TROLLS –  Camping trip – Scary Ghost
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TROLLS – Camping trip – Scary Ghost

That was a delicious dinner Branch, I didn’t know you were such a fantastic cook. Oh thanks a lot, Guy. Just years of practice I guess Mm-hmm. Yeah, I agree. That was tasty It’s great to be in the fresh air, isn’t Branch? Yeah, I love camping. Feeling the wind through the trees and the breeze. It’s just very nice. This is a life. Love going camping, Branch Yeah I hear, this camping ground is haunted though, oh you don’t believe in that, Cooper. That’s just superstition There’s no such thing as ghosts. Yeah Guy is right, Cooper. There’s no such thing as ghosts. It’s a superstition Do you believe in Ghosts, Poppy? I am not sure, Branch It’s definitely not superstition. I had a friend who came here last year. He saw a ghost and he was terrified He said he’d never come back here again, but why didn’t you tell this to us before Cooper? Because I would just love to see a ghost Maybe all of us don’t want to see ghosts, Cooper I thought, you didn’t believe in ghosts? It’s getting darker now the sun’s going down but I still don’t believe in ghosts. Oh Did you hear that I definitely heard a ghost. Careful Copper, you are getting Poppy scared. I’m not scared, Branch I definitely heard that ,there was a ghost there. I think you’re just imagining things Cooper I’m definitely not imagining things Guy. That was a ghost I’m definitely not imagining things. That bucket was not behind me before Yeah, that bucket was on the other side of the tent. You must have moved the bucket Guy Well, I did not touch that bucket. I got a strong feeling there’s a ghost moving around this camp It’s a beautiful full moon, Branch. I’m a little creeped out by this moving bucket though. I’m sure there must be a logical explanation for that Yeah, we are tired and our brains just must be playing tricks on us Yes, that must explain it. Well, it’s dark now, maybe we should go to bed. Oh, we could stay up a little bit longer and cook some s’mores Fantastic idea Cooper. Let’s make some s’mores. They’re delicious. This will clean up these plates and then well, we light a camp fire. Yeah, it is nothing like cooking s’mores on a roasty campfire, yeah, I forgot all that nonsense about ghosts There is the noise again, oh there’s thunder and lightning we better go inside. Yeah. It’s beginning to rain too. Lets go inside These ghosts are giving me the creeps. There was definitely a ghost outside I’m scared Oh, the Trolls have left their s’mores undefended? Yum, yum. Now I will have a taste of their yummy s’mores. Hey, it’s the Evil Magician, trying to steal our s’mores. Hey, you trickster, how dare you try to steal our s’mores Caught s’more handed. Silly Trolls, ghosts don’t exist. Oh my goodness, ghosts are real. Let’s get out of here. Oh, yummy s’mores. I hope you enjoyed please like and subscribe.

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