Trixie Mattel gets axed in Dead by Daylight
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Trixie Mattel gets axed in Dead by Daylight

– I would love if the YouTube title for this video is Trixie Mattel
rage quits Dead by Daylight. – This game does not
bring out the best in me. (gasps) Where are you? (chainsaw revs) (woman screams) – Hello, everybody! Welcome to, I’m joined here today with Trixie Mattel Drag Queen extraordinaire. – Hello! That was loud. – That was perfect. – You know what, we’re
playing horror games today, so we might as well,
like, test the levels. – Yeah.
‘Cause things can happen. – Yes, I hope they will! – Yeah, I’ve been playing, well, we’re playing Dead by Daylight, I’ve been playing this game
for probably, two years, and I still get jump scares all the time. – Yeah, really? – Because it’s a
multiplayer, wait a minute, it’s called Asymmetrical
Online Multiplayer. Which means that you’re
playing with real people, so no matter how many matches you play, nothing’s ever the same. ‘Cause everybody plays
differently, everybody plays with different characters,
different abilities. Some people are aggressive, some people hide out most
of the game, so like, every time you play this
game it’s different. – You know what the powers
you’re fighting are, but you don’t know the people. – Completely, because everybody uses these characters differently. And they’re constantly
coming out with new DLC, like every few months
there’s a new killer, there’s new maps, there’s new, I mean, for an independent game, this company turns out
new material all the time. But they don’t send me anything for free. – (laughing) Not yet anyway! There’s still time. – If I can get RuPaul
to get me six figures, perhaps I can get a $5 DLC pack. That’s all I’m saying, but a few times a year
I do a twitch stream, and I’ll pick a charity. – Oh.
And I usually play this game. So last year I raised
$12000 playing this game, – Damn!
for different charities. So, I’m not saying I’m
like a really good person, but I’ve done that. – I’ll say it, you’re
a really good person. – I’m out there raising
money with a wig on, and you guys are at home watching this. (laughing) – Yeah, why aren’t you Trixie
Matteling it in the world? – Hello. (video game sound effects) Let’s play a survivor game to start here. – Just to warm up, get into it. – Yes.
Get the blood flowing. – [Trixie] Yeah, let’s do this. Let’s play with Meg Thomas. – Okay.
She’s a girl. – Oooh. – So her perks are quick and quiet, which means you can make much less noise when you’re doing quick actions,
like jumping onto lockers or jumping over vaults. – Just like a girl. – (laughing) Just like a
girl, well, she’s very thin. Me, you could body slam me, no sound. – You just like, ricochet off? – [Trixie] I’m gonna use sprint burst, – Nice.
which is great, ’cause if the killer is about to swipe it, you can break into a run and create some distance. Most of the success in this game is about wasting the killers time. ‘Cause there’s four
survivors, and one killer, so if there’s a limited
amount of time to do goals, somebody needs to keep the killer busy, while the other ones do objectives. – Okay, so do you generally prefer playing the villain or the victim? – It depends. I’m a little more relaxed
playing the survivor, but when you’re the killer, you have a lot more on your plate. ‘Cause you have to kill four people, and if you don’t get all four kills, it always kinda feels like, like (grunts) I just, you know. – It’s not as satisfying. – Right, when you get the four kills you really feel like you’re somebody. (laughing) – You know, whereas when you’re a
survivor, you really sort of, like, just have to life to the end. And everybody else can
die, and you’re like, “Well, that’s not me.” – Yeah. – “Fuck them.”
Dang, me. – A lot of the gays I play
with make up fun nicknames for these characters. Like, Michael Myers is Daddy Myers. – (laughs) I can see that. Yeah, that’s about right. – Okay, so, look! We’re playing with a Laurie Strode. – [Jenna] It’s Laurie Stode! – [Trixie] Jamie Lee Curtis. – [Jenna] That’s great. – [Trixie] I know, fierce. – [Jenna] I like how we’re
getting a girl band here with the synced movements. – [Trixie] I know, I don’t like that she matched my hat though. – There you go, this
teen angst hair style. Which is just a pony tail. – Totally. – [Jenna] So you’re a fan
of horror, just in general. – Yeah, I just, I like to watch someone
get killed on camera, and be like, “What if that was me?” I think part of horror
is obviously the fantasy and the fright of it, but also we all, part of us all fearing death, is like, we always wanna look behind
the curtain of death. And I think with horror movies, we’re all like, “What if that was me?” You know what I mean? I think we watch horror movies ’cause we put ourselves in the shoes of the person getting killed,
and I think it reminds us that we do wanna live. – Yeah. – (laughing) I think that’s dark. – No, I think that’s
great. I think that’s great and accurate and true. – Now, if you’re watching
me play this here, and I’m about to die, and you guys are like, “And what?” Like, you should see someone, you know? So here’s me, Meg. So I’m walking slow because I have sprint burst, so the second I start running
I’ll lose my sprint burst. – Okay. – Oooh, I hear a Huntress.
I can hear her singing. Oh he just blew his gen. She is gonna come for him. Oop, I just blew that gen. Sorry. See, I have lashes on, I can’t see. I have to play the game like this. Okay, so we know we’re
playing the Huntress, you can hear her singing. And the Huntress throws hatchets, so when you’re playing
against the Huntress it’s good to kinda watch behind you because she’ll throw hatchets, and you can sort of dodge them. – Ohh, that’s cool. – [Trixie] She’s gonna
come over here I know it. [Jenna] Yeah, I saw her.
I saw her lift a body up. – So I can see, he has Kindred on, which means I can see all
the other survivors auras, and the killers aura. Oh my God, she’s coming over here! I’m going around. I know I said I wouldn’t
yell, but here we are. Oh, bitch, she is looking
for me, do you hear that? I wanna save him, but I
think that she’s camping him. – I kinda get that energy, too. She didn’t go very far away. Wow, you saved Keanu Reeves. – Look, come over here. Let me heal you. So I’m healing him, so you can
play this game like renegade, every man for themselves,
but to be honest, the part of this being asymmetrical, is that the killer is so
much stronger than you are. So you need to work together. – Yeah, the only times
I’ve been very successful in this game are when the villains, or whoever was playing the
villain, was bad at their job. – Well we are at level 20, so I hope that that’s going on today. Unless there’s a really
skilled drag queen somewhere, also at level 20 playing against me. – [Jenna] That would be amazing. We’re getting counter hacked
by another drag queen. – [Trixie] Okay, now
Jeff’s back to help me. See when two people cooperate, you get through the gens faster. You wanna spend as least
time at the generators as possible, because
the longer you’re here the more chance is that
killers can come find you here. – And if you’re coupled up like this, they can only chase one of you. – Mhmm. – That’s my life strategy. They can only chase one of you. – [Trixie] And then we’re
gettin’ out of here. [Jenna] Yes! – So we finished one we
have four more to go. We just saw the killer pick her up. So I’m gonna start weaseling
over there to go for the save. Oh, I can hear the killer, where is she? Oh my God! – [Jenna] Whoa. – Oh, David’s here, too. David, you little bitch. – [Jenna] Oh boy. God, and you’re all clumped together. That makes me so stressed out. – I’ve made a mistake, she’s
gonna find me right now. (both screaming) (both laughing) – I don’t know why I was scared. I am not playing this game. – [Trixie] So it’s all
about creating some distance between you and the killer. Ooh, she’s caught me! – I also love her style. The Huntress with the rabbit mask. – [Trixie] Oh, she got me! – [Jenna] What a shot! – What did you say about you love her? Whose side are you on? – Why can’t I be on everybody’s side? Wiggle Wiggle. – It’s hard to wiggle with names on. Aw man. (crow cawing) (girl screams) Sometimes you can put the remote here, and just like. – Ohh, that’s some good strategy. We’re learning a lot with Trixie Mattel. I like that other people in this room can’t see what we see on the screen, so we could be looking at anything. This could be porn that we’re watching, and nobody else would be able to verify. – Why can’t it be both? – Oh! – We need to normalize porn.
Porn’s in the eye of the beholder. – We need to normalize porn – Yeah, I think so.
in the workplace. – Well, well. (laughing) – Well. – Come on, Partygon? Hello? – Gonna backtrack this a little bit. – Ooh, does she– – [Jenna] Wiggle away from this one. – See Kindrid is a very strong perk, because he’s on the hook right now. I can see every other survivor, so I know that I’m the
closest one to this save. So this is his first hook, so I’m gonna stay on this generator, because we still have three more to go, and if we don’t start
finishing these generators, at these low ranks, people just don’t do the gens very fast ’cause they are new. – [Jenna] Too busy messin’
around, getting hooked. – But like, if I can be
world famous drag queen at a cosmetic’s mogul, you can go for a save once in a while. You know what I mean? Millennial culture, see everyone’s like,
“But what if we all die, “and we still get an award?” (Jenna laughing) I used to believe that until
I started winning things. – ‘Cause you are a winner.
I’m a winner. – We’ve said that before
“Only winners on” – Thank you. Oh, okay there’s Jeff, he’s injured. But Jeff, let’s just finish this. – [Jenna] Jeff soak us up. [Trixie] So someone got this save, great. (man screaming) – Yes! Heavy lifter here. – So I’m gonna, I know there’s
gonna be a gen up here, so I’m gonna go finish
this one right away. Ooh, I can hear her, you can’t hear her, but I can hear her. This killer’s a little crazy, ’cause instead of a heartbeat
radius, you hear her singing. – [Jenna] Oh, it’s so good. – And singing, you know
singing can be joyous or sometimes very creepy, and
like, a lullaby is creepy. (laughing) – What’s a good joyous song? – Any track off Avril
Lavigne’s debut record Let Go. – Whoa! – Oh, is she gonna hear me? Oh, she’s coming! Good thing I have sprint burst. I’m out of here, Beth. [Jenna Laughing] Have a good day, Denise. Ooh, oh I’m hiding. Does she see me? – Oh, I think she sees you.
She sees me! Sorry. (laughing) Ooh, ooh. You know what? We’ll just loop around for a little bit. – [Jenna] I love what’s happening here. – We’ll just loop around for a little bit. (screams loudly) Oh, damn! You know this is only my
second hook, whatever. – [Jenna] Yeah, God,
that was so startling. (intense screaming) – [Trixie] So now I
gotta, you gotta struggle, ’cause this is my second hook,
so now I have to really like. – [Jenna] I love this
horrible spider thing. – Yes, the entity. The whole point of this game, is that you’re being
sacrificed to the entity, and all the survivors and
the killers are caught in like an eternal game of cat and mouse. Okay, you should not have unhooked me, this close to the killer. Like, you’re just writing
someone a death sentence if you pull ’em off the hook right in front of the killer – [Jenna] Right, ’cause
there just right there. – Well, some people
are just point farming, and they’re very selfish. Am I gonna die? – No.
I feel like I need to get healed, but I don’t
wanna go look for someone. – I don’t think you’re gonna die. – Ooh, don’t forget you can follow me on every single platform, @trixiemattel. – Are you @trixiemattel on every platform? – On everything. – That’s impressive. – And for Trixie Cosmetics,
I just, you know, you need to believe in yourself early. I gotta go. I’ve gotta go immediately! (intense dramatic music) This is no way to live! (character moaning in pain) (character screaming) Oh, okay I’m dead, I’m gonna die! This team sucks, I did
all the heavy lifting. – When you see the word wiggle,
it’s hard not to wiggle. – Have I mentioned I’m not a good loser? – [Jenna] No, I’m gonna
learn so much about you. – I’m not competitive, but
I will break this computer. – [Jenna] Do you remember the first horror movie you ever saw? – I mean, I think like the
first scary, really scary shit, I was maybe, what year
did “Scream” come out, 97? – Yeah, around about, yeah. – So yeah, I was maybe in third,
fourth grade, fifth grade. – Yeah,
And that movie, I mean that opening scene
with Drew Barrymore is like, I don’t know how many times
you watch it, it is like, she is so good in that. – She’s really, she’s so intense. She’s so terrified. – She’s so scared. Yeah, it’s great. That’s one’s awesome, but
I mean, I like anything, as long as it’s scary, like I’ll go to something I
know is not gonna go be good. – Yeah. – [Trixie] So. – [Jenna] Show us how to murder. – Let’s do, I mean, hillbilly’s really fun. This chainsaw is really fun. I mean, nothing scarier than a chainsaw. – Yeah, period? – Completely. – Okay. – What perk are we gonna run? Tinkerer is pretty good. When a generator is being repaired, when it gets to 85% you
get a noise notification and you have no terror radius, so you can zip over to them and kill ’em. – [Jenna] That’s so
true to hillbilly life. – Mhmm. This game is unique, because
when you, notice here, when you play as the killer, you have the first person POV. Hello. – [Jenna] Wow, he just fell right on it. – [Trixie] I can hear him. He just jumped out the window didn’t he? Where are you? Where are you? (Trixie gasps) You don’t think I see you bitch? Bitch, I see you. Ooh, I’m gonna kill her. Get over here. – [Jenna] Ohh, oh! – [Trixie] And the chainsaw’s fierce, ’cause you can just cut
these in half, goodbye. – [Jenna] That rules. – [Trixie] I’m gonna kill her. – [Jenna] It’s weird that
when you’re the villain it’s first person, and you’re
experiencing the murder with your own hands. – It makes me feel alive. (laughing) Ooh, she got away, I hate her so much. – [Jenna] Ohh. – Oh, my God. I did not put on makeup to lose again. (Jenna laughing) She is doing a good job right now. She is doing something called looping, which is where, just to burn your time, there’s running you around. She’s pissing me right off. Okay, I’m leaving her, ’cause I just heard a notification, which means they are down
here fucking shit up. Surprise! Oop, they’re not down here. I think one of them went in here. Damn it. They’re never in here
when you want them to be. (creaking door) Oh my God. This is embarrassing. Oh my, really? We’re playing at level 20 and suddenly everybody’s
this good at this game. I’m gonna rage quit I swear to God. (Jenna laughing) This isn’t even my account,
I don’t care if I get banned. – [Jenna] That’s fine. Ban us, baby. – [Trixie] I can see you, Denise. I wanna use my chainsaw on her. (chainsaw revs) – [Jenna] Oh, you’re so close. – The chainsaw’s fierce
cause it’s a one hit down. – [Jenna] Oh, man. (survivors moaning) – So let’s hook this hooker. They’re back in that basement. They’re gonna finish that gen. (survivor screaming) This game does not bring
out the best in me. (gasps) Where are you? – Oh, hello.
Hello. I can see you, I have eyes. People hide in plain sight. They just kill me. Ooh, I’m done with her. He’s, okay, this might be a
group that’s playing together, ’cause they’re very coordinated right now. – [Jenna] Yeah. – Okay, wow. I’m really about to lose. See this would a bad situation where I haven’t killed a single person. Ooh, I’m gonnna get him. Oh, he’s gonna fucking go
right in there, isn’t he? (chain saw revs) Oh, I hate you so much. (Jenna laughs) Ooh, you should’ve went around, ooh. Oh, he had a dead heart! I’m gonna throw up. Oh my God! You know what, fuck this. I gotta abandon him, I gotta
go check out the generators. This is almost done,
too, are you kidding me? They’re gonna win. Hello! Did you see me just get him? – [Jenna] That was so good! – In the industry, we call that fierce. (Jenna laughing) – [Jenna] Hookeroo. Got ’em. – Got one. This is his first hook, though. Where are you? She’s just outside this window, and she doesn’t think I know, but I do know. Hello. Is he trying to hide from me? – [Jenna] Yeah. – You know what, we gotta go back, sorry ’bout it, we gotta go back. Oooh, they’re back. I’m gonna throw up. – [Jenna] They are so determined to get that one in that house. – [Trixie] She’s about to finish it. The absolute nerve. (Jenna laughing) (Trixie gasps) You’re gonna heal right in front of me? Right in front of my salad? Oh, no, bitch. (character screaming) – [Jenna] (gasps) oh, man, yes! – I got her, but she’s not gonna… You know what, I gotta
put her in the basement. It’s the only way I might
make it out of this. They’re gonna finish the
generator, though, right now. Ooh, they’re about to finish that! – [Jenna] Oh, man. They were very coordinated. – [Trixie] I know. Oh, I just saw someone, do you see him? You kinda have to just look
for movement in this game. – You’ve got keen killer eyes. (chainsaw revs) – (gasps) I’m gonna puke. They’re all gonna get away. And they’re all gonna get away on camera, and everybody’s gonna know
that this is my favorite game, and that I lost this fiercely. – [Jenna] We’ll make a game footage, where it looks like– – [Trixie] Like I’m really good. – [Jenna] Like you’re really
good and that you won. – Oh my god. You know what, I don’t even care. I just want her. I’m over it. You know what, I gotta go to the door. I’m sick of watching her. I think this is a coordinated group. ‘Cause they’re really turning
it, and it’s pissing me off. Did I really just miss, you’re lying. (chainsaw revs) Oh, my God! Okay, everybody get out. Get out of my house. – Oh, man. – So I just lost. (Jenna gasps) Wait, where’s the last guy? Just get out, wherever you are. You know, that’s the important
thing about this game, you can still have fun, even if you get humiliated by
the people on the internet. – Wait, do you wanna record an ending, where it’s like you just won
and were super successful and we can fake it later? – Okay. And that, is how you do it! – I can’t believe. That was so impressive. – I know, for some reason, we don’t have footage of me winning, but– – I know, well, unfortunately
we lost the footage of Trixie being very good at this game in a hardware malfunction. – Sorry.
But that was so impressive. – I lost both rounds. I’m never coming back here. – (laughing) Oh, no! That’s not our fault! Playing Dead by Daylight. – I’m never coming back here. – Well, this is our last chance then. We should make the most of it. – Yeah. – By making you create your
own Dead by Daylight villain. – Oh yeah, sure!
You into this? – Yeah, sure. – If you were making your
own Dead by Daylight DLC, what would the setting be? What would your monster be? – Okay, so I’m gonna draw a nail tech. (Jenna laughs) This is so bad, it’s embarrassing. – [Jenna] I love it. – Buy my cosmetics, I
can’t even draw a circle. – I mean, you can paint a face, though. – I know, I love makeup, though, but I think it’s ’cause
drawing wasn’t gay enough. – Okay. – Do you know what I mean? – Okay, no I can see that. – And also, a drawing, you’re like, “Great it’s a piece of paper, “it doesn’t improve my life in any way,” whereas cosmetics you
can draw it on your face, and your whole day is different. – You’re immediately a
different person, yeah. – Yeah.
Yeah, that’s fair. – I never know what I’m
doing until it’s over. Is this a woman? – I don’t know, you tell me.
It’s not gender day. – Okay. – Let’s say that they
are, kind of like, open. – [Jenna] Oh, God, I love this hair. It’s strong, like, 80’s
vibe, from the hair. – Yeah, we want gender, let’s say, they have a dangly area and they don’t wanna talk about it. I don’t know. This looks like a reject
character from “Blue’s Clues.” (Jenna laughs) But honestly same. Oh, I’m really into this now. (Jenna laughs) See, drawing, another thing
we don’t have to be good, but you can still enjoy it. – Right, it’s just about
the act of creation. – A red lip. Oh my God, it’s not secret anymore. Katya and I are doing a red lipstick. (Jenna gasps) ‘Cause I wanted to do a red lipstick, and I was like, “Well,
who’s like the Saltenis?” She may look like shit, but she has like, kind of like, a laser, like, response to red lipsticks, red glosses, so she like, you would think, like, “Oh,
she’ll put on anything.” No, she’s like specific. – [Jenna] So, your villain’s a nail tech? – This is a nail tech who
doesn’t clean their tools. – Ooh. – So like, when the killer catches you, you do get sort of a nice
French Mani Pedi out of it, but you’re probably gonna get
some sort of nail infection. – Some sort of fungus. – Yeah. – [Jenna] Sometimes
horrors are closer to home. – Completely.
Yeah. – You read into horror, and you see what people are afraid of. The “Candyman,” that
movie is not about bees. People are afraid of hooks. – That’s true, I mean, we
were just playing a whole game where people were getting put on hooks, and it’s unpleasant. – Yeah, people are very afraid of hooks. I wonder what that’s about. – I don’t know. I mean, that’s such, it’s
such a powerful like, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”
image though of like, the woman getting put on the hook and just being like (soft yelling). – Yeah. – Me, when I’m talking
this dress off later today. – Any woman trying to
blow dry their own hair. Seems like a good idea
until two minutes in and you’re like “Should I just stay home?” – Your arms get so tired. – Yeah. – [Jenna] So what kind of
powers are they gonna have? What are they bringing
to the monster table? – Well, thank you again for using they. But you know what’s not
good for your nails? Those drills that they use
that have the little buffer. – Oh, yeah.
So instead of clipping your nails,
they drill them down. That is not good, because
it rips away at the layer. You see, your nails are very porous, and so you’re just, like chipping, you might as well be like,
blasting your nail off. You’re also not supposed
file your nails back and forth, all one way. – Oh, one way, yeah. That’s how you get the real sharp point. – Yeah, I went to beauty
school, and I love doing nails. And everybody else in
beauty school hated it. ‘Cause doing nails is like the extreme home makeover of beauty. People come in there with
like gross feet and hands, and then they leave and it’s
like so beautiful, you know? – So they got the nail buffer that they’re using to, I guess– – Yeah, let’s draw it. – Buff people’s faces up? Is it just nail based damage? – Not the face. – Not the face? – The nails. – Just the nails? – Yeah.
Okay. – Not a facialist. – (laughs) That’s fair. You’re right, I said a silly thing. – Yeah, you said a silly thing. Let’s say it’s corded. – Okay. – You know, he’s not rich. – So you have to find a plug first? – Yeah. – [Jenna] It’s part of the challenge. – Yeah, I mean that’s fierce. What about blood? – [Jenna] Yes. – From the ass. No, I’m just kidding. Let’s do like maybe blood squirting out. – Oh, I like this ’cause
they’ve already gotten somebody and this the, as it’s buffing. – Yeah, so let’s say
some visibilities are, I think he has unclean tools. – [Jenna] Okay, unclean tools. – Yeah, ’cause he doesn’t use Barbicide, or he waters it down too much, which if you do that you might as well not be using it at all. Oh, you know that cuticle? – Yeah. – I think he clips it too short. – Oh. – Oh, his ultimate ability is, he doesn’t disclose the
price before the appointment, so afterword you are shocked. Sticker shock. – Devastating, God. – Oh, I think he has a Grindr. And I think– – Naturally. – I think he says, “Masc only.” (Jenna laughing) That’s the real killer. I got kicked off Grindr
like five years ago because I had a drag Grindr,
and wherever I was traveling, I would have my picture and
I’d be like, “Show tonight,” at the whatever and people would come, and then they said that
that was soliciting. – (laughing) That’s not
what the word solicit, that’s not the implication
of the word soliciting, in that context. – I was like, “If you think
this is a drag queen soliciting “walk down that alley and
tell me what you see.” – Also you gotta solicit somewhere. – Yeah. And lets say as a final blow, he… He ghosts you on your first date. Or, no matter how long you know him, you text him and he’s like “Who is this?” ‘Cause he won’t save your number. – Wow. Has that happened to you? – No, never. (Jenna laughs) No, I have done that to other people. – Wow! – I just, I’ve a lot of people in my life. You know how many gay Mitches I know? Gay guys have like three names. Like, come up with
something else, you know? – Come up with a better name. – I think his name will be Dorian. – Dorian?
You know what? Let’s step it up, though. I think turtle neck. – [Jenna] Whoa. – A real turtle neck.
Wait, turtle neck and scrubs or? – Okay, it looks like Annie Lennox, but (laughing) I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean it. Evil Annie Lennox the nail tech. And this is why they’re not
gonna send me anything for free ’cause I’m not actually contributing. – No I actually think this is terrifying, based on the looks of
the people in this room, as you were describing the nail damage, I actually think Dorian is a winner. – Completely. As a finishing touch, I’m gonna sprinkle some
cosmetic glitter on this. – All right. This is such beautiful, fine powder. – It’s gay. – Ah, it’s so good. – [Trixie] Thank you! I tested it on tour, it’s super soft. – Thank you for joining us Trixie. – Sure! – It was so good to have you in, and to see your beautiful art work. Thank you for sharing with us. – I think it’s really cool
that you guys are talking to people about video games. I think, on a serious note, I think a lot of people grow up thinking, because they’re not a certain type of kid video games aren’t for them. And that carries over to adult hood, but that’s like, it’s like people who say
they don’t like movies, ’cause you haven’t
found the movie for you. There’s video games for everybody. – Yeah, and now more so than ever. – Yeah, and you can find
me on every single platform @trixiemattel or @trixiecosmetics. – Thank you for joining us today! – Bye. – Bye. (slow instrumental music) – Playing in drag is kind of hard, though, because first of all, the nails, I don’t know how Jennifer
Coolidge does this, and I have been called out. You sound just like, I’m like, “I do? (Jenna laughs) “Do I sound like a famous person?” – And they say, “Well.” – They’re like, “No, just
a cross dresser from hell.”


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