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True Scary Stories From Reddit | Home Alone/Camping Trip Gone Wrong

This happened about six months ago. I was 22 at the time, and my daughter was
only 4. I lived in a two story house with just me,
my daughter, and my husband. I was taking at-home classes to be an iPhone
specialist, starting at 5 pm and ending at 10 pm Monday-Friday. My husband had left for his two weeks of training
he does every year for the military, so it’s just me my daughter and our pit bull mix,
Mavis. I had just finished my classes for the week
and had the weekend free, so I decided to go to my mother’s house until Sunday, so I
packed up my stuff and my daughter’s stuff, and we went for the weekend. We returned home Sunday to find someone had
broken into our home, there are muddy footprints everywhere and windows open but nothing was
missing. That struck me as odd because I have iPads,
laptops, etc. just laying about in my room, so I made sure all the windows and doors were
locked. Nothing happened that night, but the next
day my mother came over to pick my daughter up so I could do my classes without worrying
what she was into. They left, and I went to watch the class upstairs. I put headphones on so I can hear my instructor
teach the class, but swear I keep hearing stuff downstairs. I even text my mom and told her I heard stuff
downstairs and it was creeping me out, but she ensured me it was probably just Mavis
because everything was locked up tight and no one could get in. I agreed, thinking I was probably just freaking
myself out. I continued listening to my instructor teach,
and I swear I heard footsteps on the stairs, so I hurry up and take my headset off and
listen. I didn’t hear anything. I walked down the stairs and didn’t see anything,
either, so I went back to class. At 10pm my class was over, and my mom decided
to just keep my daughter for the night. I was doing my homework with mavis upstairs
with me and all of a sudden she started barking and growling and ran down stairs. Now, Mavis usually barks and growls at the
slightest noise outside so I didn’t think much of it but decided I should check it out
anyway because of what happened while I was at my mother’s. Again, nothing out of the ordinary so I went
back upstairs. I was finally done with homework, and it’s
about midnight, so I went downstairs and called my mom like I do every night. We were talking, and I decided I open my daughter’s
door and peek my head in. I don’t know why I did this because my daughter
was at my mom’s for the night, just a habit I guess. I should have mentioned earlier that when
you look in my daughter’s room, her bed is on the far wall a good ways away from the
door, so you can clearly see under her bed. So I opened the door and to my horror, a man
was under her bed. I just froze and didn’t move, just stood there
in shock. After what felt like minutes I slowly shut
the door and whispered into the phone to my mom that there’s a man in my house under my
daughters bed. My mom was terrified and was already in the
car on her way. She already had my brother call the police,
and she screamed at me to get outside, so I ran outside with Mavis and waited for the
police to arrive. About 3 minutes later, they came and searched
my house and found no one. But they discovered my bathroom window was
open, and they happened to shine their light at the living room window, and I could clearly
see two huge hand prints where they slid the window down. The cops waited for my mom and brother to
get there, and while we’re waiting, they told me about this man that usually stays two houses
down from mine with his parents. Both of his parents have a pretty bad drug
habit, and this guy has been known to put women in the hospital and trying to kill them. What scares me even more is since we have
bought this house my daughter has been terrified and always told my mom she wanted to stay
with her because it wasn’t safe at mommy’s house. I didn’t think too much of it because I thought
maybe it was just a new place and you know how kids are with new places. After this whole thing happened, I stayed
with my mom until my husband came home. We decided to ask our daughter about the house
what she told me absolutely terrified me. She said that at night while her dad and I
sleep monsters come to her window and try to get in she says it’s a boy monster and
a girl. The next day we installed alarms on all the
windows and security lights. I can’t stop questioning why. Why was this man under my daughter’s bed? Was he waiting for me to go to sleep? Was he waiting for my mom to bring my daughter
back home and I put her to bed? I get sick to my stomach thinking what could
have happened. In March of 2003 when I was my 17, my younger
brother and I took a weekend camping trip up to the Los Padres National Forrest. We had gone there many times with our family
for day camping, swimming, and just lounging around. This time though we went alone for a two night
camping trip at our favorite spot that most locals simply called “the gorge”. We will never forget this weekend for all
the wrong reasons. We got there Saturday morning at around 9am
and hiked the 5 miles out to “the gorge”. The gorge is a large swimming hole with a
huge 60 foot rock-cliff boulder that visitors loved to jump from into the deep water below. The jumping rock cliff is very steep and one
must jump in a specific location below to ensure that they do not hit the rocks protruding
from the wall face. The gorge has many primitive camping areas
and is overall a beautiful yet isolated place. The first day was very fun and after a long
day of swimming, catching crawdads, jumping from rocks and just relaxing we set up our
tent, made a fire, and ate our cans of spaghetti o’s and the few crawdads we had cooked for
dinner. Towards the end of dinner we were visited
by a large group of students who were camping farther down the river. They stated they were students from the bay
area who had a few nights left in their almost two week long school camping trip. We offered them some of our chips and snacks
and chatted a bit with them before they made their hike back to their camping spot. It soon got dark and my brother and I got
ready for bed. My brother was two years younger than I and
had a deep fear of isolation so we slept in the same tent and agreed that we would keep
our fire burning the entire night to ease his anxiety. We put five large logs in the fire and crept
inside our tent and got into our sleeping bags. We both fell asleep very fast as we were exhausted
from the day. Around 2:30 in the morning we were both awoken
by a large splash of water near our tent that put out our fire. We heard no voices, and could not see much
from inside our tent. We froze in terror. My brother began to cry and I tried to calm
him down. I told him that I would go outside to investigate
and that everything would be ok. I told him that our water bladder must of
fell from the tree where we had hung it and that I’m sure it was some kind of a coincidence. I grabbed my flashlight, unzipped our tent,
and stepped outside. I pointed the flashlight over to the fire
pit and saw four large men sitting around our fireplace all staring at me with what
I can only describe as expressionless faces. It appeared as though they had slit open our
2 gallon water bladder that we had hanging over a tree and had thrown it into our fire. I was in shock and didn’t know what to say. For about 5 seconds none of them said anything,
we just stared at each other. Then one of them said in a very drunk voice
“get your pussy friend out here”. I then heard my brother hyperventilating and
screaming and crying in our tent in a way that made me feel so helpless. I had no weapons and my brother and I were
outnumbered two to one. I asked the men what they wanted and told
them that we could just leave and that we were sorry if we had taken their camping spot
or invaded their area. They ignored my question and just stood up. That is when I saw that two of the four men
were holding something in their hands. Long sword shaped in appearance like a machete
or small sword, but they looked homemade and very primitive. The men yelled at us to get up and to bring
our “pussy asses with them”. I thought for a second that these might be
drunk rangers getting mad at us for having too big of a fire but once I glanced at their
clothing and saw their baggy jean pants and their black and gray hoodie type clothing
I knew we were not that lucky. I had heard in the past that drug dealers
and or the Mexican cartel had been caught hiding large amounts of marijuana plants in
the forest and wondered if these men were some of these men who somehow felt that we
were a threat to their crops. I was in fear for our lives. The men did not touch us or directly threaten
us with violence but I definitely felt an implied threat in their tone and believed
that we really had no choice in the matter. My brother who was still crying and I followed
the lead male while the other three men fell back behind us. My brother put his hand on my shoulder and
was visibly shaking. He then whispered to me that they were walking
in the direction of the 60+ foot rock cliff and that we needed to run. I was petrified and had not been paying attention
to where they were leading us but realized that he was right. I stopped dead in my tracks and said to the
men “what are you going to do to us”. The lead male stated in a slurred voice “nothing,
we are just gonna have some fun with you pussies”. I felt that we really had no choice but to
do what they said and hoped that they were merely screwing with us and that this would
all be over soon. After about thirty seconds of walking we arrived
at the jumping spot on top of the bounder overlooking the gorge swimming area. One of the men then stated “have you guys
ever jumped from here”? I told them that yes I had but my brother
had not as it was a pretty high jump and was very dangerous for most people due to the
height and the rocks below. The men laughed and again called my brother
a “pussy”. I told them that we were not pussies as I
had jumped from this spot before but that it was not safe to do in the dark. The men then formed a half circle around us
and one of the men then said “I wanna see, show us that you are not a bunch of pussies”. I screamed at them that it was too dangerous
at night and that during the day was dangerous enough. I told them that there are many rocks that
you have to avoid and that if you did not jump correctly that the jump could kill you”. I pleaded and pleaded. The men just laughed and took a few steps
closer to us. I was beyond scared and could hear my heart
beating through my ears. My brother by this point was crying loudly
and saying things I could not understand. He was beyond terrified and so was I. I grabbed
his hand and told him that we needed to get away from these men as we were in great danger. I told him that I had jumped off the bounder
into the water before and knew were to jump, and that if he jumped with me that we would
be ok. I told him I would use my flashlight to help
guide us and that I would tell him where to put his feet and how far to jump. The men laughed at us as we had our conversation
and showed zero humanity or pity. I held my brothers hand and placed his feet
with my hand onto a specific place on the rock ledge where I remembered jumping from
the last time I was there months before. I explained to him that I knew he was scared
and so was I but that we needed to jump out as far as we can and slightly to the right
otherwise we could hit the rocks. He was shaking, crying, and kept telling me
that he couldn’t do it. He then urinated on the floor. The men laughed and laughed and kept saying
they couldn’t believe how big of pussies we were. I then told my brother we needed to jump now
and that he would be ok if he listened to me. I told him that after we jumped that we would
swim to the shore on the right and would hide in the bushes until daybreak and would go
for help then. I then grabbed his hand tightly and told him
that when we hit the water he needed to tuck his legs and arms in so that they would not
get hurt from the impact of the water and instructed him that he needed to swim hard
to the surface as we would be sink pretty far down due to the height we were jumping
from. I grabbed his hand and we jumped. I pulled him hard with me to ensure that he
would be safe from the rocks below and that he jumped far enough out. We fell for what seemed like for a minute
but was only a few seconds in reality. My brother yelled all the way down in a way
I have never heard from another human being before. Terror, dread, and fear of eminent death reverberated
from his voice. I felt helpless and almost forgot where we
were for those few seconds. Then we hit the water. As soon as we hit I lost my grip on my brother’s
hand but did hear a second impact in the water. I swam up towards the surface with all my
energy and took a deep breath. I then listened for my brother to surface
and heard nothing. I panicked and dove down into the water to
try and grab him. Just as I dove I felt his leg brush against
my hand and realized that he was about to surface. I swam up again and heard my brother. He was crying and kept saying that his arm
hit a rock and that he could not feel it. The men above were laughing again and I heard
one of them say “they fucking made it, those pussies”. I then heard objects splashing in the water
around us and realized that they were throwing beer bottles or rocks or some other hard object
at us. I quickly grabbed my brother by his shirt
and helped him swim to the nearby shore from my memory of where it was. The whole time we swam many objects landed
dangerously close to us and I felt that if any had hit us it would have caused death
or great bodily harm to us especially if we were hit in the head. My flashlight had been lost in the fall and
we were in complete darkness. We reached the water’s edge and I pulled
my brother to the shore. Objects continued to rain down around us and
we could hear the men yelling and laughing. I told my brother that we needed to run. He was crying, and was holding his injured
arm that he still could not feel or use. It had a deep cut around the elbow and even
with just the starlight we could see that it was a serious injury. We stumbled down the tree line and began making
our way through the darkness to one of the main trails whose location I remembered from
past memory. We fell again and again and were cut by branches
and rocks all over our bodies as we wondered about down the overgrown trail. Everything in my body told me to keep going
and to get as far away from these men as we could. We walked for many minutes until we could
no longer hear the men and then we waited. I wrapped my brother’s arm with my shirt
and told him that it was over and that all we had to do was wait until morning for help. We sat in that spot all night and my brother
cried and shook for hours. I just put my arm around him and patted his
head as I did when we were children whenever he had a panic attack and our parents were
not around. At daybreak we could finally see the severity
of his injuries. He had a deep gash in his arm and his shoulder
was obviously dislocated. I helped him hike up the nearby trail and
we walked all the way back to the base camp ranger station. We explained what happened to the rangers
and they sent two armed officers to go and investigate the location. My brother was sent to a nearby hospital for
treatment and I joined him on the ambulance ride over. The rangers/police never found the men but
did retrieve most of our gear. The scary thing about this incident is that
that same week two teenage boys were found dead at the bottom of the gorge jumping area
and their group had encountered a group of people as we did at their camping location
with similar machete objects who chased them off their camping spot. I am glad to be alive and my brother and I
have never gone camping again alone or have ever been back to that location. All we have left from the incident are the
scars on my brother’s arm, a hospital bills, and a lot of trauma. An article of the death of the two teenage
boys is below. I can only hope that their deaths were accidents
as the authorities ruled. I did not find out about their deaths until
7 years after but was horrified about the similar circumstances and timing of the two


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