Top Spiraling Moments – Never Before Seen! | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– Here’s the countdown that
started off the whole trip. – Spiraling! – [Narrator] Number one. Deena falls down three times in the club. (dramatic crash) – Ooooooooooh! – Safe! – The DJ stopped the music for it. (laughing) – It was like (record scratching) – Yeah, but she gets up like– – He was like, “Was she okay?” – She gets up like no problem (laughter) – I don’t really see how
she didn’t break something. (dramatic crash) – She was literally spiraling. – [Ronnie] When it comes
to Deena and drinking, it’s like looking into a crystal ball. It’s like, and then
tonight, she’s gonna fall. (dramatic crash) (laughter) – Ohhhhhhhhh! – I got hurt. I hurt my shin. I had to break the meatball fall and she (bleep) weighed down. – I didn’t even think to think about you. – My back hurt. Yo, it was bad, bro. So Deena fell three times
in one night in one club. That’s level one spiraling. Let’s check out the next level. – [The Situation] Here’s level two. Meatball spiraling. – Meatball day! Meatball day! Meatball day! – Ohhhhhh! – Oh my god, they’re spiraling
right now, both of them. – Oh yeah, that was– – Angelina– They were taking shots off each other. – And Nicole. – Shit got weird. – [Angelina] I actually like you. I do like you. – I’m normal, I’m (bleep) normal. – Yeah, I had fun with you. – Go home! (screams) – [Ronnie] Oh (bleep) (screaming) – Oh, oh, oh! – Ronnie has the meat for that. – Get me out of this car! – I’ve been saying forever, it’s Jimmy. – I’m stuck! I’m stuck in a weird situation, help me. – It’s weird seeing you, though have to babysit the spirals. Because usually you’re a part of it. – Everyone spirals differently, that’s what I have to say. These guys spiral differently, Ronnie spirals differently, Snookie spirals differently, Deena likes to fall off things. – You don’t want to get to level three, cause when you’re there,
there’s no turning back. – So let’s watch level three
of spiraling right now. – [Narrator] Nicole pissing in the pool. – [J Wow] Ow. – [Vinnie] Yo, why is it so dark in here? – [Ronnie] Oh, that’s
when the light’s were out! – Oh my god, the power was out! – I forgot the power– No, I don’t remember! (laughs) – [Nicole] I’m going peepee. – [Pauly D] Nicole, it’s too dark. – [Nicole] It’s just, I really– Go away. I’m going in the pool. – [Deena] Nicole! – [Nicole] I wanna pee. – She peed in the pool
in front of all of us. Oh my god. (groan) – [Deena] Pee, baby. You, pee. Love you. – [J Wow] Nicole, stop. – [Paulie D] Oh my god. That pool’s not heated. – Oh my god. – That pool’s not heated. – So Nicole turns into
what she calls Drehn during spiraling level three, and that’s what you’re
seeing right here, Drehn. – [Nicole] I’m pissing. – [Vinny] That is a Snooki
in its natural habitat. Snookis naturally pee outside. – I’ll be honest with you, I had no idea people were peeing in the pool. – Yeah, me neither, and I was there. – Well, and then, at the end I end up getting down on one knee in the pool. I didn’t even realize that. – [Paulie D And Vinny] Wow. (laughing) – The golden engagement. – [The Situation] Yessir. – I call that a pissprosal. (laughter) – Yo, if you thought Nicole
peeing in the pool was crazy, wait till you check out
level four 24-hour spiraling. (Yelling) – The degenerates are here! – Spiraling. – And we’re spiraling. – I think–what time is it? – It’s eight A.M. – 10 A.M. – So, in case you don’t realize, we already went out. They didn’t go to sleep yet. – [Vinny] Exactly. – They didn’t go to sleep yet. (laughter) – [Vinny] Yeah, we were in bed, they were making noise, we’re like “shut the (bleep) up,
who’s talking right now?” – [Paulie D] I thought I was in a dream. That’s a 24-hour spiral, and this is the result of it. – [Nicole] Taxi! (snorts) Cheers! One, two, three, go! (bottles clattering) (Snorts) (tropical music) – To give credit to Nicole, too, she’s like, this big. – [The Situation] She’s a machine, yo. – She’s a machine. – She’s a machine. – [Nicole] Senor Frogs! This is fun! Senor Frogs! Wooooooo! We’re–oh god, I’m drunk. So–I don’t know how we’re alive, because I don’t party
at all when I’m home. Oh, I can’t even walk. Whoah! – Oh, here we go. (Nicole laughing) (Nicole snorts) – Hey guys… (playful music) – [Vinny] Oh my god. Have you slept yet? – [Nicole] No. – You guys smell. – [Paulie D] I wish you
guys could smell this. I felt it. My shirt was like this with
the smell when they walked in. – [Vinny] There’s a difference between smelling alcohol on a bar and smelling it coming out of someone’s pores. – Bye. – How is that humanly possible? (playful music) (stumbling) – I went hard. – You know what you need, a name! – I went too hard. – You need a name, like
Nicole has Dren, what’s yours? – Wrong Page. – Wrong Page. – Oh, (bleep) – I (bleep) with that. – (bleep) yeah, I was on the wrong page, that’s for damn sure. – We just coined that, Wrong Page.

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