#UCDavisLife: Planning the Picnic Day Parade
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#UCDavisLife: Planning the Picnic Day Parade

Do you eat just bread? That’s wild, I love it. Hi, my name is Daria Bisharah. I’m the Picnic Day parade director. So Picnic Day is the largest student lead
event in the entire nation. This is UC Davis’s annual open house. We have over 200 hundred events here on campus
that represent who we are. We start the day with the parade so that’s
what I’m in charge of. We start the parade with opening ceremonies
at 9:30 a.m. It’s an entirely different community of
students. We come from all over campus, all different
age ranges. I wanted to make sure we had everyone that
represents this community. Not everyone realizes when they come to Picnic
Day that it’s students that are putting it on. We are the ones doing all the work. Being in the office, even though it’s really
small, it’s really nice to have that place all together. The office can certainly get hectic sometimes. How many signs we got? I’ve been waiting for these signs. But it’s really fun. We are so connected as a team. This is the one thing I’ve done outside
of greek life and all of my positions on campus that really gave me something else that I
was looking for. And even though I’m kind of more behind
the scenes, just having that factor of I did that feels really nice. It was so great!

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