ULTIMATE Cardboard Box Fort Battle! *SECRET ENTRANCE!* vs Brianna
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ULTIMATE Cardboard Box Fort Battle! *SECRET ENTRANCE!* vs Brianna

this is the ultimate box for battle
versus my wife Breanna but this isn’t just any box board it’s a secret box you’re breaking my boxes these are my
delegate this early it is time for the construction of the most ultimate BOTS
board in all of history ladies and gentlemen the first thing we have to do
when building our box board is we need to lay out the foundation we have our
guardian otherwise known as Preston plays over here in the corner and some
man I know like an Apes like we’re gonna talk a bit in Minecraft terms I think
it’s the easiest way to do it this is logs wide eight blocks wide 20
blocks 20 block I said it’s 12 blocks ha that’s
way too thick I think her ceilings up max could do
seven to eight walk I know what okay I got this let’s make it simple an eight
by eight or seven by seven no gotta go cut like okay you think six is big
enough I see this happen to be safe what we do need to cover up these these awful
stickers I need to get something let’s scrape it off and take it home baby
kind of mess up the bomb it’s all I don’t I got new Preston style stickers
baby watch it look this will be our internal friendship granted forever
never do what are you doing that’s an abomination really I don’t know another
color how dare you do this to the brand-new neon stack plenty for all
there we go or do this not big enough the Royal EB crown is way too thick
okay so we’ve got our staff and boxes laid out and we need another seven days
come on get to work this man’s over here thinks it’s getting paid
I’ll pay to the theater all right I gave him a brand new t-shirt like that’s
great payment nothing that’s fun it’s like we are going to be building like
the secret entrance we’re going to cut a hole in the box and another box you have
to crawl through to get inside and we’re hoping at its head enough that people
won’t be able to find it too easily so that way we can beat Breanna in the box
for Bill battle right I think we’re doing pretty good so far I’ve found the
secret entrance Oh get the box we pre-cut this is this
is like wait there’s three holes off so you can spy on people for all three of
these holes means we need to get like a one-way glass this should be one on the
side this one should be in the back right like this one’s got to be in the
back it’s got to be sneaky we can’t have somebody finding it in fact this no no I guess no I’ve got a better
idea so we should make this beat all the way back there so she wants if people
want to find the entrance they have to go like you know it’s like the far back
side used to be hidden around back we’re trying to go secret Nick
all right let’s spin it step up your game bro step up the game the PrestonPlayz statue is blocking I keep coming all the way back yes this is perfect
okay here is our new strategy thing I need you to cut a hole in this side of
the box sort of get inside of our fort you have to go around the press and
placed a cube should we just build the fort around him look when it’s a build
battle everything changes by the very second
okay we’re thinking maybe we can build the fort around Preston place I don’t
know if it’s possible he’s pretty famous we’ll see he’s large look at this time
it’s about actual size this is this is ridiculous like this thing is way too
big it weighs like a thousand just go to sleep a little bit I don’t think he’s
trying to help us win the competition but this is where we’re gonna put the TV
we bought a two hundred dollar TV from Walmart we bought a throw rug snacks and
I brought my switch from home so we could set the TV right here great receipt you can tell you is a fan
of Tom Brady Tom Brady’s not a receiver this is literally gonna be like the
dopest box for I’m gonna get the TV you can hear like a cisnet baby Stephen it’s
very important that we get nice and okay now the shoulders are big
it actually lines up almost perfectly with the shoulder you see it’s almost
like you knew what you were doing see I did it oh by the way like what be
a box for without generic cheese balls I love their cheese you got this flip it
flip it good there you guys get it yes but was
it worth it ready keep breaking the bar Nick’s a liability on at this point I
think insurance I think he’s done more damage than he’ll have 10 more days yeah
yeah I could see that can you can you please mix that back right up this
commercial break you’ll probably put the right down right
here he’s going to face this way so you get
you on the rug right here game is gonna be so cool when it’s done bro can you
get you’re gonna get stuck I’m going in I’m coming in I’m talking I don’t I’m
going the Debrecen plays by right I’m gonna do the butt is calling my name I think we have found the god hiding spot
for hide and seek in our warehouse like well no cuz now I know where it is I
think you so much we can be right next to each other a little hiding name literally just got these pants not at
Preston sales calm absolutely should look how close your head was to the
corner all right this right here on the other side is going to be where the
secret entrances we’re gonna cut a hole in the box it’s going to be probably
nine boxes we’re gonna probably have five right here one box is gonna go
underneath the press and plays arm and then it’s going to connect to this one
we’re gonna cut a hole in this one so you enter the living room from this box
and if you keep going straight you can get into the lookout tower and I haven’t
decided yet if we should cut like we can literally make an entire ring of box
crawling holes this is like surgeon simulator on a bottle he’s cardboard
it’s too far whether you pull my breast we got one box preps she chose the
middle box nick is Larry this guy has been around if you watch our old
cardboard video from the Sun this guy has been around since June of two
thousand nineteen and he still lives eight months later he’s gonna be the
most prestigious box ever intended just here he’s gonna watch us build our box
boy this is that right Larry do you like don’t forget to cut the
other side of the box to him very serious thing yeah it’s a tunnel
I’m new to box force okay so I don’t have my art degree or whatever it’s
called architectural degree I don’t know dude
system sewer degree I don’t know whatever kind of degree you need to
build things whatever it is I don’t have boy it’s kind of like Minecraft you have
a Minecraft degree right cringes draw there you go you got the
flappy box it looks like wait we have one big objective right now we have a
drone and we’re trying to land it on Larry who’s about 30 feet outside the
box fort and I don’t professional though yeah I’m looking for Larry wait a sec I
see Nick Nick stop throwing he’s bringing tennis balls at the drop Nick
stop throwing tennis balls at the drone Nick no I can’t even see what the dogs
doing on it next stop next wait I see you Larry how do I know if I’m about to
hit something I literally ran into a pole you can turn
the sensors back on if you flip all that why you leave the drone flying to the
professionals there it is follow me there Ichiro dude
there it is there’s Larry Larry him come to you
okay the landing Oh Larry oh do you by the end of this I’m gonna be a
professional drone pilot mixed up like a bullet David’s mom that inert
blaster well I’m you gotta get me out of land yeah it’s what you to pit I’m
trying to let him dunk my head all right okay clearly is right below us we are
about to land on Larry oh dude this is bad
I don’t know if Larry can sustain the drone all right here we go we’re sénèque I can’t see I might hit you with a drone
well I’m going the hole we are landing on Larry the landing is commencing three
two one jeez working is he landing oh dude it
says not suitable for landing we’re forcing the land they push and hold in
watch watch Oh Casey all right we’re coming in it’s a long crawl I think we
have to crawl 20 feet just to get inside by the most important thing with a
secret box fort is you always have to close the entrance okay don’t forget the
roof IRA going the doors close do you wait
you close the door so I open the door I keep going keep going we’re doing good
we’re doing good yes dude this is insane if I was a kid
this would be like my dream house I mean it kind of already is – Ohio Conan and
finally we are dude Oh Stephen your separate office
okay give me those cheese balls first of all I thought I was gonna be giving off
a grand tour and this is not how I would keep my box for ladies and gentlemen as
you can see we have our 40 inch flat-screen HDTV we have a Nintendo
switch hooked up with the Gamecube adapter Steven if you step on one more
cheese ball and as you probably already seen we have cheese balls because they
literally make the box for it Steven stop crunch of the chase that’s
disgusting you’re you’re disgusting all right look you can’t pick and choose
your friends sometimes okay just how it works we have additional snacks frosted
flakes actually 5 bucks for that Nick stop stop dude he’s wiping Jennifer dust
on me this guy man we have two chairs so we could play a Nintendo switch and we
bought this 110 dollar mattress but there is no space as you can see Nick is
just laying on the throw rug and there’s cheese bro there’s literally okay I’m
kind of triggered right now give me a cheeseball Helen Steven stop stepping on
balls if you stepped on one more ball our box sport was in mint condition and
now it is definitely used do this lease this place looks like I used rundown I
can’t say it now I got cheese balls everywhere bro I don’t even know if them I’ll teach you to mess and like cheese so Madison few shoots a lot of our
YouTube videos arrived for a different video we’re filming today and we’re
gonna see how long it takes her to find the secret entrance so don’t give her
any tips TV shows should go into this book you I see you have to find your way
in without any help yeah and you can’t move any of the walls those little boxes
on the side just for you to find out add a little brother I think I’ll be
good at this yeah P me cheese it ah she thinks she found something
there’s holes you can’t find it can you that’s my nose is she going she found it
it took her it took her a while I liked it didn’t it what’s in the media how
long it yep I think this one is definitely gonna be
Briana’s there’s no chance and you guys want to see what Briana’s look like go
to her channel in description check it out and don’t forget to comment within
the first 60 minutes because we will feed you your comments right here so
make sure you guys during the notifications go I have a big day and
I’m going to spend the rest of my day cleaning up these cheese balls I’ll see
you all next time


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