Ultimate IRELAND Travel Guide, WOW! Plus, SECRET Things to do on Vacation… Don’t tell anyone!
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Ultimate IRELAND Travel Guide, WOW! Plus, SECRET Things to do on Vacation… Don’t tell anyone!

Welcome to Ireland where your travel takes
you to another place AND feel like your in another time. We started off our vacation in Dublin at the
Aberdeen Lodge And then it was off to Phoenix Park where we we came across some wild deer. These deer were gorgeous and roam free in
the park for all to see. Then they even started approaching us when
we sat down to enjoy some snacks. Interacting with them is magical and it was
just the start of our enchanted journey and everything we did in Ireland got more beautiful
and charming along the way. In the heart of Dublin we made our way to
Trinity college to see the Book of Kells. Which is an ancient manuscript containing
the four gospels and is located in this antique library. The library looks like something out of a
scholastic dream. Here they explain how and why the ancient
manuscripts were a mixture of art and holy writ. Close to the Library is grafton street which
is electrifying and full of street performers, shopping and people! It was worth passing through when doing downtown
activities. and at every turn is something fun to do or
cool to look at like this Bar… slash hardware store? Also nearby is Saint Stephens green which
is very beautiful and serene. In the afternoon it is a place to hang out
so go early if you want to take in the serenity. The Number one thing travellers do in Dublin
is tour the Guinness storehouse. We stopped by but didn’t stay long as we had
more authentic places and pubs we wanted to visit. Next we went to Experience the Gaelic Games. My favorite thing we did in Dublin. What I love about Ireland is they have their
own culture going on. From their dance to literature and especially
sports. Here not only do you learn how to play their
own gaelic sports but how these sports are HUGE here, yet they don’t have all the politics
of other international sports. And oddly nobody knows about them anywhere
else. My favorite was learning the sport of Hurling. Here You learn the simple rules and techniques
of the game then play a match with a group of newbies like ourselves. Then after we got to watch some of the professionals
show off their skills. Unlike other sports each county is represented
by athletes only from that county which gives it more personal meaning. After Hurling we got to play Gaelic football
which is like a cross between soccer and volleyball. This was so much fun so do it then go get
tickets to an actual game if it is in season! Just outside of Dublin is Trim Castle. There are plenty of castles in Ireland some
are for admiring and some to stay in, so travel to the ones that peak your interest the most. Trim castle is not too unnaturally renovated
like some of the other big castles in Ireland but yet it is still beautiful. In fact, I chose Trim because it is well preserved,
eye-catching and used to film my favorite movie: Braveheart. We took a tour inside the castle where we
learned the 3 stages of its history and about the purpose of these castles in general. Also we learned where they filmed various
scenes from Braveheart like where the King throws Phillip out the window. This was my favorit castle that we didn’t
stay in. I will link to everything in our travel itenerary
in the description below this video. The Brazenhead is the oldest Pub in Ireland. So it is a must stop. We booked a unique show called Food, Folklore
and Fairies. Here is a peak:
They’re called trooping fairies because of their movement throughout the year. If they’re acting unusual clearly that is
not your child you have got a changeling on your hands. The
Irish truly possess the gift of gab and this show is full of old irish tales related by
a great storyteller. Literature, Poetry and folklore are such an
important part of Ireland’s culture. You learn so much about Ireland and it is
so entertaining. Do not miss this show. For our last nights in Dublin we stayed at
the K Club Hotel. The premisis is breathtaking and for golf
enthusiasts its course was designed by Arnold Palmer and is one of the top 10 courses in
the world. But besides that that this place is calm and
luxurious and the best place to stay near Dublin. Next we Made our way to Northern Ireland which
is part of the UK unlike the rest of Ireland. First we stopped by Giants Causeway which
was way more impressive than I expected. After a short hike we made it to this beach
which is naturally formed by these geometric rock formations. In fact I was blown away by how many and how
expansive it was. These formations are one of Earths most impressive
natural landscapes and it can only be experienced at the Causeway. It is a perfect place to take some pictures
if you can get here before all the tourists come to take over. In fact, the secret to Giants Causeway is
to get there early and be done before 9 am when the museum opens and all the tourists
arrive. Then you can just relax, take in the nature
and enjoy what mother Earth has provided. A short trip Down the road is the Carrick-a-rede
bridge. This rope bridge hanging from the cliffs above
the ocean was once used by fisherman to drop nets into the ocean. Now its a pretty place to cross and take in
the beauty of the cliffs and the coastline in Northern Ireland. Even if you are not a rush seeker this place
is just nice to visit. Between the Carrick-a-rede Bridge and the
Causeway is the Red Door Cafe. This quaint little restaurant was a great
stop with a pretty view and good food and desserts. This was first of two parts as we hit its
sister restaurant: The Blue Door later in our vacation. Travelling a few minutes inland we made our
way to the Dark Hedges. When I first turned the corner and saw these
trees they were stunning. The trees form a tunnel that is a clash between
romantic and eerie yet they are good for a peaceful walk. Planted in 1775, these trees were recently
made famous as the “Kings Road” in the TV series Game of Thrones. Now another tip, If you happen to arrive with
a group of tourists just wait a little while the crowds will die down But, the pictures
and tranquillity are well worth the wait. With that quick visit we left Northern Ireland
and travelled to the first Castle of two castles we would stay in. Solis Lough Eske Castle is just outside Northern
Ireland and is an experience you will never forget. For the price of a nice vegas hotel room you
can stay in one of this castles best rooms overlooking the spires and out toward the
greenland its sits on top of. The castle is equipped with all the standards
of luxary hotel yet the ambiance of local Irish royalty. You have to stay at a castle at least a few
days when in Ireland it takes you away not only to another time but another class. Everything from the meals, to the staff and
the location itself exude high society. Traveling down the coast towards Westport
we rented a bike and rode across the Greenway as if Ireland wasn’t green enough already
this scenic pathway is especially green and lush. The trail was one of the best things we did
in Ireland. It is extremely pretty and we were stopping
every couple of minutes to take pictures or just enjoy the scenery. This pathway mostly used to be a railway that
they paved over now you travel through the greenery over the water and through the bridges,
lots of the prettiest bridges you will ever see. The Greenway gives you the feel of what Ireland
really is you pass through peoples properties, see tons of the wild life and explore what
the Irish countryside is all about. The best part about the bike ride with this
company is you stop wherever you want and they will come by and pick you up when you
are done. The bike ride is well marked and not difficult
at all to travel. You pass through cities, farms, and by rivers. It is amazing. And my wife got the chance to fulfill one
of her life goals: Frolicking freely through an open green meadow filled with sheep. If there was a highlight to this scenic route
it is definitely this bridge. You may never get to bike through something
this beautiful again so take the opportunity while in Ireland and breathe the fresh air
of the Greenway. At one point we took a small detour and came
across this dainty little cemetary. Amazing. Then possibly the Highlight of our trip was
staying at the Ashford Castle. This is the best castle to stay in in all
of Ireland. All the other Castles are great but I really
feel like a king staying in this Castle. From the moment you step on to this 5 star
property you become royalty. This Castle, once owned by the guinness family,
will take your breath away. The landscaping is immaculate, with a bridge
over a moat, intricate interior designing, the castle’s massive stone architecture, sitting
next to a forrest on one side and the ocean with a view of small green islands on the
other: this is what it is all about. Their pool, golf course and spa are all top
notch. While all castles can take you away, this
castle goes above and beyond. My favorite part was the old Royal Irish activities
that can be enjoyed within the outer walls of the castle. And one of my favorite 2 activities in Ireland
was the Falconry � the sport of the nobles! In all my travels, the Hawk Walk ranks with
my favorite things I have ever done. You start by developing trust with the hawks
and having them perch on your hand. Then you go out have them both take off and
land back on your arm. It is Awesome. They are the coolest of creatures. I could have done this the whole day. Then you walk them and have them take off
as you follow them until they come back and land on your arm again. In all actuality you arent really walking
with them. They consider you equal hunting partners. They think you are there to scare the animals
free while they hunt for the critters. The trainer is keen to when they are attacking
so when they start to hunt you trek through the trees to find them to see if they made
a catch. Most of the time they don’t but oh how I was
wishing they would have while we were with them. Walking them through the woods is fantastic. This was one of those moment where you feel
like you make a bond with an animal even if for just a little while. You don’t have to stay at the castle for this
activity, and there are also other falconries throughout the country. I will link to this falconry in the description
below this video. Then we got to hang out with this guy peeking
out of the corner. This is Dingle the owl who can only come out
some days. He was majestic but at the same time adorable. And will always beat you in a staring competition. Never did I think I would have animals flying
and perching on my arms. It makes me want to buy a bird. The next part of our castle life was archery. Now you can do archery anywhere in the world
but it just has a different feel when you are doing it next to the castle in the middle
of the woods. The instructor is pretty good too. Well at least I thought so cause with a little
practice I was nailing the target most of the time. Got em! Lastly it was time to load the guns and go
shoot some clay pigeons. Just like archery, You can do this activity
anywhere but it is just more fun doing it at the castle. Plus you got the clay pigeon launchers. Remember you don’t have to stay at the castle
to do these things but staying at the castle will sweep you away to another time and who
doesn’t want to be Royalty for a day. From the Castle we travelled to Galway. Galway is a moderately sized city next to
the ocean with a lot of things to do. We spent a few hours here walking around Quay
street which was filled with street performers and shopping. My favorite street performer we found was
this guy who beautifully played his flute but in this practically hidden alley that
had great acoustics even though less people could find him he still stuck it out at that
location. Best example of not selling out ever! Next to Quay Street is Salt hill. This is where the locals go to dive off this
ledge into the frigid ocean… and they love it. Except when we got there there was only this
one guy and we asked if he would jump off and he did it again and again. Until his friend finally joined him. Then more showed up…. and even more. Until it was a party. I should have jumped in. I guess I will always have to live with that
regret. On our way to the Cliffs of Moher we stopped
by the Doolin Cave. The doolin cave is relatively small and is
known for one thing only. It is home to the largest stalactite in all
of Europe. And these little drops of water that roll
off the end mean it is still active and growing. I recommend stopping by the cave if you are
going to be visiting the Cliffs of Moher. Speaking of which when we got to the Cliffs
of Moher we were let down because there was tons of fog inhibiting the view. But we stuck it out and eventually the fog
lifted revealing the majestic rolling cliffs. The way these cliffs roll away in the distance
are picturesque and worthy of their iconic status. Important tip: Go after hours during sunset
and find parking. You are more free to roam after hours to get
better pictures and the cliffs are illuminated with light in the evening as opposed to shadowed
in the morning. If you do stay after hours this was our hotel
and had an excellent view. I will link to it and everything else below. Another Reason to stay around the Cliffs is
Gus O’Connors Pub in Doolin. By far the best Pub we went to in all of Ireland. The food is great and has the best seafood
chowder I’ve ever had. They also have nightly authentic, repeat authentic,
Irish music. The musicians play off of one another and
are genuine and real. Not like all the gimmicky pub music you’ll
hear in other parts. This pub is the real McCoy and a constant
party at night. I recommend a nights stay in Doolin if for
nothing else to go after hours to the cliffs of Moher. You won’t regret it. The next day we continued our travels to Killarney
but not before stopping in Adare village. This quaint little village is mostly known
for its thatched rooves. Which is exactly why we stopped by. Now you must stop by the Blue Door Restaurant…
not to be confused with the Red Door we visited in Northern Ireland. The food was amazing but the ambiance is unforgettable. This place is pretty and once again will take
you back in time. When you get to Killarney there is one show
you must see. The talent is through the roof and I have
seen a lot of shows. These sisters sang in perfect harmony I mean
just beautiful voices. Then the Irish Stepdancers were all really
talented and everyone just put on such this great show. All the musicians were on point and the harpest
even sounded like Enya. The show has it all from Irish jigs to Gaelic
Ballads and not once did it feel hokie. At points the performances are slow and heartfelt
and some numbers intense and energetic. Afterwards my wife and I couldn’t stop raving
about the show. If you see one show in Ireland make sure it
is this. Their information will be in the description
below. But seriously the talent is unbelievable and
at the end they even followed my lead with tap dancing. What a gang. In the morning it was off to Killarney National
Park. For us we decided to take a day adventure
through the park which started with a horse-driven jaunting car ride through the Gap of Dunloe. The gap of dunloe is one of the prettiest
places in all of Ireland. The jaunting car takes you by the stream at
the foot of the mountain. Like most beautiful lanscapes this video does
not do it justice. It is something that can only truly be seen
and felt in person. We breifly walked up this hill to give the
horse a rest and I am so glad we did. Because walking around what wasn’t to love?
the levity of green pastuers mixed with the strength of stones and grandiose mountains,
lovable little sheep, and the trickling of stream water. This place is nature at its finest. And once again the horse ride made it feel
like we were here in another time. Can you see why the opening line of this video
was that Ireland will take you away to another place and time? After a small break at a little diner we continued
the second half of our adventure with a boat ride the rest of the way through the park. For all the same reasons as the jaunting car
ride this was beautiful and another charming way to travel through the Gap of Dunloe. There is no better stress reliever than taking
in the fresh Irish Air… and enjoying a Diet Coke. There is only one way that I know to find
this tour and I will explain that in the description below. Your trip ends as you dock at Ross Castle. Ross Castle crowns the great journey with
a rewarding final destination. The castles reflection on the water makes
for some great pictures. Ireland vacations aren’t just about what you
do but also about where you stay. The Killeen house is the best place to stay
in Killarney. Just look at this house. The bright white, with the vibrant red trim
sitting on a green hill with the great view of a pastuer and the neighboring church’s
stone spires. The rooms inside are just as nice. And the dining area also has a great view
outside. In fact, if you can’t stay here, which you
should, you can at least just dine here to come experience the beauty. To set it apart the owners are really accomodating
and greet you when you come. The personal touch you want when staying in
an exclusive little hotel. Another must do in Ireland is exploring the
small Island of Skellig Michael. This is the most scenic location I have ever
been to. And this is us passing another boat which
is important. Let me explain. I wanted to be the fastest boat out to the
island so we could be the first ones to the top to get some great footage. On the way we passed by its sister Island
whose loftiness is just a prequel to Skellig Michael. The island was established by 6th to 8th Century
Monks who created a stone stairway that leads to a monastary at the top of the island. At some points the path gets very narrow and
slightly dangerous. And its worth it cause this island is magnificent
with protruding rock formations everywhere that makes it uniquely visually pleasing. Oh another great thing about this Island is
that only 180 people are allowed on the Island a day. So get tickets at a few months in advance. There is this mystic monastary at the top
of the island that has survived for the most part viking attacks. And the site was dedicated to saint Michael
in 1044. But eventually the island was abandoned and
left to our imaginations. Skellig Michael is so picturesque that it
was used for the filming of Star Wars Episodes 7 and 8. Since Star Wars Episode 7 this island has
become very popular. In fact we tried to recreate the ending scene
of episode 7. If you want to book the fast boat I will leave
the captains number and information in the description below this video. And For animal lovers there are tons of adorable
little puffins that roam one half of the Island. I love puffins. Skellig Michael is only open like May through
October but in my opinion this is another must do in Ireland so Book it way early! Afterward we went to the tiny fisherman town
of Dingle for the evening. We enjoyed a bunch of the small shops of Dingle
including their authentic music shop and cheese store. But the star of Dingle is Fungi. Fungi is a Dolphin that pretty much never
leaves the Dingle bay. We booked an evening kayak tour to see Fungi
on the peninsula. You will have to forgive me it was hard to
get good footage of fungi while on the kayak. Luckily fungi is a people person.. or dolphin
so he likes to swim around human activity. But I like night kayaking in fact I will be
night kayaking again in this trip for a different reason. Slea Head Drive is another way to enjoy the
Dingle Peninsula. This drive is gorgeous and like a self guided
tour of prehistoric Ireland. We made a few stops. First at the Dunberg fort which dates back
to 500 BC. Then we went to some prehistoric Beehive huts. If you don’t make it to Skellig Michael I
highly recommend coming to these. Their structure is fascinating and to think
people actually used to live in these is amazing. Another stop was the Gallarus Oratory which
is a more perfected version of the huts and was an old religious site. Lastly we stopped by a fairy fort which if
you go see the storytelling in Dublin like we did you’ll understand why these places
exist. But basically its an area you don’t want to
mess with or destroy according to folklore because those fairies can be nasty. Also right there you get to feed the some
donkeys and cuddly little sheep as well. It was a nice little stop and for an animal
lover like myself it isfun to pet animals outside of a zoo. To complete your Ireland vacation you need
to travel to the mecca of Ireland: The Blarney Castle. It is here were legend has it you kiss the
blarney stone and recieve the gift of gab. Also it was cool to look at the underground
portions of the castle. The location is gorgeous but warning it was
a little touristy so I had one goal and that was to kiss the Blarney Stone and hanging
from the ledge, kiss the stone I did… and I’m sure I got a few diseases in the process
but the gift of gab is worth it. Before I move on to my last night in Ireland
let me just put in a word for making your vacation sort of a road trip. We drove all around the coast of Ireland. Driving in Ireland does not get old it is
constantly a lush and vibrant green with the bluest skies that has a way taking all you
worries and stresses in life and melts them away. You can visit one or two cities like most
people do on vacation but Ireland in my opinion is to be explored in its entirity. In fact we made it all the way from the Causeway
in the North to this The Baltimore Beacon in the south. That night we did another night kayaking tour
on the placid Lough Hyne lake but this time it was to experience the the biolluminescence
if you have never this it is a great place to experience it. This saltwater lake was serene and a perfect
place to wind down the trip. In fact, You can even rent out that house
overlooking the water. Biolluinescence is little organisms that light
up with movement of the water. My camera only barely picked up the biolluminescence
like but it is something that is 10 times more fascinating in person. With that said here are some of my Ireland
Drone shots. My Drone and all my filming equipment I have
linked to in the description below this video along with links to all the Hotels, Restaurants
and Activities on my itenerary. Like, Subscribe and watch my other videos.


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