Treated Pine Octagon Walk-In Picnic Table from
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Treated Pine Octagon Walk-In Picnic Table from

Here we are with the treated pine octagon
picnic table. Manufactured right here in Pennsylvania. As you can see the octagon-walk-in. The walk-in
is the whole key to it. Boom! Walk in, sit down, you don’t have to climb over the benches.
That’s why it’s a big, big seller. Seats eight people comfortably, you can see the
octagon design on the top, which is a really nice feature. It has our trim piece underneath
here for the extra support on the table top. Two inch umbrella hole, if you need that you
may add that at no extra cost. You’ll see that on the website. What’s also nice about
this, the treated pine weathers to a silver grey or you can add any stain/sealer or paint
of your choice. You’ll see that on the website. It’s a nice feature. I would recommend that.
Also, we offer it in the galvanized bolts, washers, and nuts. You may upgrade also to
the stainless steel hardware which I highly recommend. What’s also nice about it is
assembly. Real easy. It comes in two sections of the seating notched in the middle. Boom!
Put that down, put the table top on, screw in the sides of that, and you’re ready to
go. By the way, it’s a great piece for residential and commercial use. A lot of restaurants,
a lot of parks, rec—places like that, let alone the homeowners purchase this product.
You’ll love this product for many years.

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