Ultra Bright LED Light USB Rechargeable Lantern Powerbank for Camping Prepping Preppers Emergencies
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Ultra Bright LED Light USB Rechargeable Lantern Powerbank for Camping Prepping Preppers Emergencies

Ultra Bright LED Light USB Rechargeable Lantern Powerbank for Camping Prepping Preppers power outages hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper are you looking for an ultra bright LED rechargeable light lantern that also can work as a power
bank to charge up something like your cell phone check out this battery operated
USB rechargeable lantern Ultra Bright LED Light USB Rechargeable Lantern Powerbank for Camping Prepping Preppers I’m not sure how to pronounce it suboos s u b o o s
i bought this little emergency rechargeable usb lantern on amazon you can see it’s about the size of a can
of chili and it weighs only about a pound this lantern is extremely versatile if
you’re concerned with power outages emergency survival Bug Out Bag prepping preppers or you like camping or hunting or even
off-grid living having an ultra bright LED rechargeable battery operated
lantern lamp light that can be recharged and use it as a battery bank to charge something else can be a
fabulous addition to your prepping prepper emergency or your outdoor gear the Ultra Bright LED Light USB Rechargeable Lantern Powerbank for Camping Prepping Preppers is made out of very
sturdy plastic the middle looks like a metal strip but I think that it’s
plastic also the lantern is very sturdy when you open the box the rechargeable lantern
has five included batteries it has a USB cord S clamp carabiner and a very nice
set of directions that are very clear the Suboos LED lantern has four
settings it has a very bright white light a regular white light a red light and a flashing red light the bright white lasts for 11 hours and gives off 185 lumens it’s enough light to
light up your cabin or your tent and you could even read by it the regular white
light lasts for 15 hours and gives 60 lumens and the red light will last 19
hours why might you like a red light red light is great because you can use it at
night and it doesn’t cause that night blindness you can read by the red light
without disturbing other people you can also use the red light to check on your
kids if they’re sleeping without the light disturbing their rest the flashing
red would be great if you kept something like this with your emergency gear and
you had it in your car and say you had a breakdown you could use this as an
emergency warning light it could be safer because it’s not burning and
longer-lasting than a flare look at this suboos emergency lantern you can see on the front there’s a button which also works to tell you when the lantern is charged it’ll be blue and when it’s charging the light will be red when you’re using the lantern if it turns to red it means you need to charge it up if you look on the back there’s the flip open spot for the
USB cord you can see you can use both ends of your USB cord plug the small end
of your cord in and the other end of the cord into your computer into a wall
socket adapter those are not included so make sure if you’re going to want to
charge this on the wall that you have one of those wall plug end adapter for
USB cord from your gear or get an
extra one to store with this lantern I like it you can also charge the lamp lantern with a solar charger I have a solar panel by Anker and I can set this out in the Sun plug
it in it’s hard to see but the little red light is on indicating that it’s
charging I haven’t activated any of the batteries
yet so you can see I can still use it when I plug it into an external power
source which makes this extra convenient you know
kinds of situations it’s convenient to know that if you have the little
external battery banks you can plug this in even if all the batteries are missing
or have been used up you can still use your USB rechargeable lantern with the
extra battery pack then you can turn the cord around plug in your phone you can
use the power bank stored within your lantern to charge up your cell phone in a lot of emergency situations the first utility becomes back on line is the cell
phones because all of the emergency personnel need to use that as well if
your emergency is a localized area you may not be able to call people within
your local area but you may be able to call your family or friends that live in
a different location to notify them that you’re okay
so having a way to power up your cell phone from a lantern with a battery bank is a great idea if you turn the Suboos battery USB rechargeable lantern light over you can see there’s an arrow sticker on the base twist this off
you can see where the two rechargeable batteries are the two rechargeable
batteries are lithium batteries you can see the number on them they have a
little nipple end they’re a little larger than a double-a AA battery the number on them is one eight six five zero but it’s not a battery that I’ve ever used before
so it’s interesting to pay attention to the different types of batteries because
you can probably order backup batteries if you wanted from somewhere like Amazon
there’s a little rubber gasket but then you can find the notches where you screw
this back in and because of the rubber gasket I think it’s going to help it be
water resistant don’t count on anything being waterproof but it’s probably water
resistant if you were using it in the rain or you dropped it in a puddle you
can see there are four rubberized feet that can help it stay in place to keep
it from sliding around when it’s in use then if you look at the top the top of
it unscrews and you can see that’s where three double A AAA batteries are all the
batteries are already included in this bright lantern now I showed you that you
can use it without activating any of the batteries but now I’m going
to pull the tabs off of the rechargeable batteries and turn it on you can see
that it comes already charged up ready to go you don’t use the on/off switch on
the front this is easy even in the dark you can pick it up and then you all you
have to do is lift the lid up and it comes on with the bright light then you
can cycle through a bright white light a regular white light a red light and the flashing red light for emergencies
it always comes on to the very brightest white light when you turn it on pull it up to turn it on and it always comes on on the brightest white light if you wanted to just
use the red light pull it up just till it goes on hardly any light is coming
out and then you can cycle through the push-button and get the light that you
want it’s also great because you have every opportunity to dim or brighten
according to how far open you make it you can have a little tiny light so you could even leave it on with it
just barely cracked open and provide the tiniest bit of light if someone is
concerned about being in the dark it’s very versatile you can control the
amount of light and the color of the light between white and red then when
you’re done using it push it all the way down and there’s a little click where it
goes off right before it seats all the way down closed it has two hooks on it
to handle hooks that come up on it it also comes included with the s hook
carabiner it has one larger one smaller end either of them fits over the handles
on your lantern you can have that extra option for hanging it up from a tree
from a rope in your tent you have the option to hang it up all different kinds
of ways it’s very versatile pull the tab out of the bottom your light is ready to
go raise it up light is on close it push it
down the light is off a convenient idea is to look for a velcro strap you can
find them even at the Dollar Tree wrap the velcro around your cord and then you
can attach it to the handle on your lantern so that the cord stays with it a
great idea would also be to store it away with an external battery pack
I’m not going to activate the double-a AA batteries unless all of my other
resources have been used up they’re not necessary to run this and if I should
run out of the charge it’s too dark to use my solar panel my external battery
bank is also used up then I still have the backup of the double-a AA batteries
stored right inside the top of the lantern I like to spend a lot of time at
my Granny Camp which is my Alaska off-grid remote cabin so I was very
pleased to find this LED rechargeable lantern that also works as a power bank
I don’t need a lot of light in the evenings it still stays light until
11:00 p.m. so I don’t need a lot of light so this has lasted for many days
out here at Granny Camp Alaska off grid remote cabin it’s a safer way to have light than
using candles or oil lamps in an emergency like an earthquake you might
have a gas leak you never want to light any kind of a flame because you could
have an explosion so there are lots of kinds of emergencies when having a
battery-operated lantern would be a wonderful addition to your emergency
gear there are all kinds of reasons to want to have a dependable source of
light it could be an emergency you might want to go camping you may even want to just go out and have a nice picnic on your patio something like this helps you
enjoy your time in the out-of-doors or in the indoors in an emergency situation
check out the Suboos USB rechargeable lantern that includes a power bank and
see if it isn’t something that you want to add to your stockpile of outdoor and
emergency gear learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel


  • Kenn Harris

    Great video and lamp!!! Be aware that the light when lit, is fully on even when the lid is partially closed…sooo the lamp is still using full power even though the lamp is only partially open. Keep up the great videos as your hints/tips are wonderful and very helpful!!!

  • Disabled Prepper, and countryside woman.

    I've been after a lantern, if I can get in the UK, this looks like it will fit the bill nicely. Another useful video. Thanks. 😁

  • Wdb Bragg

    Great video granny. Nice bright light. I'll get on Amazon and order one. I really like it. Hope your having a great holiday weekend.

  • Andrew Jones

    Fantastic video, very well presented. BTW, spare18650 batteries are readily available from electronics stores like Radioshack, and from online markets such as ebay.

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