Towing a Large 5th Wheel RV | Full Time RV Truck and Towing! | Changing Lanes!
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Towing a Large 5th Wheel RV | Full Time RV Truck and Towing! | Changing Lanes!


  • Changing Lanes

    We hope you liked this video. It took quite a bit to bring it all together, but it's something we've been wanting to make since we launched our channel. Yes.. it's a long one… we know! LOL But we hope it has lot's of useful information. As always, feel free to post any questions in the comments area below and we'll answer as quickly as we can. Thanks for watching! 😊

  • Adrian Condon

    Very informative…do y’all have to drive into weight stations when you’re on the road just cause your rig is so big

  • Zephyr wind

    Thank you so much for this video, I have hauled a 36’ all over the states and now will be picking up my 44’ toy hauler in 2 weeks. I have the same year and make as your truck, maiden voyage I’ll be going thru some steep grades. Super happy I found your YouTube channel. Safe travels.

  • James McMahon

    wow great video we full time and our rig is a 2018 grand design momentum and pulling it with a 2017 ford everything you say in this video mirrors what we have found by doing ( and were still learning ) your video puts me at ease we have some damage and lost parts from wind but overall having a great time. STAY SAFE

  • Lloyd Bonifide

    I've watched a few of these videos with RV backing, and I don't understand something. Why back in the direction you did on your first one? The driver's seat is on the left, so if you always back in the same direction as you did on your 3rd maneuver, you can see out your driver's side window as you back. Always preferable.

  • protofmaster

    This is a superb video: great information, great filming and editing, and great presentation! I found it very useful and I only have a bumper tow trailer. Thank you, Chad and Tara!

  • Don Simpson

    did you have any problems getting your truck/camper level? with ford trucks being higher in the rear than most trucks. we just bought a 2019 f350 and having a hell of a time getting it level.

  • RC Pilot

    wow lots of good info answered alot of my questions, im about to buy a rv and truck. good work appreciate it. subcribed

  • The Yoga of Money

    Don’t know how I stumbled on your video but so glad I did. Me and my wife are in the middle of our research on trucks and a 5th wheel. You guys have great info. We will be rewatching with a notepad. Thank you you’ve answered a lot of questions we keep getting told get a ram dually and nothing else awesome vid. We plan to go full time in a little over a year

  • Tom Chaney

    Awesome video. I really appreciate the information. The fact that you all did not fill in this 45 min video with any fluff information to stretch. I usually watch my videos on 2x speed to get through it. I was able to watch your video all the way through and you kept my interest with your great use of time and information output. Just awesome. Im really saying alot. Great video. Thanks again.

  • Razgriz

    99% of modern vehicles have a TPMS system that you can check…. that’s the only thing I’ve noticed in the video that was slightly annoying… otherwise a very good an informative video

  • David Stack

    Do you have a video on Truck Specs? why you chose your truck and how do the dual wheels work out? What is the best receiver and easiest to use?

  • Crazy Canuck

    Doesn't one of your tri-axles on your trailer come up a bit off the ground for turning, I've seen that system on other tri-axle 5th wheels where the last set come off of the ground using a remote control?? P.S. great and very informative video, you really know your stuff, keep up the good work.

  • Coleen West

    Super nice setup! QUESTION – Did you intentionally delete the "glass roof" option for your F350 Lariat? (is there some defect or disadvantage with it)

  • Alfy Sprenger

    I do understand most everything your saying as I do hold a class A commercial DL with multiple endorsements. No I am not a trucker, I own a real estate firm. I am also not brand loyal, but can you explain why the Ram 3500 DRW would not be suitable to pull your rig? The Ram 3500 was THE truck until 2017 and fifth wheels manufacturers have been building rigs around these trucks or they would not be able to sell them. I just find it hard to believe that the truck you bought is the only one on the market that can do the job very well. I know your truck and I agree its a good truck, but maybe you should provide other trucks that are viable. Plus if Ram attorneys get a hold of this they may at minimum send you a note. I am a subscriber of your channel because you do know a lot of what your talking about but this video is lacking I think and that can get you in a pickle now days. Just some friendly advice from a follow american patriot.

  • Karie Davis

    This was a great video. My husband and I just bought a Momentum 376th. So sharing this video with him was vital. Great information and very informative. Thanks and good luck to you guys. Hope to see you in Montana soon.

  • Chris Jones

    Shopping for a truck now to tow a new 32' fifth wheel, came across this video and found a ton of great information. Thank you so much!!

  • nevermorefuzzy

    man that rear overhang will get most non-truckers caught up on stuff especially on the 90… should mention swing out on your next video.

  • Johnny RV Mac

    Wow great video! I’ve followed you guys for awhile now but we’re thinking of going to a 5th wheel over our Class A for full timing and I found this. Exactly what I was looking for, thank you.

  • Rick TheLDSlibertarion

    Dang good video. I'm doing research for a future purchase. You have helped me to know what information to look for.
    Thanks so much.

  • Susan Richer

    Amazing video. Thank you for sharing this. We just bought a 5th wheel. It will be on a permanent spot till we both can retire then hopefully on the road !

  • Monster RAM

    Just to be clear, that specific Ram you were looking at couldn't tow your 5er. You made it sound like Ram doesn't make a DRW that can tow your 5er which is simply not true.

  • Coleen West

    Well explained – QUESTION – At 37:10 as you demonstrate how to reverse and park, I noticed that your voice becomes strained like you are lifting weights. Are you physically doing something that is hard to do ie turn the wheel or that shifting gears (I was thinking that they were not heavy these days so that we women could do this – not sure though) or are you stressed and speaking differently? I remember as a kid my dad's voice would sound like that when reversing the station wagon but I don't think it was hard for him to do it. Maybe it is a guy thing and "big responsibility" is weighing on you?? I guess what I am asking is this: is this something only strong people can do because you are tugging hard to turn the wheel or has Ford made it as light as a feather?

  • Dave Booker

    What is your RV hitch weight? Im curious where it fall in the 20% to 25% of the total RV weight. I very much like our videos on "how-to". Ive watched this video 3 times and love it.

  • DavidNJ1

    Current side windows are laminated and the glass breaker won't work. I believe laminated side windows have been required since 2017.

  • DavidNJ1

    You can get a full 4-corner air suspension for the F-350 from Kelderman: It replaces the OE springs rather than add a supplementary air bag and removes the leaf spring in the rear replacing it with a 4-bar linkage, similar to a RAM 1500. These are videos:,

    It would complement your Morryde trailer suspension.

    Have you considered trailer ABS or trailer ESC? Tuson makes both.

  • mike haid

    Hi there. I couldn't help but notice that you dry steering your tires and with the weight of your truck and trailer your causing extra wear on your steering tires and extra wear on your steering components which get really expensive very quickly. So my advice is not to turn the wheel unless you're moving. Just food for thought. I have more than a 15 years in a 18 wheeler and almost 2 millions miles of safe driving.

  • gene stephens

    Great video. I am getting ready to retire in the next couple years and trying to educate myself about what kind of rig we will need. Your information is very helpful. I am subscribing and will be watching the rest of your offerings. Thank you so much.

  • Floyd Turner

    You guys are awesome Enjoyed watching your video . I learn a lot . I was refer by watching the Tolleson life video .

  • Rickey Varga

    Wow! What a comprehensive and helpful video!! I stumbled upon your video/channel as I am in the process of changing gears from a class A Diesel Pusher to a 5th Wheel Toy Hauler. The need and desire to travel with an every day driver and my Harley's (love Lucille, she's an American beauty!) just fits our lifestyle much better at this point. I am looking to retire from LE after 33 years, become a full time RV traveler and explore this beautiful country. I have little experience driving with trailers (small enclosed MC trailer) and zero operating a 5th Wheel (never even flat towed with the bus). This video will be my "go to" through the transition process. From choosing and matching the proper tow vehicle, equipping with some helpful extras such as a TPMS, to learning the basic tips of operating before getting behind the wheel for the first time. So much great information here!!! Although it may be a bit much to consume in one viewing, like a shop manual, it will be referenced many times. I do have one quick question. Do you have a video which contains content on what wheel chock/system you chose to secure your Indian? Like many, the garage area of my TH will be multi purposed when not in transit and the chock will be removed. I presume that most, if not all, require undercarriage installation and I am looking for one that will have the least obtrusive or a removable base plate. If you don't have a video with such content, any suggestions? The "Lock and Load" system, as well as, of course the "Condor" are two I am considering. Thanks, and thank you for taking the time to make, edit and upload this video, it truly is very helpful. Hopefully we will cross paths on the road one day. Stay well, stay safe and travel on! …Rickey

  • Daniel Dubois

    Excellent video and have watched it a few times. However, my new 397 comes in next week. There are few (if any) good 5th wheel (especially 3 axle) videos demonstrating right and left turns on the highway. There are literally dozens and dozens of such videos for 53' semis with the wheels at the end of the trailer but only a couple for 5th wheels. I'm losing sleep thinking about trying to make a right turn onto a single lane when there are cars on my left and some dude has stopped 5 feet past the white line in the opposing lane in the street I'm turning into…

  • Mr Paul Grimm

    I tow a 7.000 pound trailer with a Ford F 150 with a Husky Centerline hitch. It’s ok ,but I’ll get a F 250 next time . Get more truck then you need. You won’t regret it. Great video

  • Jessie Mooney

    Thanks for this video. Great information. We have a 2018 Road Warrior triple Axis TOY HAULER and the same truck but 2019. This was great thing to know. Thanks

  • Mike Dietz

    Great video. I really enjoy your clips!!!!
    I’m retired from the military and law enforcement so I understand the 5 P’s (proper planing prevents piss poor performance)

    I recently changed from a 34’ motor home to a 2019 Reflection 36’ 5th wheel. Which I also got at Lazy Days. I’m towing it with a Ford 2019 F250. Diesel with a rear ended 3.55. Shortbed. I don’t have a sliding hitch but so far I’ve watch my clearance and it seems to be okay. I got the same Reese hitch as in your video.
    With the motor home backing was fairly easy. I set up a driver training field (we life on a small farm in North FL with open space). Ive killed 10 mild jugs so far. (I set up the jugs 12’ apart thinking that is about the normal width of a campsite). It’s a bit frustrating . Ive watched yours and several other backing videos.

    Wonder if you may have other tips. Oh ya I practice on grass so not sure that makes a big difference

    Again thanks really enjoy your posts. Keep them coming.


  • truthmefree

    Just want to say I am SO GRATEFUL you all made this video. You covered everything I feel I need to know to start off. Only question I have now to search is RV vs 5-th Wheel pro's and con's. I'm gonna search your channel and hope you made a video on that topic as well. Truly great job. Thanks!

  • Neal Graham

    One more thing. When you pull ahead before backing up cock your rig towards the direction you you plan on going when backing up. This leaves you already starting at the correct angle.

  • Nathan Booker

    This is the Best non-biased factual explanation of how towing capacities and ratings really works and proves how important it is to pay attention what your hauling and what your hauling it with ,this should be a Must SEE for any who plans on towing Real weight with a heavy duty truck. I Really appreciate your video Great information. Also this will Keep you hauling Legally.

  • Mark Sleeper

    what was the 5Th wheel hitch in your truck model and part # I am looking at trucks like yours I have a pullrite super glide auto slider, I am debating to use it in a new truck with a 8'bed my rv is  just under 10.000 gvw you did a great vid any info would be great thanks Mark

  • salvatore harland

    Was wondering if i could get the exact specs of your 2017 lariat as well as the gear ratios for the rear axle were looking at purchasing a Luxe 42MD and just want to make sure we pirchase the right truck to pull thia thing any info and help would be greatly appreciated

  • Dunder Mifflin

    Curious if you looked at more than just that ONE Ram or not when you went to check them out. I find it hard to believe you couldn't find one with an equivalent gear ratio to that of the Ford you ended up with. My 4th Gen Ram came factory with 4.10 gears and I love it.

  • terryjensen72

    I’m one of those bone heads. My camper is gvrw at 17000 on two axles. I had a 2015 F350 regular cab single rear wheel when I got the camper. The 3 hour trip home from the dealership was ok. Truck was sagging a bit but after loading the camper with my stuff including a motorcycle and washer and dryer in the rear and pulling it , I dreaded pulling it again. Couldn’t even go 60mph or it start swaying side to side, every dip over a bridge would bottom the truck suspension out twice over 50 mph. Horrible and actually scary. I didn’t think air bags would have fixed the white knuckles on the steering wheel swaying issue so I got a 2017 f350 crew cab dualy. Wayyyy better but still loose feeling so months later I replaced the ten ply trailer tires with 14 ply. Major improvement. And a few months after I ordered and installed the Joyrider Shock system on my trailer axles along with a heavy duty wet bolt kit and links. Far less if any bucking over bridges and way more stable but I can still see in the mirror that the tail of my trailer bounces to much. Especially compared to my brothers triple axle mobile suites toy hauler. Kinda looks like a couple of my leaf spring packs have bent a bit. Been thinking of getting heavier springs or trading camper in.

  • Drgummibear

    Well Done Guys! Very Impressive! This is the best video that I have found with all the overall information that a new 5th wheel trailer owner, or potential owner, should have BEFORE they get started. I find that most videos like this are too wordy and have too much of the "Look at Me" syndrome. But your video was informative, and to the point from start to finish, and the camera work was superbly excecuted. That is to say that the great camera work and editing, made it easier for you to get your information across. Really appreciate you taking the time to make this. I learned a fair amount and I consider myself to be a seasoned trailer tower. Fan for life, as I subscribed! Cheers!

  • Mike Morrell

    Love your channel however have to disagree with your towing numbers for the Ram Dually. My 2018 3500 CC DRW with HO diesel/Aisn transmission has a GCWR of 39,100 pounds. That is 3k more than your Ford. 5560 Max Payload and 30,190 Max towing. These numbers are for my truck and considerably higher specs than the Ford you are driving. You obviously were not looking at the HO diesel with Aisn transmission when you were truck shopping. You were looking at the nerfed down diesel and lighter duty transmission. You gotta know your specs before posting on the internet. Too bad nobody will see this way down here on the bottom.


    I enjoyed your video.
    I learned a lot about driving a fifth wheel or a pickup.
    I’m a class A driver pulling 53’ ,32’, and 28’ foot trailers every day, however I do not own a fifth wheel yet.
    I’m so glad I found your video.
    You and the Mrs. are an awesome team.

    I found this video very enjoyable and informative.
    Thank you for posting.
    You do a great job showing expert knowledge without having a pretentious or condescending tone.
    You have great skills as a trainer.

  • Guido Benedit

    We just purchased our 2020 GMC DRNALI HD to try hauling a fifth wheel which we have never done but wanted the extra room. We purchased today a used 2011 Keystone Montana MO3400TL11T that has a GVWR of 15640 LBS, the truck has a GVWR of 11350 so here I am looking at what I might have done as far as the truck's ability to handle the fifth wheel. Your video was so informative as we want to go for a short trip now before we go to see some of this country. My wife will retire next June and we want to practice as you showed on the Walmart parking lot. Thank you for this very good and informative video. Let me know if we did good with our purchase. We like and will be moving up to Grand Design 337RLS once I feel comfortable with this one. Thanks again and keep it up.

  • Ghleehanna Leslie

    I have to tell you I have not watched all the video maybe about 31 minutes and all I kept saying to the 1st know she's neath the last 20 minutes was will you guys teach a class I will fly to wherever they had you are and have you teach a class on all of death because I've never driven one of these things either and and that kind of money I cannot afford to throw away so I was thinking of just going to a big truck or school and have them teach me but it's not going to be the same but Hey if you guys ever decide to teach a class let me know put me on your list to be on your email list and email me I would love to how that and I will fly to wherever you are

  • bobbafett666ta

    Great video…but your statement of not being brand loyal… Indian motorcycle shirts. And video of it in the intro, literally the logo. Kinda feels like your a little bit of a fan

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