Trying to take my cats on a picnic
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Trying to take my cats on a picnic

>[This was our first attempt at the “Taking my cats
for a walk” Jun’s Kitchen video] [It was originally going to be
“Taking my cats on a picnic”] [But as you will see…
it didn’t quite work out…] [Holy overexposure, batman!] [Turns out you can’t film a white, sun-lit cat
AND a dark, shaded waterfall at the same time] [The park was really big so we just carried the cats
from one location to the next] [meaning we had to film awkward establishing shots
to make the sudden location changes understandable] [Jun is in a surprise phone interview →] [Hi Jun’s back] [The beautiful, natural sounds of landscaping] [Jun’s still in the interview] “How’s the battery?” [For a normal video I would have edited that out
and replaced it with general background noises from a different part of this clip] [Same with all the landscaping noises] [SURPRISE!! Editing tricksies] “I think I’ll feed the cats at the bench over there” [Jun stop talking I’m trying to film] [Now I have to edit that out] “Nagi, what are you going to do?” [Nagi really liked climbing through these fence holes] [I don’t think he realized that was water] [Back through the hole!] [Did he just try to reach for that rock?
That rock that is very clearly too far away] [Can you tell how many times this song
has looped by now?] [A lot of royalty-free music is only 1-2 minutes long] [How tf am I supposed to edit a
10 minute video with that] [Cats with their mouths open would probably worry
random internet peoples who don’t know about this] [so I wouldn’t have used this clip in a normal video] [because it would interrupt the video too much to explain
for the people who might misunderstand] [and think Nagi is frightened or unwell] [Uh oh it’s an establishing shot,
something’s about to change!] [WOOBOI it’s Haku’s turn!] [You probably haven’t noticed, but the clips so far are
nowhere near chronological order] [I needed to reorganize them to create
a comprehensive “story”] [An unedited video of cats on a walk would be 10
seconds of exploring, and then 30 seconds of standing still and looking around/smelling things] [It makes a more enjoyable video to cut out
most of the stopping and smelling parts] [Turns out when you have two cats on a walk
they never want to go the same direction] [which is why you usually see us walking
one cat at a time] [while the other rests in the cage] [The song just restarted again] [Oh snap Haku saw the fish!!] [“YESSS we have a great clip for the video!!”
is going through both our minds] [Because something other than “walking, stopping,
and sniffing” is finally happening [Wait, what happened to Nagi’s leash?!] [He’s back in the cage, because these clips
are not chronological order] [Would anyone have pointed out that continuity error
if they hadn’t known?] [They usually don’t.] [MOVIE TRICKSIES!] [Nagi kept touching the water so I tried to rush
around to get some side-view angle footage] [But he’s done] [But surprise!! He still left us these adorable
wet paw prints for the video!] [Jun felt like it took Nagi too long to step off the
concrete so he cut the clip a few times] [I feel like the cuts are too jarring so I would have left it.
~CREATIVE DIFFERENCES~] [SWEEPA DA POND!!] [This is where we meant to have the cat picnic] [Jun made Haku and Nagi matching kitty onigiri out
of kitty-edible ingredients, like tuna] [How FREAKING CUTE WOULD IT BE FOR OUR
CATS TO EAT MATCHING KITTY ONIGIRI WITH JUN] [But they’re too busy doing cat stuff] [EAT THE DAMN TUNA, NAGI] “How can you eat at a time like this,
when there’s so much stuff to smell” [We’re like… “well now wtf do we do”] [“The video was called ‘Taking my cats
on a picnic'”] [“And NOW THERE’S NO PICNIC”] [We decide to keep filming them for extra footage
and maybe come back and try the picnic again later] [If that had worked, we would have combined
the footage from all the different days into one video] [MOVIE TRICKSIES!!!!!!] [But… spring is over and the flowers are already wilting] [And the park was too crowded with people for
the cats to probably ever be comfortable eating] [So we gave up on this location and decided
to try taking our cats somewhere more isolated] [Even though we’re pretty sure we won’t use this footage,
we keep filming the rest of the spots anyway] [Because you never know. It’s always better to have
too much footage than too little.] [These clips are all super out of order again.
Could you tell?] [I did my best to make it not noticeable] [TRIIIICKSIIIIIESSSSS] [These look cool af] [The song restarts for the last time,
THANK GOD] [We didn’t film a conclusion so I
decided to end with this dog] [That creeper face lmao] [All in all this dog just sat there and stared
for a good few minutes]


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