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Toyota 86 TRD Special Edition | Walk Around | Toyota Racing Development

What’s up, guys? I’m Ryan Tuerck here with Ken Gushi, and we’re here to introduce
a brand new Toyota model. – This is the all new 2019
Toyota 86 TRD Special Edition. And what makes it special is that it’s around 1,400 units in production. Only available in Raven
with this cool TRD lip kit. – We have a brand new
set of 18-inch wheels with high-performance tires and a beautiful Brembo
upgraded brake package that has a lot more stopping power. – We have this cool 1980’s
throwback Toyota racing livery. You can’t really see it from the outside, but it’s got sport-tuned Sachs suspension. – As we come to the rear,
we have a beautiful wing. – Yup, it’s a three-piece lip spoiler that goes over the rear fenders accentuating the tail lights, and on the bottom half of the car, we have this TRD half-bumper
spoiler that complements the all new TRD stainless
steel polished exhaust tips. All right, what do we have here, Ryan? – [Ryan] We have a
brand new red seat belt, red fabric on the seats, red steering wheel–
– All the red stitching. – Yeah, this looks phenomenal.
– Red throughout the door. I want one. – Yeah, me too. I think they absolutely nailed it on this thing.
– They did, for sure. Guys, thank you for
watching the walk around of the 2019 TRD Special Edition 86.


  • Saltie.

    you guys have to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! bring back the XRS trim back. PLEASE bring it back. i don't like the TRD that much, BUT PLEASE bring back the XRS.

    much thakz, Chris

  • roman dulce

    Did Toyota not want the car in games just because they believe that you will enjoy the game so you don’t need the car in real life? My brain says the opposite, I want it more after I drive the Supra in games, especially Horizon!

  • supershark 9k

    Where is the power I mean 26 to 27k starting and it makes what 205hp maybe on a good day you think that between Toyota and Subaru they could put some time in to r&d and work out the midrange lull in the rpm and so just a bit more to give it about 220 230 on the horse power mark and direct injection is woeful at best to tune this so-called tuners cars you will have to do some Frankenstein stuff to get the go juice you need to make big power I forgot where I was going with this 🧐oh yeah go back to multi port injection! And stop over pricing the frs brs or whatever you want to call it unfortunately you went with 86 which to me seems like more of a slight against the actual 86 and to summarize this isn’t it

  • William Levy

    It looks great but that Subaru engine is NOT what Toyota customers want if they're informed. Roughly 200 horsepower doesn't cut it anymore which is why EVEN Honda has now begun to turbocharge most of their engine offerings. A Civic Si seems to be a better value.

  • free thinker

    I heard you had a recall via Subaru motorization? here is the fix ( after Subaru) put your hand together ( this is no air gap. put your hand appart ? this is airgapped . big wire cant touch anothing . small buch of wire cant touch anything , once this is done? ground directly the head of the engine . voila you permanently fixed the car . all vehicule , motorcycle , airplane , jet figher, army big rig , or motorcycle suffer from this. no maybe no but . they all have it. no amount of black bax that limit the edge of spike can cure this . its a false signal . ask your engineer this . how does my car computer know if its a false signal or not? the computer cant tell . so if I send via frame a false signal ? I can break your engine and you wont even notice cause you will think the engine sound is cool . it isn't cool its broken lol via false signal. how I know ? I am a truck driver. we over extend our welcome in big rig daily lol. how long as this problem been around? I was born in 1968 and the issue was on the car lol . so at least since 1968

  • Task514

    Drove one of these 86 TRD around the track and it's a fun car to drive! The Brembo brakes have an amazing stopping power!

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