U.S. Navy Blue Angels Perform Spectacular Flyovers at Epcot
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U.S. Navy Blue Angels Perform Spectacular Flyovers at Epcot

(heroic music) – [Woman] In honor of
military appreciation month, Epcot is pleased to welcome the United States Navy Blue Angels. – It was a really amazing experience, especially since I’ll be
leaving for pilot training in September and I really wanna fly jets. It’s something that I’ve
always looked forward to, the team of Blue Angels
here and the dedication that they have to our
country is unbelievable. – I just thought it was beautiful, I’ve never seen it before and
it just makes me feel like, this is why I joined the military and this is why I joined the
army and it just motivates me. – Disney has an enduring legacy of support for our military
personnel, their families, as well as veterans, and
today’s events here at Epcot is just another way that we can recognize and thank them all for their service. – I enlisted right out of
high school, all right, 61-65, and I did two tours in Vietnam. I was on the USS Somers. You can see them go right
over Spaceship Earth. And then the second pass when
they split up, was awesome. And I can’t help but
getting emotional about it. – [Woman] To the US Navy Blue Angels and to all of the active duty military and military veterans, Epcot salutes you. Thank you for your service.


  • i2i - Disney Through Our Eyes

    The blue angels are always an amazing sight to see. Thank to all our military for how you and your families sacrifice for us.

  • E Robinson

    Across the street from the Polynesian is the Shades of Green Hotel. It is ran by the Department of Defense for active and retired military. They also offer special packages for widow's and dependent of soldiers KIA. They charge the room depending on the person's rank.

    Also tickets bought through the base is cheaper than buying straight from Disney.

  • Harrison Buchanan

    Thank you disney for openly supporting our military. Spending nearly 1 billion in 2018 for making education better, fighting orlando's human trafficking. For also donating 500m to the city of orlando's homeless. 100m to our police and fire department, 10m on our homeless!

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