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Hurry hurry over. Come on Oh, I want coffee. Yes. Can you make me coffee? Thank you We stayed 24 hours and a cabela’s When you got you got a box All right, let’s bring it over here you pick it up Is windy out today? Oh Good job girls over here this way put in the put in the garage. Let’s go put it in the garage There you go Open it What is that You guys ready to go Going today, we’re going to Cabela’s You ready to go? See some animals like a bellows show everyone. What what is fun at Cabela’s? Okay Let’s go Let’s get in We are finally here at Cabela’s and it is so windy outside You see the wind? It’s blowing so windy Cabela’s Big Monster bike Sir sizing Ready 1 2 3 jump Good jump push wrong doors are opening and in we go Whoa Oh, look at all the animals, oh my gosh, are you guys driving? Wow It’s the animal hill to look at all the animals You got a white-tailed deer one of those right there See it turkey wings a turkey make Big al Yeah, there’s actually fits in there You see the fish Tipping zoom in and see the fish That’s really hard to see. Oh Look at the big moose. Oh Yeah, I thought cashew You see the raccoon? Oh you had the elephant the elephants up there The elephant. Can you see it? Let’s go see fish. Oh Look at all the fish. Oh my gosh. Look at that fish It’s a sturgeon Okay. I know he’s big, huh? It’s a sturgeon. I You can’t get up there with staring at you Say hi. But oh oh salmon We see I know I see – All right, let’s go Is she going go go go. Oh My gosh, he’s mad he scratched the nose And their favorite right there the elephant The king of the jungle Well a leopard you want leopard Yeah, he’s big he’s angry yeah, you see the monkey oh the leopard Other one behind it. I don’t know what it is There’s a zebra Zebra you see the monkey right here Monkey he’s eating a bird See the bird no one happier Hey, there you are Are you going in here? Okay, I’ll come in here. Oh my gosh These chairs You can’t beam. Is that your chair? Alright, this must be daddy’s chair. Oh, there we go We’re camping You guys won’t go camping What do we do when a bear comes we hide ready to hide Hide hide where’s the bear? Where’s the bear? One this one’s cool It has like a stove I want coffee. Yes, can you make me coffee? This is Alex and Lexi’s future bunk bed, huh? You guys want this for your room? Yeah, you want to buy it, okay, you buy it It’s perfect you won’t go on top, okay? We stayed 24 hours in the Cabela’s just kidding Now we’ll go home and sleep on we’re here the other day and This thing is awesome. It’s a personal water filter and you can literally drink it straight from the stream not that I would want to use this but Life or death, right? That’s pretty awesome. Yeah go in there See, I can’t see you. You’re camouflaged weird it where’d you guys go? Oh my gosh. Where’d you go? So are you I can’t see you Okay, come on Did you catch did you catch one? Alright sit by animals by Cabela’s See you tomorrow


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