[Tutorial & Review] The Dyrt Ranger Daniel’s Guided Tour of Saved Camping Lists, New Filters
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[Tutorial & Review] The Dyrt Ranger Daniel’s Guided Tour of Saved Camping Lists, New Filters

Hey guys, I’m on TheDyrt.com and I’ve been
using this site for finding all of my campgrounds for any camping or adventures that I want
to be doing across the U.S.
Me and my dog travel a lot, on the road, using this site
to help us find accommodation while we travel, and I have noticed a really cool new feature
that I am super excited about on this site. So, traditionally when I want to camp with
my dog, I have to do a search, click on a search result, and then using either the map
or the list available to me, I click on something to read a little bit more about that ‘ground to
figure out what’s available. And all of the sudden, I notice that now when
I pick on some campgrounds, I get these icons showing up. “Group.. RV Site.. Tent Site..” and things like that. So I was like, “Woah, wait a minute. How are these icons showing up?” And I figured out from doing my own review
that when you do a campground review, you can select these things. So The Dyrt’s gotten better about allowing
people to kind of filter features based on campgrounds. So I was like, “Wait a minute, this is a game
changer. How can I change my search results to kind
of do this? Oh my god, this is so cool!” So on features now, I can actually select
the things that are important to me. Definitely needs to be pet friendly, but I
also work while I’m on the road so I need WiFi and phone service, without fail. I can now see those results in real-time on
the map, as well as on the list view on the lefthand side. So I was like, “Oh my god, that’s so cool!” But I don’t want to have to do that every
time. And I remember from the early days that the
‘Save to List’ feature has always been there, but now when I click on these things, I notice
that I can create new lists! So I was like, “Awesome!” Like now based on my criteria, I can create
new stuff! So I’m gonna do, “Dog Friendly with Cell Service.” Just hit enter and it saves that to my list! I totally want to do this for all of the ones
I just found. But, like, more so in my general area. So I kind of filter the results, just by using
the map right now, and then boom! They show up right here. Perfect! Save to list. And then, once I’ve created the list, now
I just have to select all of these ‘grounds to the list I created. So, I was like, “Holy smokes! This is so sweet!” But again, how do I access this? Well, you just go over to your profile and
go to ‘Lists’ and then it’s right there! Like, super handy for future reference! And you can even delete without making all
corrections right away. And I can share this as well on social media. So if I’m trying to collaborate with friends
or family, or if I’m super proud of some list I put together – on some epic road trip,
for example – I can do that. If you’re trying to show some friends areas
that you’re considering.. perfect example for using that. So I’m a big fan of this feature, especially
if you need, without fail, certain criteria. Because I’m sure if you’re camping with an
RV, you definitely are going to need something that’s got water or sewer hookups, or a sanitary
dump. Or if you’re in a wheelchair, you absolutely
need ADA Access. So, brilliant! This is such a great feature to now have on
The Dyrt, and to be able to share that so easily, I’m such a big fan. I think this is gonna be a real big game changer
for this site. And I’m also curious, based on what you leave in the comments, what kinds
of lists that you guys could create. I’m gonna think about some lists myself and
try to post some later, and I’d love to hear from you guys what you guys are coming up
with out there. Share your lists with me! I’d love to see ’em. Thank you.

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