Traveling As An Amputee | LET’S GO ON VACATION
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Traveling As An Amputee | LET’S GO ON VACATION

This is my life guys To be willing to find the light though You have to be willing to believe in yourself and to believe in your story and to believe that there’s more that we’re going through And that what you’re going through is going to bring you Further into who you’re supposed to be and your calling and find the good in it Rosie where are we going ARIZONA! Okay, we’re about to go down for our taxi we’re running super late as per usual we’re so excited we’re gonna take you through the airport because This girl with one little, little French fry. Oh my goodness I just called it a French fry. We’re traveling with two carry ons each, which is never fun So come along. Let’s go to freakin, Arizona Were just finishing up in the taxi Were at the airport And were about to go in. Oh my whys my glasses so dirty Okay, lets go We just got to the airport and we need to go through security now Yeah, okay we’re in the right place let’s go Rosie what did you do? Make show mine. I don’t have enough hands, show mine. Criminals Okay, so we just got it through Security. Yes security check. Yeah Surprise surprise. Rosie almost lost all her lotions Yeah, we always have problems in this area of check-in before especially I’m gonna go to Arizona as a kid I would always bring strings, yeah, those like braiding strings that you would do with the scissors Yeah, so every year we got scissors taken away or something like it became a tradition Yeah, like they would have never known but this time we both got question But we made it all the way through so and we’re here like three hours early now. We’re gonna go get breakfast BREAKFAST And guys in case you didn’t know this is if I want to do anything if I want to be on my phone or if I want to film this is This is my life guys must be nice to have two hands just strolling through the airport that No, you’re not filming THIS IS THE LIFE GUYS Why is my face like this.. You’ll have to forgive me Are you hungry? STARVED Rosie: “Alot of spots on that camera like I feel like I look fat” No, I feel it really bad angles Just waiting for breakfast and oh, thank you So we just finished breakfast and then we’re gonna for the flight really like it when we vlog in the public a few moments later So, we just got on the flight. Rosies putting on her slippers Got the window seat! And now the flights only like.. 3 hours! And then in five hours we will be in the sun just like this.. baking! Thats that! See you in Arizona! Where are we now? ARIZONA! First iced coffee of the trip! YES! Okay, we just got to the place we’re staying at and we’re staying with my grandpa But my grandpa’s away for the first two days. So it’s just me Rosie here and She’s getting ready over there, but we’re gonna go to the pool now so we’re gonna get ready and then we’re gonna go the pool because that’s the whole reason we’re here is to Go to the pool What else do you do in Arizona? Besides go to the pool and tan and that’s pretty much all look This is this is where we are and then you turn around and then BOOM, POOL! we will be right there for Approximately the next seven days DAY ONE! LETS GO TO THE POOL! I’m all ready burnt.. Krispy Cram takes the gam. Ooh How’s your first day? It was great first day and now we’re ready for food! real food! Okay, so it is now the end of the day and I’m so excited to be here with Rosie for the week And Im gonna bring you guys along Our next video will probably be a pool day which will be happening tomorrow because today we only got like two hours of Sun so I hope you guys enjoyed watching me travel here and what it’s kind of like in the struggle of carrying suitcases and bags and lack of hands For a better word and now we’re gonna go out for dinner as a family my auntie my uncle here as well And so we’re gonna go get some Italian dinner and call it a night and get back in the Sun tomorrow I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I love you so much. Don’t forget to Like and subscribe Follow me on social media and I will see you in my next video and let’s enjoy this vacation together because you guys are pretty Much here with me you might as well just be here. So The let’s do this. Okay. See you my next


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