TOYS R US Nerf War! Ultimate 24 Hour Fort Building Challenge (BUNKR BATTLE)
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TOYS R US Nerf War! Ultimate 24 Hour Fort Building Challenge (BUNKR BATTLE)

there she is
the best blaster ever made oh gee that is not the best blaster they ever made
this one is are you questioning me oh god are you forgetting why I’m a Poppa
Jake the nerf god I literally made a rap song about it this is the best blaster
ever made Jake I think you’re forgetting who I am I created that song too we are
both nerf gods all right look if you think you’re so intelligent when it
comes to blasters why don’t you put your darts where your mouth is
I say we have a blaster war right now right here in this store Jake we can’t
have a blaster battle right here in the store it’s crazy
Logan you think we can’t have a blaster battle right here in the store you’re
forgetting where we are we’re in Toys R Us Canada they got everything we need to
have a blaster battle in the store and they’ve got the most important thing
Logan we can now transform this store into a luxurious store of fun into a
battle zone we’re taking moving a battle left to find out who is truly butt
blaster champion won’t grab us these bunkers and transform this store we got
walls we got tire stacks we got concrete
blocks we got everything you go to your side of the store I go to my side of the
store last one standing wins all right guys so here’s the rules of the game
Logan’s gonna get a few minutes to set up his bunkers on this side of the store
while I go to the other side of the store and set up mine we can grab any
blaster we want from the store and use it in the battle last one standing wins
and it’s an epic battle inside Toys R Us down the hall a TV here so the Logan
I’ll be seeing you when you lose buddy uh Yeah right
alright guys I’m gonna head over to the base we built the base here not too long
ago I stashed some blasters in there so I think I’m gonna use those and then we
can start building up our fortress Logan’s not gonna know what hit him all
right that we actually did in the 24 hour challenge solo he kind of messed up
because he went down to the other side while I get this already pre-built for
it I also went ahead and described a bunch of blasters off the show that was
pretty cool but guys we have everything we need to
make an awesome base and by the way I did want to remind you guys if you want
to check out some of these bunkers like brick walls we’ve got like wood crates
here you guys can check it out obviously combine it in Toys R Us Canada but if
you guys aren’t from Canada we’ll have links in the description where you can
buy it from around the world because these are only awesome for nerf but also
for building bases alright guys so I’m gonna grab a bunch of bunkers
specifically the red and blue series and start building my base if I know Jake
he’s probably at the other end setting up his blasters I’m gonna start setting
up my bunkers and I’m gonna be Team Blue as of right now the store is split up
into well two sides let me show you the map alright here’s the map of the store
now as you can see Logan has taken over the blue side he’s evil and we must take
him down now what I’m thinking is that we build a section on our side which
covers up the main store lane this is the center lane if we can hold that lane
using all of our nerf guns we’ll be able to defeat him in battle okay so you guys
saw the map I don’t know where he is I mean this story is masked if you could
literally be anywhere I’m not sure if I want to move with my ATV I might have to
switch the scooter mode to be quiet let’s grab this I don’t think I’m gonna
take the ATV because I don’t want to make too much noise I think we’re gonna
have to go on the scooter for this one guys well guys there she is my blue base
okay but so far I think I heard Jake back here so let’s go check it out moving back to the base I think he’s
making a sneak attack come on all right so originally I was gonna push
up and try and take him in the middle but it looks like he’s pushing towards
our base here I’ve got to cover all sides he could literally be anywhere he’s literally all the way back there I
can see okay we’re gonna try and flank him like this like this one big answer I’m
gonna get our escape vehicle ready in case we need to get out of here fast okay we’re gonna have to rethink this
plan we’re gonna have to get out of here and fast little Dino just miss them come
on go go go go I think we lost him Wow hey guys not
exactly sure where Jake is we’re gonna have to be silent guys he left his ATV
maybe we can use it he’s gonna be pretty close please right there movies this will be perfect really of course you go if I use his
pistol wait got an idea all right guys new upgrade ready to take Jake I vamo how we gonna fall back okay
won’t we stay behind here for now hi buddies right now I’m on the pistol we
need a new plan to get closer to him on the hall he’s getting close it looks
like he’s out of ammo pushed him back far enough guys I have an idea man I’m only finding pistols oh I did not see him there order attract
your statement about being God no little where’s all the cover no I’ll just make
a little quick base with these bunkers it’s pretty good cover hello again I’m gonna quickly build the
fastest and best base I can possibly build in like five seconds I need some
way to end to get him down I need a final blow I need something
like that maybe if I can break up one of the cars back there I can use it like a
tank I can pull through all these bunkers and get to Logan and take him
out once and for all and then he’ll understand the Papa Jake’s truly the
nerf God think I scared Jake off don’t really
know where he’s gone but I was able to build a base really fast as you can see
I have managed to build the ultimate fortress and Jake will never stop now
all we have to do is sit in our base and wait for Jake
perfect here it is hi see if this thing works and let’s go take down Logan Oh Jake oh I’m coming for you again
still don’t see Jake oh hey buddy
Oh it looks like Papa Jake’s tank won this one
I don’t think that was part of the rules no no I blew down your base Logan you
remember how the story of the three little piggies went the wolf for him
because he knocked down the other person’s base we did not say you could
use ATVs it was it was just the blasters and the bunkers I was just mad that my
nerf tank beat him but anybody all right guys well you’ll have to let us know in
the comment section who you guys thought won this game and of course if you
didn’t think that this was awesome hashtag Papa Jake if you guys thought
this was awesome do not forget to smack that like button down below and hit the
subscribe button to join the Papa Jake army also another huge thanks to bunkers
for sponsoring this video of course guys there are links down below if you guys
wanna grab some themself we used to all throughout this video and I mean you
guys know we use these in a bunch of our videos they’re great for building forts
they’re great for building bases and of course they’re great for playing with
blasters use the weekend description down below again huge thanks to those
guys and we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video


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