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TravisTeachMe – Vacation

let’s start a revolution nigga what do
you say do you really wanna hold and be a minimum wage running the place until
you running out of pay saying one of these days you’re gonna find another way
keep them calm even fighting over fake shit tryin to find a way to make a
database replace us you know they hate us cuz they say it to
our faces rich motherfuckers making everybody racist climb the wrong ladder now we
stuck up in the Attic find the roof is the limit no wonder how we erratic guess
I’m out of my mind to say I value my time spend my life on your grind that’s
crazy I ain’t crazy I’m the only motherfucker making goddamn sense here
lately another nigga on a regular day get the bag like you running away okay I think i need a vacation
I bet you need a vacation too now we gotta give him something to
calm down the break down cuz he’s always staying awake now no break now gotta
pick up the pace now cause they count Think you’re getting a raise? you Get that nigga some adderall cause he weighing down everybody cause hes depressed keep what hes saying down everybody cause hes depressed keep what he’s saying down you only feel it if you
think it what your brain if you think of wit your pockets you forget about your
name keep the wolf hungry and he’s easier to tame lock I’m in the training
you’ll lock him in his lane feel the dangerous DNA arranges when you feel a
threat of exchanges exchange need a revolution need the motivation need an evolution need a vacation I bet you need a vacation too I think I
need a vacation

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