Ultimate Camping Pranks
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Ultimate Camping Pranks

– Oh, hey! I hope you guys like pranks. – Oooh! – Today, we’re gonna be playing some classic crazy camping pranks on our best mate Mark. – Now doin’ some of these pranks is a little dangerous but they’re the best pranks. Fuck you. – Woooaaaagh! – Oh, Here comes Mark out of the tent. For the first prank. – Hey Mark. Did you have a good sleep? – Yeah, good thanks mate. What’s this? You guys put cornflakes in my shoe! – Woooaah! – Just jokin! – We got you but! – It’s a good prank. – Time for prank number 2. (silence) – Hey Mark, would you like a can of nonspecific brand soft drink? – Yeah man. I’d love one. Thank you. – (obnoxious yelling) OOOOAAAGH. OOOOH YEAH! C’mon man. It’s just a little bit of a prank joke. – Yeah, real funny. Are you guys making marshmallows? – Yeah, we made one just for you. – Oh, thank you. Cheers. (splutters) – (Obnoxious yelling) OH YEAH! PRANKED YOU! – That was shaving cream, not marshmallows! – Water, Gimme water please! – Quick quick, Water water, quick quick. Drink Drink! (splutters and screams) – Pranked you again! – You thought it was water but it was engine coolant. – (drowned by screams) Stop drinking engine coolant, ya dumb cunt – (Screaming) IT’S FUCKEN BURNING! – Good morning everyone. Time for a cheeky camping prank Shh. (Whispers) Prank o’clock. Hey. Prank o’clock. – (whispers) Sorry did i- -SSHhhhhh! – (whispers) What’s the time, Broden? – Prank time. – (whispers) It’s prank time. – Time to prank. Shhhh [barely audible giggling] (laughter) (silence) – Oh,fuck! oh! OH JESUS CHRIST! OH MY GOD! THIS IS DISGUSTING! STOP! – (obnoxious celebration) We’re pranking you! Learn to take a joke, cunt! (chokes) Mark’s a good mate. He knows how to take a joke. – It’s pranks on your friends! – How is this a prank – Because I’ll cut you (chainsaw buzzes) – Learn to take a joke! (screams) – Go away, I’m going home. – Mark, we’re sorry man. – We realised that we took the camping pranks too far, and we wanted to apologise. – Is this another prank? – Why would it be a prank mark? – I know, you guys say I need to learn how to take a joke, but these don’t feel like jokes anymore. – We understand. Open the box. – Just open it. – Not opening the box until you tell me what’s in the box – Open the box, man. (quiet suspenseful music) – What’s in the box? – Just open the box Mark. (music grows louder) – What’s in the box? – We got it just for you – What’s in the box man!? – Just open the box, Mark WHAT’S IN THE BOX? – Just open it, Mark. – (screams) WHAT’S IN THE FUCKEN BOX!? – We got it just for you (suspensful music intensifies) – Oooooh! (screams) IT’S GWYNETH PALTROW’S HEAD! – OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH! PRANK SHOOOOOW! -Pranked you, cunt! – (screams in agony) Ooooooooooooohhhh! – Learn to take a joke dog. You’re such a dog joke. Learn to take a joke! – (screams) WHO WILL RUN GOOP?! – Check out more videos on our channel. Check out the stiffy video. – Check out the hot babe prank (laughs obnoxiously) – It’s all good man. You’re still — hey. – We got a great video. We shot it last week where we killed his parents. (Mark screams in agony)
– [Zach] But he doesn’t know it yet – Even though we pranked him, we’re all still best mates and we don’t care what he did. It’s all good – It’s all about having fun with your mates and he loves it. He can take a joke. – He’s one of the boys. – He can take a joke. He’s one of the boys. (camp bush camp theme) – To be honest, I liked getting pissed on (giggles) – Pissing! Piss again! -I’m all– – Get some water – Can I get some water? – Mark, can we get some water – [Mark] Yep. What do you need? – [Broden] Just some water for the pissing. – [Zach] Thanks, mate. – (muffled) You’re not gonna piss on me, are ya? – [Broden] Yeah. – [Zach] We already have. I just need a bit more.


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