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A movie by Floor Denil (That’s me) So I started, guys Yes! We started!! In the travel guide I’m carrying, they advice to not start where I just started Because apparently the trail climbs very strong for a very long time here But ok, I did start here, lol I’m staying strong I’m staying. Strong. Those are all parapenters! I came all the way from there Well, actually, from all the way down there But that’s the trail So, I’m at the first summit! Look at that Now: all the way down A Sprite of 4 euros Perfect first day, but at the end of the day, I hiked 6 kilometers in the wrong direction It’s currently a bit hard Because I just cried for an hour I’m still crying, so maybe it’ll be five hours! ten! a hundred! I got totally lost today I hiked 6 kilometers in a direction that was… …not right! I’m just angry with myself because I got lost Floor, you did this so many times and you get lost on your first day, come ooooon I also have This amount of water I’m really thristy I have the feeling I can drink 1 litre of water in one go ‘Not possible!’ ‘No possible!’ I’m going to sleep And if everything goes well, you will see my sleepy face in 2 seconds Good morning, it’s 6.30 a.m. In 6 kilometers, I will have water It’s ok It’ll be ok I hear water! I see water! Also filtering/refilling some water And we’re leaving again! I just had a proper breakfast I had a proper number 2 I brushed my teeth I drank lots of water Come on, come on, come on, come on, COME ON! First ladders! Saw a marmot Look at him, hiding away I’m wondering how tanned my legs really are How much of this line will remain when I take a shower? Wow I had a good night’s sleep for the first time Really good I couldn’t resist it I bought some lunch again It’s the next day Yesterday was actually a really long day I hiked all the way to La Fouly (which is quite far) And there I slept at a campsite I took a shower, I did my laundry there, that’s drying on the outside of my pack now So I’m wearing my pyjamas right now Today, I’m crossing the border with Italy! I’m at the summit of today! Alright, woohoo! I am in Italiaaa And I’ve got some good news: I was a bit afraid, because you cannot wildcamp here But I met a guide, and he said: (he was really friendly as well) He told me: ‘no it’s fine, just before that refuge’ (where I’m going today) ‘That’s the perfect spot to wild camp’ ‘And, yes, it’s actually not allowed, but a lot of people camp there’ So… I’m gonna do that! Alright, this day went very smoothly as well! I still have to wait 2 hours to set up my tent Waiting, waiting, waiting… Alright, the wild camping went fine! I just collected some trash Really, people leave so much trash behind… It’s ridiculous Then I understand why you cannot wildcamp here So, I will throw this away and I’m going to start my day And tonight… I’m sleeping in a hotel! I ended up in this nice procession Now they’re all following me! Hello, guys! Bye! Took a little dance break Guys, really I’m running down this mountain It’s insane As if my legs suddenly understand: ‘Oh ok, so we just have to climb every day, and we have to descend everyday’ So nice! Good morning It’s currently 6 a.m. I took a shower, got dressed and I’m going to have breakfast now Hopefully I can eat a lot I’m really tired I feel like, when you sleep in a bed, you have a deeper sleep and then you’re more tired than when you sleep in a tent I’m lost But, really I’m really… Where am I? Wait, I’ll show you, one second This is the view I came from down there I was really wrong Then I climbed up here And now, apparently, is up there! I just really don’t get it (more info about this moment follows later) Another marmot I’m at the place where I wanted to get to today It’s 8 p.m. But I made it! I’m going to descend a little, because if there’s a storm tonight (which is possible because it’s really damp) Then I don’t want to sleep on a mountain Bye, Italy! Hello again, France! Alright Everything is set for the night Sleeping pad, down jacket and gloves, I use them as a pillow Food, pyjamas, little Emiel So here I am with a quick recap of tonight Today started out perfect: Going uphill went really fast I got to the summit really fast, beautiful view, descending went perfectly as well So I hike up to a refuge And I walk past it And what I didn’t know then, was that that was totally the wrong direction Oh well, 90-degrees-wrong-direction So I start hiking on the wrong trail And suddenly, I lose track of that trail as well But I didn’t even know that I was hiking on the wrong trail Are you still with me? I look at my GPS and I see that the trail is not far away So I think: ‘oh come on, I’m not going to trace back my steps when I’m so close’ ‘I will find the trail myself’ That’s something I shouldn’t have done Suddenly, I find myself on this ‘peak’, this ‘mountain’ Really steep, and actually really dangerous It was just a pile of stones Like Stacked on top of each other And on top was a itty bitty tiny trail (which wasn’t really a trail, but ok) I thought: ‘I just have to make one wrong step’ ‘Or those stones should start rolling down and really, ‘I would be dead!’ But really! I’m not exaggerating So I see a trail down on the ground So I am on this trail and I think: ‘Yes! I’m on the right trail! Awesome!’ Because there were also yellow arrows Those were the same marks as the marks of the TMB So I continue hiking, and the trail goes over a mountain pass Which was normal, because I had to cross a mountain pass! So I’m up there And there I realise I’m on the wrong trail So I hike back down and I see two guys so I ask them: ‘Hey, ‘Do you know where the TMB is? I lost it on my way up here’ ‘Ow’, they’re looking at me and say: ‘You have to go back to the refuge and take the other way’ And I said: ‘No that’s not true’ But I check my GPS and see that I am, indeed, on the wrong trail And this happened in the time span of 3 hours I could’ve climbed this last summit (the right one) 3 times, easily! And get to my camping spot on the same time So this was my terrific story of tonight Good night! Oh man All those cows! So, there’s a thunderstorm coming For a moment, I was thinking: ‘Alright, I will go to the next hut, it’ll be alright’, but… A lot of people are looking at me like: ‘Are you really doing that? That’s really dangerous’ So I’m going back, I’m going back, the choice is made, I don’t want to die Pity I’m at a campsite And I’m so happy I decided to come back from that mountain Because the thunderstorm is still going strong And it was really heavy So I would be in a bad mood if I was on top of a mountain right now I’m going to eat something and then I’m going to sleep And tomorrow is my last day! Woohooo, a bakery was already open And now I have hot croissants and chocolate croissants! First arrow back to Les Houches!! I am standing on the last mountain of the TMB! Somewhere there is the Mont Blanc, I am here, I’m going back down I’m here! I’m here! I’m here I’m here I’m here! And now: ice cream! Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream!


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