Tour the ULTIMATE HOMEMADE 4×4 EXPEDITION VEHICLE under $100,000 • Mitsubishi Fuso Canter chassis
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Tour the ULTIMATE HOMEMADE 4×4 EXPEDITION VEHICLE under $100,000 • Mitsubishi Fuso Canter chassis

Hello, guys, my name’s Ben of His and Hers
Vlogs and welcome to; The ULTIMATE Homemade Expedition Vehicle for under
$100,000! “100 grand!” That sounds like a lot of money… And trust me it is but when
you’re looking at Expedition Vehicles… It’s not that much money! These things
can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, whether or not you build it
yourself or you choose to purchase one from one of the manufacturers! We thought
about building our own Expedition Vehicle…But we don’t have a large shop
along with all the necessary tools to complete the job! We also have a home
base in Alaska…Which means we’re pretty much at the end of the supply chain and
everything is harder to get and more expensive! One thing we did have going
for us, was location independence! Meaning we can be where we want to be when we
want to be there! And this made the idea of buying a turnkey vehicle all that
more appealing! So through years of financial discipline and out-of-the-box
thinking for earning a living…We were able to muster up $90,000! And that
included our expenses of shipping of the vehicle to Europe to start an adventure
over there. If you’re interested in learning more about location
independence, head over to our website… and click on
the learn tab! We also have a really good course about buying an Expedition
Vehicle that’s worth checking out!… So we found our Expedition Vehicle on the “For
Sale Forms” of the website; expedition and bought it from a very
nice family in Montana for eighty-eight thousand dollars. Thus blowing pretty
much the entire $90,000 budget!… They were the second owners and
left their mark by finishing the interior and upgrading the chassis! The
original builder was a sailor and we believe that the camper was constructed
back in 2013! So our purchase proves that you can buy a
quality used Expedition Vehicle for under $100,000! But in
2019, can you still build one for under a hundred thousand dollars? Good news; Yes
you can!! Between balancing camper costs and chassis costs, along with the heavy
investment of sweat equity, I do believe it is very obtainable!
And you might even be able to pull off… Getting the newer modern composite walls
for the camper! Since we blew our budget getting the right vehicle, we decided to
make the most out of life and do another road trip around North America; This time,
in a 4×4 Expedition Vehicle! You can find all the videos from that journey on
our YouTube channel, His and Hers Vlogs or on our website
Make sure you hit that SUBSCRIBE button because coming up, I’m
gonna be jumping more into the systems… Like the electrical, the heating system
and the appliances in the going into greater detail!
Well, here’s Rebecca and let’s get started with the tour!… So our Expedition
Vehicle is built on a Mitsubishi FUSO FG 140 chassis. This is a 2007, it is manual
transmission with factory four-wheel drive. It does not require ultra-low
sulfur diesel or DEF fluid, which is why we went with an O7 chassis…That was
the last year this company made that type of a vehicle. To say that we love
our chassis is probably an understatement!
We are not sure there’s anything better than this!…When you’re talking Expedition
Vehicles, chassis is everything! You could have the most amazing box but…If it’s
not a good vehicle for rolling down the road or to get you places that you need
to go, it’s worthless! The FUSO is a medium-duty commercial
work truck! This is meant to be used on mines, construction sites, snow plowing,
industrial applications… You know the tried-and-true systems of a
straight axle…That’s bulletproof technology, manual locking hubs…Our
suspension has been modified! These are parabolic leaf springs from earth
cruiser and rad flow shocks. They dramatically improve the road manners,
when you’re switching over to now more of a recreational and travel vehicle! The
other earth cruiser addition that we have…Are their super single wheels! So
factory it comes with dual rear wheels… But these are 16 inch and ahh…We run 315/75/R16 Yokohama Geolanders on them and we’ve just been
very impressed especially with having only a single wheel to deal with in the
rear!… So continuing on around the truck… We have our clean air snorkel attached
to our air filter, this is all factory. Back here is one of our 30-gallon diesel
tanks, and right behind it you can see our fuel filter bowl…And you can’t
really get a too good of a look but… This box sits on a three-point subframe…
And then there’s these little bump stops to help keep things a little bit more
under control!… We weren’t too sure about the steps system when we first bought
the truck…But they actually have turned out to be fantastic!
They sent a fold-up, disconnect here, and we store them right here in the door of
the vehicle! Yeah very impressed with them because on
the Dempster…Everything else that was underneath the cab, was covered in mud and these steps
stay clean!… Right here to the rear of the fuel tank is a shelf that we used to
have our three AGM batteries on…But when we upgraded to lithium, those had to get
moved inside so…I’m not sure what’s gonna go here, but it is gonna get
utilized in some way! We do have an onboard air compressor…I can’t lie! It’s
on the fritz right now, and I just need to take it apart and mess with it…And
hopefully I can get it running again! We do not have an internal gray tank…So
this is external, it is a weak link in cold weather ahh…But it’s also not like your
traditional RV! It’s just literally a hose with a little bit of an on-off
valve…And we really don’t have a problem dumping our gray water; We do it in areas
where it’s courteous to other people but… It’s just soapy water and we use
environmentally friendly soaps! All food remnants are captured by a little mesh
screen…It’s harmless stuff! It’s not like dumping a hundred gallons of water out
of a giant RV! We don’t use that much water, so we have no problem just letting it
go…You know, in some little, discreet private location!… Next up; The toilet! So we have a Thetford Cassette Toilet…This is the cassette…Very easy to extract!…Yeah!
The convenience of the cassette has been awesome because we can dump our toilet
pretty much anywhere! Our favorite places are outhouses and vault toilets at
campgrounds! They are easier to work with… The dump station holes…Make a mess…
Yeah, they’re kind of hard to hit! Although we hear in Europe that they have
cassette toilet holes and so we’re thinking maybe that’ll be easier!… Yeah!…It
also has its own water supply, so you don’t use up your freshwater…And you
can just open this up and fill it and then…It lasts forever!… Yes, very happy
with it! Here’s our freshwater fill…We hold 40 gallons and exterior lighting…
And then these little aluminum boxes are nice! Just miscellaneous stuff…Tools and
bottle jacks and torque multipliers go in there!… At the rear of the camper, we have
marker lights up there and a reverse camera which is extremely helpful!… And then in our down…Are ahh…Spare
tire, that same super single from Earth Cruiser…Then swings right out! And this
is our garage! You know, all things considered… This is a lot of storage guys!… Yeah!…
We’re not full-timing right now, so it’s extremely empty! But when we’re on the
road full time, this thing is chock full! Alright, noteworthy things back here!
This is our isotherm hot-water heater… It’s electric and also collects heat off
of the engine coolant! So as you’re driving, you’re heating hot water as well!
And I’ll get into that whole system later because it is
all interconnected! Another helpful thing here…We like to use things that are
square! This is a very tight space and file boxes are your friend! You can stack
them up like Tetris blocks and very, very handy!…Okay! Underneath our back bumper
here, nice protection with the departure angles for being offroad…We have our
Espar heater. It’s a diesel hydronic heater that takes care of our cabin and
will also preheat our engine…This is the other storage box, nothing too fancy! Just
oil and vodka…No, it’s actually not vodka! I had diesel in there for fuel filter
changes…But then just moving along… We have the other thirty-gallon fuel
tank and then just forward of that are the engine batteries! The powerplant of
this beast is a Mitsubishi engine, the 4M50 and produces a hundred and
seventy-five horsepower and 350 pound feet of torque…To get to the engine, this
is one of those cab-over chassis or cab over engine…However you want to say it!
But this whole thing flips forward and we can access the entire top part of the
engine…Very, very handy!… We’ve been really pleasantly surprised at how comfortable
the cab of this truck has been! It’s very simple but we do have electric windows
and locks… I’ve got switches all over here for
four-wheel-drive and whatnot! It is a manual transmission…Basic radio and air
conditioning controls factory…Yeah!…All factory! A few amenities like storage and cup holders…Cupholders!…Oh, Wait! I
forgot! The best part…Let me move it over here…Oh yeah! We’re sporting ashtrays!… And of course the cab would not be complete
without a place for Shelby! She’s got her seat belt and bed…And then a little stand
over here where we can store her water and food while we are traveling…The previous owner Dave built this little
shelf and it’s been quite handy! Don’t worry… That is not
a used dog poop bag! That is actually probably just some paper in there…But we
keep a basket under here, with all kinds of knickknacks for the road…The oddball
fire extinguisher…Wet wipes, there’s a code reader… Tire pressure gauges…All the things that
you’re gonna need while you’re driving! Space is always a premium, so we keep our
drinking water hoses under the passenger seat! it works out well you got to make
the most of all the space!… One thing that we really do love about this truck after
having had some other RVs….Is it forces you to kind of get back in touch with
nature…To really be happiest!… We live-out of this camper as opposed to most of the
others we’ve had, we lived in the camper! So we thought we’d show you our living
room!… This barbeque has turned out to be an amazing asset! We’ve done a lot of our
cooking especially in the time when our stove inside didn’t work for a while!…We
do have dedicated ceramic pot and pan for out here on the BBQ…The lifetime
tables, gotta love these things! Yeah, especially that!… The legs are adjustable to three
heights and here’s another one of our file boxes…But this is the one that we
keep all the odds and ends that we’re gonna need no matter what when we set up a little outside day camp! So this is our living room furniture…
We’ve got a nice table, a chair for each of us and a bed for Shelby!… These chairs have
turned out to be amazing! We kind of bought them in a hurry the
very first weekend we took this truck out because we didn’t have camp chairs!…Yeah!…
If you can find them at Murdoch’s… These are gonna be your best friend for
camping! This little end table from Walmart was super handy!… Yeah… Because
it’s firm, so you can set things later and computers on top of it! It also has
drink holders, so you don’t spill drinks! And it rolls up into a tube…And Shelby
loves her bed, which also rolls up into a tube!… Because every square inch counts guys!
This campground has all kinds of ahh… Limbs that they have trimmed up, which…
Keeps the fire going nicely!… Over here we like to store a campfire wood in these
Costco bags…Very, very handy! And also be careful when traveling with firewood!
Because it can introduce invasive species…So this is all local firewood
from our house which is kind of local!… A little bit more about the construction
of the box… It was built in Georgia, we are actually
the third owners! It is a steel frame with aluminum panels…Obviously
higher-end versions come with composite walls but this is measures thirteen by
six and a half feet on the inside…So it’s tiny space!… So overall this truck in
its entirety is just under 21 feet long with the spare tire and…Ten and a half
feet tall! A very small footprint and 72 wide which means we can fit in parking
spots, guys! This is an amazing build! The person who put it together was a sailor
and everything is well thought out! Despite being really small, it’s very
well thought out and we’ve grown to appreciate ahh…All that forethought over the
time when we were on the road living in it and…Still now as we are going to embark
on a grander journey in the near future! Well, welcome to the inside of our tour!
Before I show you a little bit more of the dinette…We did forget to tell you
there’s 520 watts of solar on our roof! So, moving right along…I am sitting on
half of our 36-inch wide dinette…We have… It converts into a bed as well! So this
table drops down and there’s another piece, so someone can sleep here! We are
in bear country so don’t mind the firearms…We have to protect ourselves
and be responsible!… And along the top there, you’ll see that we have kind of
improvised with some additional storage… Ben built these in for me. I picked them
out from Michael’s, just something easy to do…Nothing too fancy but it did the job for right now and…In time
we’ll do some remodel to the interior in terms of storage and colors and things
like that! Well, now down here in the footwell of
the dinette is Shelby’s area and…We like to procure our own drinking water! And
this little electric pump from Walmart… Is awesome! So there’s all kinds of
little nooks and crannies for storage around here…
But this is one of them…And this is a shoe bin!… Darn, the only compartment I didn’t clean up for today!… You know, it’s real! And below
that, I’m not gonna take it all apart right now, guys…That’ll be a separate
video when I get into the electrical system but…Our inverter is down there… This
is a radiator-style heater box for the coolant that circulates through the
system, for one of our heating systems! Back there is an outlet for when we are
plugged into Shore power. The inverter is a very basic one, we haven’t upgraded
that yet! So we kind of have some power strips running to three various
locations! They’re not running far because it’s only a 13-foot box!…Right
down here are the meters for the Tristar Solar and the Victron Battery
Management System, really cool electronics! These are old dials
from the original builder and I’m not sure what he was keeping track of with
those! Under the dinette on the passenger side, you kind of have to move the cushions to really get
under there! But it’s a good side storage bay… And actually underneath this whole
compartment here would be our Lithium Battleborn
Battery Bank but…We just store linens and towels and various odds and ends and
just…Added storage guys! That’s what it’s all about!… On the driver side of the
dinette is where our refrigerator is…Not the most convenient position in the
world guys but this is a 12-volt refrigerator by Lobosco…I believe it’s
also one of the isotherms and it works fairly well! We’re learning the pros and
cons to it! You know, like produce really should be in like an acrylic bin to keep
it from being near the walls and freezing but…Everything’s a learning
curve and it’s so far a very handy appliance!
Unfortunately, the location leaves a lot to be desired but…You get into this
camper, you start to realize there’s not too many other places you can put it!…So
next up is the bathroom and it has some really critical features in our opinion!
Number 1; Is that it’s a wet bath and has a shower! Ben showed you the hot
water heater outside…But on the other side of this, we have an oxygenic shower head; Which really between a
super powerful water pump and this oxygenic shower head, you’d think you’re
showering at home! We’ve got our cassette toilet…It’s molded really well into
there…Yeah!…It does not look like an over glorified Porta Potty…No, no and it’s
pretty comfortable to sit on!… Hey, what about the Poola Hoop?… That’s right! We got
this at Expo West this year, so if you don’t have anywhere to hang your toilet
paper in your wet bath… Check out…I always want
to accidentally say poo lala!… I think that might be the air freshener!… Well, one
of the challenges to having a wet bath that we identified right
off the bat was…If you stepped into the wet bath to go potty…Then your feet were
wet and you tracked it all over the place and then this was dirty…So last
summer I figured out if we would put a wooden shower mat in here, this you can
stand on while you shower…And then on top of it, we can lay our shower mat that
sits outside while we’re showering in here…Your feet stay dry, then the bottom
stays clean…Then you have a clean place to put your feet when you step outside
the bathtub! It’s a great system, works really well! We also keep our toilet
cleaner stuff here…Toilet treatment and we keep one gallon of water bottle here
so we can flush out the cassette, if we’re dumping somewhere that doesn’t
have running water!… Okay, Ben, I think I have to let you share your favorite
appliance inside the camper! This guy goes on and on about this one all-day
every day! That’s because it finally works reliably!
We had some troubles with our Wallace Ceramic Diesel Stovetop. It was one of the big
selling points of the camper but it just needed maintenance in a serious way!
And we didn’t get it until Seattle, like on our way home…So we put up with like
11 months of this thing not working right but now that it works right it is
awesome! So this diesel draws off our tanks. No
propane in this camper at all! The guys at that shop said this thing draws three
quarters of an amp at full high speed! That’s nothing, guys! And it also like
just drips diesel…So an amazing efficient appliance! While we were in
Seattle, we added this nifty accessory to it…Which is a blower lid and what
that does, is it turns this into a heater! Pretty amazing! So Araucana comes under
here and out here and blows over the surface and it’s like having a campfire
in here and…We have finally been able to put off a lot of heat but it’s getting
below freezing at night…And now that it’s actually getting cold,
it’s getting to the point where we can maybe get it up off of low! This thing
puts off so much heat! So I’m sure the Alaskan winter is gonna put this thing
to the test…But we had this thing running all night last night honey and
it’s so quiet!… And the hood stays cool… So you don’t burn yourself!… And it’s a very
sharp looking appliance!… It’s beautiful!… Well, this is the underside of the stove…
You can see the whole infrastructure off of it and the little controls. We need to
relocate this little module box here… To a more open location because when you
do that, you can actually use this thing as like a thermostat on the wall; And it
will regulate and control the temperature inside the camper! The
instant pot down here…Great storage…We have a basket for produce. That’s a nice
cool area in the camper!… But before we talk about the freezer, I do want to
point out this storage solution as well! My friend Josh from school and Ben built
it last summer and it has been a God sent! To be able to store bottles, spices
silverware, cooking utensils, towels toothbrushes and soap right above the cabinetry!
There is a complement to it as well… Yeah for our bathroom stuff…Yeah, Josh with his
wood chop really came through to help us solve some storage problems!…Especially
since it has these hangers on it because we each have three to hang clothes on!…
So a little hidden gem in our cabinetry here is our freezer!… And this was
also a huge selling point! We’re actually getting ready to add some ventilation to
it in hopes that it will keep little… Freeze a little better! Right now it
keeps things frozen but you can’t actually put something in there and
expect it to get frozen!… But keep in mind it is a 12-volt freezer as well you know,
propane…That’s right! And it will keep ice frozen…Moving right along…I wasn’t
sure about the round sink when we moved in but I have ended up loving it! If you
look at this, how deep it is, like… Yeah it’s a very, very deep sink!…Very deep…So great for
doing dishes! And then I kind of love that I can
cover it up and pretend there’s no dishes in there if you have company! We do
have some more cabinetry up top and we use a lot of baskets to organize things…
And…So food kind of goes on the left here and then we have plates and
dishes and whatnot on this side!… All these little baskets came from Joanne’s and Michaels…
Michaels, Michael’s…And we would literally buy them come out here to the camper, see what fit,
went and returned some, came out with others…Until it all fit together…And finally, it fit!… So last cabinet in
the kitchen… Pretty much matches the one Ben showed you on the other side…I love these
sliding drawers and then we do all sorts of things!… Food hmm…Yeah, just whatever needs to
be stored!… There’s more storage underneath here. And it’s not super
accessible but there’s the space right here and then it goes off to my right!
And we store stuff that doesn’t need to be easily accessed but within a matter
of a couple minutes we can still get to it! This is our hamper, kind of have to have
something to store your dirties! Then camera gear, printer, a little peephole to
check the level on your freshwater tank! So the 40-gallon tank is right
underneath there!… Well, this is the bedroom!… Not much of a room but we do
have a complete regular-sized, queen-size bed, not an RV short. The bed is rather
difficult to make, given the fact that it’s surrounded by walls on
three-quarters of it! But you do have the option…Since this is like the bedroom
and when it’s really rainy and crappy outside, it’s also our living room! So we
have this thing we call “Day Bed” where we put the cushions or pillows against the
wall. And then there’s night bed where we… You know, put them over here and sleep!
It’s just making the most of the space that you have! The person, Dave, whom we bought
it from, built these very nice cabinets and…
You know, just like everything else…Well you can’t really see it right now but…There
are baskets everywhere in all of our cabinets! Whatever we can do to make the
most of this space…And keep it organized…Well as you can see it’s pretty cozy and comfortable back
here! A little bit more in terms of storage…
These are deeper storage cabinets so… Ben and I each have one of these 18 by 12
inch baskets and…For our clothes and then we share one basket for socks and undies!
Since this is also the living room, this is our entertainment center for the RV! A
12-volt television with built-in DVD player. We also plug in a Roku stick when
we have high-speed Internet, that way we can watch TV in bed or in the living
room! One thing our bedroom was lacking when we moved in were nightstands! So Ben
and I found these baskets and installed one on each side for us…Perfect for
storing a book or candle…Glasses… Remotes…Those kinds of little things! One
thing that was really a huge selling point for us on this rig…Were the
geometric slide windows! They’re acrylic… You can see here we have a mosquito
screen or a black outline…And when you open the window, this is great for like
when it’s raining…Because you can open the window and…You don’t get wet! It has
three settings, so you can open it as much or as little as you want! And…We do
this a lot! Where we set it on a vent setting…So you get just a little bit of
air coming through. Really perfect for a sleeping weather!… Alright guys, that’s a
wrap! Hope you enjoyed our tour of “The
ULTIMATE Do-It-Yourself Expedition Vehicle under $100,000.” How does that sound?
I like it! So we also have a very helpful website! We talk all about our
Expedition Vehicle purchase experience… We even have a course outlining the
process that we took to get to this point. It’s pretty amazing guys and if
you haven’t done it already…Make sure you hit that SUBSCRIBE button because we
are going places and we’re taking you along!… Thanks for joining us today, we’ll
see you next time bye-bye! See you on the road!


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