I don’t wanna waste
their time, here’s the keys. – [Stephen] Thank you Grace. – Okay go show the Sharers. – Okay let’s do it. Grace knows what it is,
but she doesn’t, like. – I don’t know what to call
it, ’cause it’s so rare. – Right, it’s… – Is this the only one out there? – No it’s not, but I think it may be one of the coolest ones out there. – Yeah that’s for sure. – Okay, so let’s see. Let’s type in a passcode. (number pad beeps) And now we can open up the door. Oh yeah. Actually Grace, I think we
should go out the front door. It’d be a lot cooler. – [Grace] Yeah, yeah, for sure. – Let’s go this way. Put some shoes on real quick. Put your shoes on Grace.
We gotta go outside. – Okay lemme put my shoes on. One foot, two foot. Okay I’m ready. – [Stephen] Grace. – What? – [Stephen] Those are not shoes. – [Grace] Yeah they are. – [Stephen] What are
you wearing those for? – I dunno. They were the only ones out there, so I had to put them on real quick. – Okay well I don’t know if you’re gonna make it down the stairs, but
this is gonna be worth it. – Yeah. – [Stephen] Careful don’t trip, because those shoes look really weird. – [Grace] Okay. – Okay in this garage
door when we open it up, you’ll see the surprise. So Sharers this vacation home is so cool. It has four floors, a movie theater room, a sauna, a backyard pool, so much stuff and the last surprise
is right in this garage. All right Sharers let’s open this up. Here we go, in three, two, one, go! Open, open, open! Here we go! – [Grace] What is it? – [Stephen] Oh yeah! – [Grace] Whoa! (relaxing music) – Oh yeah Sharers! How cool is this? It’s a McLaren. How awesome is this? This comes with the rental house. How epic is this Grace? – Yeah Sharers this car is so cool. It looks like it has wings and can fly. Like look at those doors. It’s so cool. – Oh yeah that’s right,
the doors go up and down. Look at that! – [Grace] I’ve never seen that before. – How sick is that? Oh yeah! – Yeah and this car kinda
looks like the same car at the Spy Garage that Mark owns. – Yeah except I don’t
think it’s a spy car. I’m pretty sure it’s
just a regular McLaren. It doesn’t say McLovin’
Special Operations, or anything on it. But come in here Grace. Actually hop on the other side. – Okay I’ll go this side. Wait it’s kinda like you’re really low. Looks like I’ll be sitting on the ground. – [Stephen] Hey just hop in. We gotta go for a ride or something. This thing’s cool. – Whoa. This is so cool. Whoa and the stitching
and this is all orange. It kinda looks like a tiger. – [Stephen] Yeah and it’s
got a orange seat belt too. – Oh that’s so cool. Sharers comment down below
what we should name it. – Well Sharers we don’t
actually own the car, it’s just part of the house rental, but maybe we could get one for Grace for her birthday or something. That’d be cool. Comment down below if we should do that. All right, well you know what, let’s go take this thing for a spin. Let’s fire this thing up. See how loud this is. Whoa this thing is cool. Look at this thing it’s like a space ship. – [Grace] Yeah. – [Stephen] It’s got like a
giant iPad, or iPhone in here. – [Grace] These kinda look like
eyes that are watching you. – [Stephen] Yeah they’re
just air vents though. – Oh. – [Stephen] Look at this thing it’s huge. I absolutely love it. Should we start it up Grace? – Yeah. – Okay here we go. Press the start button, three, two, one. – [Grace] Whoa! – Whoa, well this thing is loud. Oh yeah Sharers it’s so loud. All right let’s close these doors. Oh that’s so cool. Let’s go for a ride. Grace close your door, you just pull down. – Okay, whoa. – Gotta buckle up. All right let’s take
this thing for a spin. Let’s see how it does. So Sharers this is like
the center cockpit. To put it in drive all we
gotta do is press this. – [Grace] Whoa! – And we’re in drive and we can pull out. – [Grace] That’s it, that’s so cool. – Here we go you ready? – [Grace] Yeah.
– And we’re movin’. – [Grace] Whoa! – We’re movin’ This thing is fast and we
haven’t left the driveway yet. Woo look at this. – [Grace] Whoa! – Okay. (metal screeches) (Stephen laughs) Grace I think we hit the bottom
of the car on the driveway. – [Grace] Oh no. – Oh no. – I told you the car looked
really low to the ground. – Yeah sure is. Can’t even make it outta the driveway. This is crazy. All right well let’s
just keep pullin’ out. We gotta get on the
road Grace, here we go. – [Grace] Okay.
– Oh yeah, you ready? – [Grace] Yeah. – Okay Grace hang on, here we go. – Whoa!
– Whoa! Oh yeah!
– This is so cool! I really like this car. – Yeah it’s a really cool car. It’s like a space ship. – Yeah it feels like one too. Stephen I have a good idea
what we should do next. – What? – I should drive it. (tires squealing) – Uh, Grace I don’t know
if that’s such a good idea. – Why not you’re driving it? What can’t I? – Sharers comment down below if you think that’s a good idea. If you haven’t already,
hit that subscribe button. Get ready for some more
epic vlogs that are coming. And until next time, you know what to do, stay awesome and share the love, peace. Ah! – [Grace] Whew! (engine revs)


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