Trump Economic Adviser Says Furloughed Workers Are Lucky To Be On Vacation
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Trump Economic Adviser Says Furloughed Workers Are Lucky To Be On Vacation

White House chief economic advisor, Kevin
Hassett, appeared on PBS news hour late last week to tell us how lucky the furlough government
workers really are. These are the 800,000 government workers who
are currently not getting paid because of the government shutdown and according to Hassett
here, the chief economic advisor for the White House. These people are quote better off as a phrase
he used better off and here’s why. According to acid, these people are better
off right now because they’re all just on a big vacation and they don’t even have to
use any of their vacation days. So of course ignore the reports of the thousands
of furloughed workers having to apply for unemployment right now. Ignore the reports of the hundreds upon hundreds
of furloughed workers that showed up at food banks this weekend because they can’t buy
food for themselves or their family. They’re really all just on one big vacation. Sipping Margaritas is on a beach somewhere
because they’re just the luckiest people in this country. They don’t have to go to work. Well, some of them have to go to work and
yeah, they’re not being paid, so I guess they’re not better off. Uh, but yeah, those people who can’t pay their
bills, who can’t buy food, who are in danger of losing their homes or their apartments
to everything. Yeah. Those people are so much better off. According to White House chief economic advisor,
Kevin Hassett, they don’t understand what’s happening. The White House doesn’t understand what is
happening to human beings in this country. Either they don’t understand or they flat
out don’t care because these people are suffering. As I mentioned, reports came out this morning
saying that hundreds of furloughed workers had to go to food banks this weekend because
they can’t buy food anymore. Thousands getting unemployment as of middle
of last week. Today, our court system, our federal court
system is operating without money. Things are getting bad. Things are going to continue to get worse. We had federal workers last week who got pay
stubs that red $0 and zero cents on them. These people need money. These people want to work. These people have jobs and they’re not allowed
to go in and even worse are the ones who do have to go in and won’t get paid. Now has. It did go on a little bit after he said, these
people are better off because he said when they come back, they’re going to get all their
money back. That’s not true. That’s not how it works. You know? A lot of people think that, okay, well yeah,
they’re just not getting paid. Now when they go back to work, government
reopens, they get all their back pay. They don’t. Some of them do. Not very many, but some of them do, but all
those quote nonessential workers who we’re finding out now are very essential. They don’t get back pay. They just didn’t get paid for these weeks. Their income just took a dramatic hit for
the year 2019. Congress has passed legislation that Donald
Trump claims he will sign that will guarantee back pay for most of the people affected by
the government. Shut down, but it’s not going to cover all
of them. There is nobody who is going to walk away
from this government shut down, at least none of the 800,000 furloughed workers better off
than when it started. This has impacted the lives of nearly 1 million
American workers. Not to mention all of the trickle out people
who have been affected by this government shutdown, so to say that they’re better off
is either the dumbest thought that Kevin Hassett has ever had or one of the most heartless
things this administration has done this year.


  • Rick Morgan

    Rethuglican'ts flat out don't care about anyone beneath the top 1%. Never have … never will. Their treasonous and criminally corrupt actions don't leave time for rethuglican'ts to care about others.

  • Jrsydvl

    I just caught a local Fox News story about using vacation days wisely. The reporter kept asking about where people want to go on vacation. Instead of whether people are able to go on vacation.

    I'm curious what got dropped on the cutting room floor.

  • Karl Scheel

    I wonder how long it will be before the people who have to work without getting paid will run-out of money for transportation to and from work. Would they be fired for not showing up because of this? If so, would these workers have a case to launch a class-action lawsuit against Trump?

  • freddyvonrabenau1

    Gosh, you guys have really fucked yourselves in the 2016 elections. I heard on the UK news today that top EU politicians think that the relationship between Europe and the US will never get back to what it was before the 'Trump aera'. Personally I can't see why this should be true. It all depends on the next president. But for not it ain't lookin' good

  • Buena Enriquez

    Who is this stupid guy, how come this person has a position to be working under the other inhuman person.hope all this inhuman people don't get their paycheck. This is so sad that they can't get their pay back check.

  • p1 ls

    Ask the workers struggling to pay Bills or the air traffic controllers (one of the highest stress jobs in the nation) if they prefer no pay. This is one of the dumbest things i've heard in quite some time.

  • Susi M

    They don't care. They are not talking to rational people. They are just giving their 'base' justification not to care either and talking points for their trolls. It is the same with all the craziness from this administration. All they need is a sliver of deniability.

  • Sherri Greeydelinarez

    Kevin is an "Out of Touch " butt lick for Trump!!!! They are going to Enjoy it so Much they are going to Come after Everyone of them, Good Old NRA members!!! KKK Ropes!!! White Supermacy with their Fires. He Used them, Lied to them , I hope they Scalp his Ugly Orange Head! Men have Women, Wives, girl friends , daughters start messing with the Money and the kids Food and You will have a National Emergency! Nothing Worse than "Women" scorned. Remember that!

  • James Baxter

    Trump will get the Agent of the Mother land award for all his great achievements in bringing down the American empire. We and his cronies have CRIPPLED THE U.S. Hope no one sends any terrorests over for future meayham

  • Alain Archambault

    According to PBS in 2018 6 "suspected" terrorists were detained at the southern border, whereas 41 was detained at the northern border. Makes one wonder why the southern border is a "national emergency".

    If the Air Traffic Controllers gave up and walked off the job, then you'd see Trump declare a "national emergency" and then he'd have a whole other bloody battle.

    Meanwhile, Mexico is STILL not paying for it.

    "Art of the deal, eh?"

  • Mandy B

    Ok, one thing came to me further into the video, and it was something I really wish hadn't.
    How long before there is a tragedy as a direct result of this? A suicide by someone unable to cope? Or worse, a loving parent, afraid that their children will end up on the street, and incapable of finding any other solution, takes the lives of their entire family before killing themselves. These tragedies happen under less stressful circumstances.
    I really am now dreading that first case, because I know that if one case is reported (none have been over here as far as I know), there will be copycats. Some of these poor workers are potentially losing the ability to think logically. To them, preventing further stress and potential suffering for their families will seem like the only solution, and with the near universal access to guns in homes you know what I'm remembering in times past (in the recent times too).

    Should anyone reading this either be feeling this way, or knows of someone in this situation, seek out help immediately!

    I'm hoping that organisations such as mortgage lenders, utility companies etc will have some sort of help on hand. It's not like it's going to be affecting just a handful of people. They'll be better off with good publicity for stepping in and helping these poor people out.

    I also realized something rather ironic. From this side of the pond, we get the impression that labour unions and membership of them are seen as "bad things", particularly from the Republican side (we have a similar situation with the Conservatives but even they wouldn't go further than Thatcher did to emasculate them). But aren't the govt (on the rep side) essentially on strike until they're granted what they want? I can't see any significant difference between the two. Talk about hypocrisy!

  • Harry Hightower

    Trump Economic Adviser Says Furloughed Workers Are Lucky To Be On Vacation<
    really I don't call that a vacation with no money.

  • OrionPax09

    The apathy on display from the right is absolutely abhorrent. These people are suffering, their lives are being ruined, all because the Spray-Tan Toddler is throwing a temper tantrump. If you ask me, it's him and the rest of his deplorable swamp monsters that need to be put on a permanent vacation to prison!

  • Deacon Verter

    My landlady is a sweaty butterball.
    Not a woman I would ever choose to hump.
    But I'm not a man that you'd call handy at all.
    She waived the rent but…….Fuck You, Trump!

  • Michael Hernández

    We all as AMERICANS should get together and get TRASH like TRUMP out : IMPEACHMENT for this peace of SHIT…… fucking our ties up with other countries , making racism spark up like something I've never seen, ties to Russia, defamation of character to Presidents that actually made it more peaceful within their country….defamation of character to anyone who is against him, narcissistic views "never mind himself" ….. some one please give me a gun so I can kill myself before this communist does…. smh, can I move to an island like sentinel island, isolated with no outside interference lol…. if if I could only hit the mega or powerball, preferably above 500 mill , I'd digg the biggest hole and hide until it's all over or until we're in a future where all humanity is treated as EQUALS

  • Angelofmusic Wonder

    What’s sad, a small percentage of these people will end up homeless. SOME PEOPME CANT MISS A PAYCHECK. Every person you see homeless is not some mental care or drug addict. It is very easy to be homeless if you’re living pay check to paycheck. This is disgusting.

    There needs to be a class action lawsuit against Trump. I’m being serious.

  • S&Tguy

    Republicans and Trump. These people are really bad people they do not give a shit. About You so my question is and will all ways be. Why do people vote these evil SOB in to office.

  • Dave

    Cuz is wrong in that those not working won’t get paid. In prior shutdowns all government workers were paid including those who didn’t work. The contractors probably won’t get paid though

  • Tim

    My life has been so much better since I don't get paid, of course I had to give up luxuries like food, electricity, water and a place to live. But now I don't have to pay for insurance, mobile phone, tv, internet … because I don't have money. Life has blossomed since I moved under a bridge in a cardboard box and find my meals in dumpster.
    Thank you conman trump, my life will make perfect sense again the day the wall is being build.

  • Carlos Perez

    If the SNAP benefits cease to exist it's going to be a shitshow, I don't know how f**** stupid the Republicans are ? The shutdown is a national emergency.

  • T Slap

    Every time I hear some rich guy say that people are just gonna have make sacrifices I wanna throw up.. when the hell have they had to make sacrifices in their born rich white privileged lives???

  • Kenney Cooper

    So this is what they meant by saying make America great again? These folks don't care about the welfare of hard working people. Foreclosure, repossessions, credit scores drop, and next month the people who need assistance may suffer, but $5.6 Billion has to go on a wall. This just don't add up. But I guarantee everyone on Capitol hill will be just fine getting paid.

  • Dude McDudeson

    I thought Americans were all about the 2nd Ammendment? It's long past due for the people to rise up against this tyranny. 🤡🔫

  • R Mcnary

    The sad thing is is once we get through this I don’t think he’ll be impeached. They just won’t do it. He’s got too many ass kissers working with him. And hey, did anybody see the news? More coal plants are closed under Trump that Obama. Interesting… i’m sure all the cult members will say the Democrats invented it it’s the Democrats fault blah blah blah

  • Geoff TuckFrump

    Too bad this worthless assh*le wasn’t kicked out of his home and put on the street so he could suffer; kind of like the movie “Trading Places”.

  • Melvin Carvalho

    That a** whole… I really would like my check's my money mortgage company doesn't allow me to do I jobs to do plumbing to do handiwork In lieu of payment

  • Satria Kurniawan Djaenal

    Man…it's like evryone in this administration are competing to be the most cartoonishly evil villain possible…

  • Bruce Bussert

    The furloughed workers will eventually get paid but there is no way to make up for the work they would have done were they not laid off. What a waste of taxpayer money, all over an argument about wasting more money to build the Great Wall of Trump.

  • Paul C

    I have to say when this thing ends you can bet trump will claim a victory for bringing down the deficit as a result of all the "savings" from not paying all the furloughed staff and all the maintenance and other job expenses that did not have to be paid. Reducing the deficit it's a GOP thing.

  • Paolo G

    The other benefits you didn't mention are: not being able to buy food is a great weight loss program.
    You learn self defence when you have to fight with other homeless people for a cardboard carton to live in ,in an alley.

  • Kathy Smith

    Tell drump to take the corncob out of his behind and get back to work.
    He's just making it hard on himself being puttin puppet
    Take him out of the white
    house don't trust him

  • Silver 2801

    I find it hard to believe that these ppl are ACTUALLY so clueless. No logical thinking. No critical thinking. No apparent awareness of the obvious.

    Sounds more like intellectual dysfunction, mental retardation. Rich ppl get to hide this kind of stuff bc no one questions or holds their feet to the fire on anything. Drumpf is a great example of this wealth & power privilege.

    Either that or its feigned ignorance & tone deafness for the sake of fast & easy dismissal of those seen as less than & therefore not worth any consideration nor empathy.

  • Vivs Leigh

    This fuckibg chipmunk. Someone ought to beat the hell out of him and then hang him by the balls- let’s see him laugh then. Only these monsters are capable of working for criminal like that orange Cheeto.

  • lextacy2008

    Slave owner – "You should be lucky I took you in, im giving you somewhat a roof over your head and food….maybe"

    Slave – "jejejeje imma stupid slave give me more work"

  • Daryl Leckt

    the unionized employees should just go out on strike for pay.
    by next week the senate will be voting on the house spending bill.

  • Farmer Bob

    This is YOUR shutdown Mitch, Trump & GOP…Vote out McCon & these self serving, fear spreading, hateful Racist, Political dunderheads out of Government & State positions now.
    America deserves a better Future! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Save America from becoming a “Shit Hole Country”

  • 3natey

    Trickle down economics 101 I lose my adjunct position because the students can't get their financial aid or pay for their classes due to the shutdown so they quit school due to losing their jobs or have to go full time to help their family members who need help. When the airports shutdown all hell will break loose.

  • Super Sonic

    Ah those republicans always got their finger on the pulse of America cause sure that's the first thing we thought of- hey great these people are so damn lucky not getting paid due to the shutdown but they'll still have their vacation time! Bahaha, SMH🤔

  • Thomas Fletcher

    Any Government worker who lives paycheck to paycheck is a classic elite spoiled brat ! Very few people get the benefits the Government workers get ! They are getting paid now , even though they are not working !

  • Penny Sutch

    This shows how people with a barrel full of money has no respect or empathy or humanity.This is why Americans are so 😡.They have all this money and they don't have 2 worry about rent food utilities etc.Come 2020 I will vote like our lives r in danger.🇱🇷🇱🇷

  • Bung Kusi

    This is the time that Americans should show what democracy really is. Go to trump tower, trump business, trump gollf course. Sit there, tell trump that he will not get money from his business if he act like toddlers.

    Sit on trump golf course
    Sit on trump restaurant
    Disturb trump business

  • Generation Y

    I work for the government. I am not only not getting paid but I am missing out on full time pay and a promotion. The shutdown will cost me $3000 a month and much more if they do not pay us for the shutdown.

  • CryptKeeper83

    This comes as no shock. This administration has zero sympathy for nobody. They're all in it for themselves. It's sad where we have gotten to in this country with idiots like this in this idiot administration.

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