Trangia Triangle Wind Protector Pot Stand For Wild Camping/Backpacking/Hiking
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Trangia Triangle Wind Protector Pot Stand For Wild Camping/Backpacking/Hiking

Happy New Year guys
um janya to the fast and I’ve came out I’ve got a couple of ideas I wanted to
camp intro coming up in a couple ideas as well so far but come out and do this
well I’m free time but you won’t believe it
January the fast and there’s like 10 degrees I’ve got this bug jacket on
jumper but it’s so hot oh I’ve got two things
the beach is marked so I’m just doing the usual part that I always come to
have a camping video i punt absorb their yeah cuz my talk show most likely keep
the wind oh it’s not for the rain I don’t know but we’ll show you the beach
it is mod today what turns up even it’s a tradition in Scotland that what
you do as January the first you go in the walk so I got last for Christmas
this was a little present that I got from Santa there Trangia triangle I just
thought I’d do a little video and let people see so you get the bag the pill
clock so this is what you get on site you get your free metal pieces and
they’re still the still top piece so as you can see those marks the hole there
so this one’s got a band bar so you put and like that you see that yep so the three of them
plug that and then you put your metal piece in the middle build their homes up squeeze it together and then so there we go it’s all squeezed
together the weight of as a hundred grams and the bag as a twenty grams so I’m just going to use my little
airlocks it’s as soon as this triangle might Ron Johnson said my Trangia cooks
it so I’ll just use it your locks one the one that you get the stand look use Malaya you know there we go so I’m going to use their out cut main
hundred mill titanium pot have a little cup of tea so there we got that’s the Trangia
triangle a lot Liberty sure but I just thought I’d show off so thank you


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