Trying out a budget hammock from Amazon! Will this cheap camping hammock work?
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Trying out a budget hammock from Amazon! Will this cheap camping hammock work?

are these $25 hammocks from Amazon any
good?? my name is Matt thank you guys for clicking on that watch button my channel
is all about hiking and backpacking and I’m into hammock camping if any of that
sounds interesting to you guys at all consider clicking on that subscribe
button today we’re talking about something I get asked about quite a bit
obviously I love my hammocks I do get asked quite a bit of hammock questions
but a lot of people ask me about budget hammock auctions I see a lot of people
suggest online on forums all the time these ridiculously cheap you know style
hammocks so I picked this one up off Amazon for 25 bucks and yeah we’re gonna
take a look and see this may be something I could look at for using on a
trip the weight on this thing 319 grams or 11 and a quarter ounce it’s a 9 foot
hammock or an 8 and a half foot hammock compared to my 11 so you’ll see like a
size difference with this starting up compared to the warrior this does not
have a Ridgeline on it so as you can see on the warrior hammock here I’ve got the
ridgeline up above me that keeps the bug net suspended off me and whatnot and
keeps me in that correctly but yeah let’s get this thing strung up in the
tree we’ll take a look comes built into its own stuff sack so when you open it
up the stuff sack actually becomes a pouch on the other side and one thing I
noticed on them that I don’t like but I kept in because this is how it shows up
it doesn’t have any kind of an seal continuous loop it’s literally this like
I mean it’s not like the the cheapest piece of webbing here but I will
eventually replace that with some AM steel continuous loops but let’s pop
this thing up in the tree let’s pick the shoes off let’s see now I
am a right lay type person so my feet go to the right side shoulder goes to the
left you get relatively flat one thing to
point out right now that I feel is this where this stitching is between the two
tones or you’ve got the grade of the blue this triple stitch seen here I can
feel it up into my back behind my shoulder like and it’s it gets I find it
like gets more uncomfortable the more day I can only go it puts it more into
my spine I don’t know if that’s just like an anatomy of my body thing but I
do not find that comfortable can I have two yeah to avoid that I have to get my back
this is a little bit hammock and it’s pulling my knees up I can feel my knees
are hyperextending and I can feel it on my heels here too you see have to get
myself into the blue portion of the hammock and there’s no way that I can
get flat that way maybe a sleeping pad is gonna be the way that this works I
have my under cooled out here and I I totally had plans and put my undercoat
onto this thing but with this Ridge here it there’s no way it’s just ridiculously
uncomfortable I’m not even gonna bother trying it there’s no way I would even
try sleeping at night in this just feeling that seam underneath me because
it’s like it’s pick the fabric is you can tell it’s rolled over twice so it’s
like the it’s like four layers of fabric pretty thick thread and it’s like it’s
very rigid or the body material has some stretch to it where it’s it’s folded
over like four times here on this this seam it is super rigid and it has no
stretch so like the the blue part under my back stretches and then you hit this
like really hard seam that has no stretch and that is ridiculously
uncomfortable I don’t know if they if all the you know hammocks are like that
but this is not gonna work but like I said we’re gonna get a couple sticking
pads we’re gonna try this out with a pad see if that helps first we’re gonna do
the old blue closed-cell foam this is since actually the dog’s bed it’s just
wanted Remy’s bed and if you guys are aware but I’m not a big fan of pad I
think in this case it’s got to be done help I definitely eliminates it I don’t feel
it anymore and get more flat if somebody was looking into getting into hammock
camping this would definitely be an option I mean if you have one of these
closed cell foam pads you had the ridge rest or the Z light pads and the Z rest
pads or whatever they’re called the accordion one of the roll out ones and
when these blue foam pads will definitely work and CY air pad wouldn’t
work in here but let’s check that out to therm-a-rest evil light let’s see how
this goes you want to kick your pad onto the diagonal you’re gonna lay on that
way when you climb in you’re not having to shift the pad as much underneath you
I mean you do still end up having to shift the pad but it just makes it a
little less finicky you also want to make sure your pad is like fairly part
something definitely eliminates any of the ridges it’s not the most
uncomfortable thing I’ve ever laid honestly like it’s just I well I don’t
like about using a pad inside of hammock it’s bitch break here this piece here
because it pulls this fabric up tight close to you which I like about the
hammock is it hugs you but I find even with a top quilt what it does is this
compresses and I get cold on my arms with a hundred fold this just like the
down wraps up around you this way so you don’t get that cold spot that’s just
that’s the one thing that I don’t like the pad I can’t say I’m like the most
overly impressed with with the cheap hammock I don’t know I mean it’s I can
get relatively flat in this thing I think I could get comfortable it’s this
team here that I’m just an odd I like I said this is the only ever parachute
style hand I could ever really tried out so I don’t know I don’t know if the Eno
brand is better I don’t know if any of the other cheaper ones on Amazon will be
any better I don’t know this would be a great introductory way to get into a
mcafee I mean I think I think if you pick this up if you experience what I’m
experiencing this right now you’d be pretty disappointed with Hanna camping
and you may not want it you try it but I don’t really know what
else to say you are somebody that uses one of these eight and a half to nine
foot hammocks the parachute style and it works out for you you’ve got any tips
and tricks or somebody any tips for me I need anything that I am missing out here
that I’m not doing that might make this more comfortable drop in the comment
section for me down below you know could help me ou could help anybody else out
as well but yeah that’s that’s all Akana this one today guys as always hi I’m
Maddie thank you guys so much for watching and
I will see you guys on the next one


  • william king

    Hi Matty, I bought an Amazon hammock as well to try it out. I got the Winner Outfitters one. Not bad. I added a ridgeline from Dutchware. (Shug) video. 🤔It worked out good. Saving for an Amok. Nice review for less expensive alternatives to 👍get people started in trying out from ground to hammocks.

  • Keith Johnson

    I pretty inexperienced with hammocks, but for what it's worth I picked up a $50cad SEGMART hammock from Amazon. My biggest issue was a lack of bug netting with it. It was listed at a1kg weight, but I've never weighed it once I received it.

    For what I got it for it did an OK job. It didn't make me abandon the idea of hammocks, instead, it moved me to upgrade to a CRUA. Although life has been busy and I've never had a chance to take it out and try it.

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