I want to play Rochambeau which are both
look if I win y’all gotta twerk if I lose I won’t try
to turn around so I can grab a little ah okay young boy I heard run a blood shot
get it big bears on me and my wife’s got a ticket I just want to give my pops up
to say big we got the film I you fill this DZ what
you got to say put on what other you things that we got to go to the other
film oh they gon go they don’t go Haley tell
you what we know what we doing today we are picnic picnic David the speaker UC
Davis picnic day some light it’s gonna be a movie it’s like people everywhere a
lot of people a lot of Linda’s they got juice right there that’s regular juice
that’s not a dope that was just just regular juice but yeah we are here we
just get started on my niggas feel yeah we gonna see what today break stay tuned
Oh we got 4k pounds Cleary
what is this Oh shall we just got here we just got here it’s one o’clock in a
day day dance when we’re talking today they throw a throw and you’ll see the
people show up you’ll see the people I know y’all see it
I know y’all see a relly TV we gotcha okay we got y’all today
oh boy I’m a monster and this still coming like this all through the town
we through the streets with it y’all be talking about what y’all like yeah I
don’t want to hear nothin no more yeah I’ll be talking about get the white
girls in the videos they everywhere watch look I knew a planet they right
here though you feel me no yeah going crazy all right well you should go crazy then
you gotta do it the fanny pack but I put it on a mom I met me a Vista set me up
in any type of weather here I hear music I hear music okay oh she got sad to see
chatted up she got a secret life oh no what’s going on can I say wassup – da no
she best the frat house what’s over here
all right we got cancer the belief know I baby we gotta catch up to leave you
gotta catch up to Vegas I don’t know if I get some booty bouncing for you off
you get some booty bounce oh yeah China back on a pussy Wow hey hey hey it’s finna go uh you
think you’ve got to work tomorrow bitch so uh you said nigga ain’t gonna let you
be so what’d you say oh my man gonna like it bitch so uh we don’t do this
bitch so words only fuck your nigga fuck her job and fuck your mama – that ain’t
my business I just want some pussy gotta use this is she watching nine everything
a lot of you in fuckin get no pussy I ain’t even gonna say hi to you tomorrow
since she wedded bitch that shit she wearing kind of cute am I gonna pay for
pussy what the fuck they watchin how to use bitch got they never I’m like a bird
I know in front of you but just cause you’ve been choosing that I’m meeting
nigga right for you you know I love it when a fat bitch straddled me never
wanna let these ugly bitches rat over each other nigga ah shit had these
bitches rough with me I’m one that’s been coming if you left me don’t matter Oh what’s you doing she said is he said if a sample of what
I do was turn the flame on he’s saying he don’t say when while I watch him put
his cape on I seen her fuck that pussy til my music when they came on she said
hey hey hey it’s feeling so uh you think you’ve got to work Oh hey let’s party rooms and fight all the
bitches hundreds and fifties big old biddies yeah no no this ain’t cause to
live like this year uno dos not that bad though we got busy second mass in a lot
though big chop not gonna gossip at those still in care so like lots of uno
dos uno – yeah we got pizza second national you have to tell a bitch hola bring it
over I want to put no time Oh No the booty gotta be more go crazy somebody branded go crazy you trying to move you trying to move
but he can’t get around I’m just I’m just here nobody let me get this car out you
now you got out whether you’re gonna go crazy with it it’s teacher I need Oh well emulator company later Hey ain’t nobody tell me okay nobody she got it I told you there’s always
with the girls man always with the girls hey my brother
would you be home man what’s up Brian a lot never bought a whole bunch on button
I’m on a whole bunch up on all my a but I got a question you gotta do this
interview for me you gotta grab one so look you know it’s leaky bonus stuff we
here what’s your name what’s your name I’m Jennifer yen what’s your name
Martha and you know his leaky bonus laughs I think you’ve been me
all right so look I want to play Rochambeau which are whooping that’s a
look if I win y’all got at work all right for sure if
I lose I won’t try to turn around so I can grab a little uh uh okay I just I
know all right so look Rochambeau friends ready roh-roh
stamp both oh my god rope simp both oh my god Rose let me not be a WoW see you
cat breath hold on hold on ready bro yeah Bow Wow
okay keys work Oh fact is good look look tutorials on sargol oh I appreciate
appreciate appreciate appreciate appreciate it appreciate appreciated okay why should they follow you he was
in the vlog already took a break we see
they always okay hey you gotta the shoulders that taught
you this muhfucka you fit me don’t worry about it anyway right next to me you
look at me and then oh we got so anyway this leggy bonus motherfucker we got
what should I do Ashley okay we got a Salinas motherfucker
what’s your name Brianne we got Brandis muhfucka all right so
look we’re gonna play Rochambeau all right but look I’m gonna tell you the
rules so look if I win you got a court you got work never mind that we’re not fucking with
it cuz oh look they all just working they’re not they’re not trying to fuck
with it so it’s good you fit me we’re gonna get on the next one you
don’t want to know why we don’t hit them all the time cuz they’ll be dancing okay
okay somebody please tell me there’s this
chia pet hit ass girl didn’t just tried to slap the camera on my hands and it’s
not my fault you out being a thong you ain’t supposed to somebody please take
our boyfriend cuz she obviously hiding from that Nick oh my god what you what you think about
their dance moves kind of hey what you it’s not better than leaking water yeah
hey Blaire I wanna be second Oh No good demo with you be safe out here you selling weed out of here to fuck oh
goodness help still recording I know it check I see if you really got it okay
okay that’s a lake and ocean you get your hair cut I’m gonna check your shit
oh god okay afro check nigga after you fill me afro check hey goddamn you like
that okay okay dude is crazy live down here alternate she sees a hell of people
girl that’s for your so a whole bunch of boys right here right now though
it’s a whole bunch of boys but it’s not a little goop of girls coming up with an
cute though but I mean shit for summer ideas gonna be so for somebody they’re
gonna be cute one of y’all somebody look oh yeah I got
y’all that’s off reverse Oreo they fight you hey let’s party wounds and fight on
the bitches beam that beatdown hey I’m up to like uno dos uno – yes bat
though we got pizza 2nd mass in the lot

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