Tragic School Picnic / Funny Cartoon For Kids / Eng Sub 《 Hello Jadoo – Season 2 》

Honey, would you stop it? They should be here somewhere… Where did I put them? Huh? What are you looking for? It’s too early… Ah! Um… They should be right… I found them! Ta-da! How do I look? Don’t I look like Miss Korea? Have fun. Take care of the kids. Oh… I feel like I forgot something… Don’t worry about home. Enjoy yourself. I told you I’m not going there to have fun! I’ll see you later. Oh… Um. Oh! Ugh! Man… I told her it’s too dark for sunglasses. Oh… Huh? Where’s mom going? No! Your mom and I didn’t have a fight. Dad! Why don’t you take some self-defense lessons? I told you! It’s not that! I’m so excited, I couldn’t sleep Oh, you, too? I wish they’d have that dance competition thing for a whole week. Are you that happy about mom going out? Jadoo! Stop cornering me! You said you’re excited, too! Hmph! It’s because today is the school picnic day!. Baby, you’re going on a picnic, too? Yes! Oh… His kindergarten is going on a picnic, too. Mom was really happy because it’s all in one day. That’s nice. I wish I could skip work and go on a picnic, too. Dad, come with me, then. Huh? Please! Haha… Maybe I should! Soundcheck. Everyone who’s entering the National Housewives Dance Competition, we’ll be leaving soon. Please get on the bus. Oh… I’m sure I forgot something… Oh, Nanhyang! You look very stylish today! Haha… I know I don’t dress up often, but when I do… Roll it well… Press it down hard… Huh? Dad, where are the rice rolls? Mom said she’d make them for us in the morning. Huh? Rice rolls? As if the rice grains are stuck to seaweed… Did she…? Did she..? Did she..? Did she run out without making rice rolls for us? Like a rice roll that’s burst open… Until my heart bursts open… No, right? Please say no! I’ll stick to your side… Wah… Huh? Guys! Calm down! It’s not like the picnic was canceled. Don’t cry! Today’s picnic isn’t the last picnic of our life. Stop it! Oh… Okay. Good, kiddos! This won’t do! Rice rolls are the highlight of all picnics. As a father, I can’t send my children Dad! Kids, just you wait. I will make you rice rolls. I won’t disappoint you. Wow! Dad, you’re the best! Did you hear that? Dad’s making rice rolls, which means we’ll have to forget about rice rolls. Let’s see if we can find some cookies and soft drinks. Okay! Rice rolls are easy. Did I ever tell you that I was on kitchen duty when I was in the military? Back then, I had to make 300 servings of black bean noodles in just five minutes. Let’s see… Where’s the laver? Not here… Huh? Oh? What? There’s only seaweed! Oh, it stinks! Where did she put them? They’re not here… The rice… Oh… Uh… There’s nothing here! There’s nothing under the bed, either! Wah! I can’t find any ingredients! I can’t believe her. Oh… There’s nothing! No cookies or soft drinks! Nothing! What? You said you went to the market with mom and bought them yesterday. We did… But mom hid them all! Why did she hide them? She said we might eat them all. What? Oh… I’ll get you for this when you come back! Where are you? Where are you? I’m always it! Oh… Nanhyang, that’s enough.. What’s wrong with you? Everybody! Put your hands up! Put your hands up! What do we do, sis? Should we just skip school? You shouldn’t… We can buy snacks again. That’s right! And we can eat the snacks mom hid tomorrow! Heehee… Okay, Jadoo! Go fetch dad’s wallet. Okay! Uh… Oh, why… Why do I only have this much? Huh? I said I’m paying! I’ll pay double! Triple! Oh… No… No… You have a credit card, don’t you? Don’t even ask! Mom wouldn’t let him get one! Oh…Go to the supermarket and get something with this. With that? Just go and get something Don’t you care about your little sister and little brother? Should we play together? Seunggi… Let’s pray for rain in front of the slide. Heeheehee… I’m going! Dad… Don’t go to work. Play with me… There should be some filling… Let’s see… Aha! Yes! Let me see… Heehee… Just play with me. Please, please… Please make it rain right now. Please… Please… Dad… Oh… This was all I could buy! Oh… Okay. That’ll do! Ta-da! What do you think? I never… Want to put that… In my mouth… Oh… Have fun! Yes, sir! See you later, sir! Hurry. Keep walking! Oh! I’m late! It’s lunchtime! Seunggi… What’s wrong? My dad made these… I can’t eat them. Oh, no… Children, could you share your lunch with Seunggi? Try mine. Here… Try mine Wow! Thanks! I think I got indigestion from breakfast. I don’t think I can eat. Wow! How interesting! Hah! This is no ordinary rice roll! Spicy seaweed rice! One piece of seaweed rice for three pieces of rice roll! I don’t have many left, so hurry up. Oops! Hot! Hot! Ah! Ah! It’s so hot! I’m home! Honey! Mom! Did everyone have fun on your picnics? Mom, how can you… Ta-da! I brought walnut cakes! Haha! Mom, you’re the best! Guys, how could you? And for you… Herbal liquor! Honey… I hope the bus ride wasn’t too hard on you. Hold on a second. I’ll bring some kimchi. Oh… Hmm… Where did I put the fermented kimchi? Oh, no! How can this… Yum… Oh… Oh… Mom, come over here and have some! Honey, hurry up!

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