Treated Pine Picnic Table with Attached Benches from

Here we are with a treated pine classic traditional
design. I’ve had this product for many, many years. I’ve sold multiple of these
products to restaurants, parks, recreation, obviously residential home owners. What’s
nice about this product that we offer, the traditionalist design, the 2×6 tops, the 2×6
on the benches, 2×6 design on the legs. And also, to top it off, which is unusual, we
throw in a nice little trim piece on the benches and on the table top, which is a big feature
for it. What’s nice also is that we offer a 2” umbrella hole at no extra charge. With
treated pine, you can let it weather to a silver-grey or add any stain-sealer or paint
of your choice. Also, on our website, we offer the stain/sealer. It’s a big seller for
our customers. Also, ships out easy-to-assemble, pre-cut, pre-drilled, galvanized bolts, washers,
and nuts. You can upgrade to our stainless steel hardware that also is a big seller.
One thing nice about this when we ship it out, the table top is assembled, the bench
is assembled, you add the legs, the traditional style legs- boom, you bolt those together,
you’re ready to go and you’ll love this product for many years.

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