Ultimate Global Expedition Vehicle – All Terrain Warriors Alpha Camper
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Ultimate Global Expedition Vehicle – All Terrain Warriors Alpha Camper

We are at the Sportsmobile Factory in Fresno, CA. We were taking a tour and I spotted this thing. Kait and I have been looking at expedition vehicles for doing some serious like around the world type of full timing once we’re done seeing the rest of the U.S. Jonathan, tell us about this. This is our All Terrain Warrior. We partnered with All Terrain Warriors Australia on this product. We work with the Mitsubishi Fuso, It’s a diesel four-wheel drive all from the factory. And this truck is available for purchase on every continent. So this type of vehicle is ideal for overseas travel. If you ever need service or warranty work conducted you’ll be able to find a dealer all over the world. Nice. We redo all the suspension. We take out the original shocks and springs. We do a full parabolic springs with custom shocks. Take off the wheels and tires. It comes as a dully and we put the super single wheels on the back. Put the back box on the chassis here and completely customize all the options. So as far as your power seats on the inside these have air ride seats. A number of different suspension seat
options for the cab. Radio and electronic options. Winches and bumpers and really let you go from there. And on the inside, the same deal. What stove you might want. Different microwave options. It’s a really extreme overlanding vehicle. So it looks like you’re still doing some work on this particular vehicle, but I say walk us around show us all the features. This thing looks bad ass. Awesome. Yeah, we’re just finishing up on this so excuse a couple screws lying around. Let me take you around. It has a ton of storage. These things open up. They have a little arm that will fold down for support. It’s a nice little kind of utility locker. It’s where we store our winch controls. A little extra DEF fluid for the longer trips and some tools for use with the onboard air compressor. That thing feels absolutely solid. Oh, it is. Material is about this thick. Two sides fiberglass and it has a foam insulation on the inside. It’s like a big ice chest that’s super heavy duty. Is this like four season capable and everything else? 100%. All the water tanks waterlines, everything’s on the inside. It has a diesel fired furnace and water heater. Fully self-contained and extreme weather ready. It also has an upgraded fuel tank. So this thing almost has 500 plus mile range. I think when we’re talking earlier you said this particular Fuso is getting 17.5 mpg? That’s right. I took it to the SEMA Show. The first one we did. It was amazing. I got 17.8 miles per gallon on that trip. You’re not the first guy up the hill. It’s a four-cylinder turbocharged diesel but it moves along at a decent clip with that kind of fuel economy and the four-wheel-drive capabilities, who’s complaining? Yeah, exactly. The Australian model is a right-hand drive. So their entry door in Australia is on our driver’s side here. The passenger side over there. So the inside is mirrored. Instead of the entry door being here We turned it into a storage locker. So we have our MAXTRAX. Our axe and shovel kit. Our air compressor hose. Exterior shower connections. Our shore power, city water connection. All the utilities here, in kind of this storage locker. And then as we move back. It has another huge storage compartment. Which also houses our 80 gallons of fresh water. We’ve done full water filtration systems in these things. Where you can literally a dumb hoes in a muddy puddle. Just the latches themselves. That is serious business right there. This area has also been outfitted in another build as a dog kennel. There is a pass-through that goes to the inside there and we fitted that with a kind of a crate style door. And then a couple crates style partition walls here. So the dog can live back here. Have access to the front area. And then both sides were still available for storage. Another Aluminess component here. They developed this custom rear bumper for the Fuso All Terrain Warrior. You see notched into the fiberglass is the availability to room two spare tires. It has a 16,500 lb winch that will serve two purposes. One to lower the tires down. These things weigh almost 100 lbs a pop. Make it easier for you roll them off and do a quick tire change and you can also use the winch for recovery. Here’s the other side of the pass through. So now we’re on the passenger side of the rig. Bunch of storage. This has part of our diesel furnace and water heater. Some components there. Then we have our entry door here. And more storage up front here. This thing definitely has no shortage of storage space. Room for a bunch of equipment. The front of our All Terrain Warrior has an Aluminess bumper. It also houses another big winch. LED lighting. More lights down below. Fog and an Aluminess roof rack with the ladder here on the side. More Safari lights, you can never have too many lights. Well least we know it holds 200 lbs. The outside of this thing is great, but we really need to see the inside if we’re going to be trying to live out of this thing. The inside of our All Terrain Warrior has the master bed here in the back. This lifts up for a bunch of storage underneath. We have a hanging closet with a microwave, which is optional here. This is a little storage area for maybe your laptop or iPad and some charging ports. And then we have a collapsible sink over here in the counter area. You have optional stove. Anything from electric stove, alcohol burning, propane, diesel number of different stove options. A lot of galley storage down below. As well as our slide out refrigerator/freezer combo. Stainless. Access to batteries and some of the heating components can be done underneath the carpet overlay through the floor. Lots of storage. All of our electronic components are over here. Solar controller. Espar furnace controls. Inverter control panel. It has a really unique bathroom. So party entryway or I should say the whole entry way turns into your shower. So this door here will flip over and this whole area becomes your bathroom. We have a toilet here. And then a shower here. So a lot of times, showers take up a lot of room and a rig. Using your entryway for your shower is really nice use the space. So makes everything usable. We use all teak wood doors and fiberglass finish on the inside. Have a lot of people refer to this is the land yacht. It does kind of look like a boat and have a boat feel to the interior. The All Terrain Warriors guys worked with a lot of boat makers yacht builders and guys within their company that had experience there and help put this whole package together. Our dinette area here. Really cool. Has a table amount. So it allows this table to swivel. To be used as your dining room. It can also get out of the way and as full pass through capabilities. So you can crawl through to the cab. This table will also be used up front driver and passenger area. You can move it up there. And then this will make into a bed with removable arms here. You can sleep another two people. We will also offer a bunk up here if you need more sleeping capacity. This is also where extra passengers can ride while you’re going down the road. You’ll notice this one has our pop up top. This can also be purchased with full fiberglass hard-sided roof. So you have options for both. The benefit of this pop up top is when it’s down it can be fit into a shipping container which make it ideal for overseas travel These are all custom built. The price on them can go anywhere from about the mid-$200 range on up into the low $300,000 range. Just depending on all the options you want. The one we’re standing in is probably just approaching the $300,000 range. We have been looking a lot of expedition vehicles. Some small, some big, some that are three-quarters of a million dollars. But this has everything we need and really nothing we don’t. It has plenty of storage. Leo would be happy inside of it. Awesome insulation. It can fit in a shipping container so we can ship it around the world. This might be a very serious consideration for us. Either now or sometime down the road. When we’re really ready to travel the rest of the world and see what it has to offer. This is going down is my favorite expedition
vehicle thus far. Thank you guys for watching. If you enjoyed this please like the video and subscribe to our channel. we will see you next time. Bye! Alright, I got up here. Now I have to worry about getting myself down. Got to go backwards, not forward. Should have thought this through. You made it! That was pretty easy. This vehicle is awesome!


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