ultra light bicycle touring survival gear & kit setup ✔

good afternoon im hippyswift im a fully loaded bicycle tourist from the united kingdom i dont generaly lightwaight bicycle tour as i find it a nusance i dont have everything with me although if i did lightwaight tour this is what id take with me this is everything i would take here we have a highlander bum-bag or fanny pack if your from the united states on the top her we have an inflatable sleeping mat and inside this is a millitary basha along with a few tent pegs and couple metres of para cord on the front we have a micro misqueto net just cliped on the front loops with clips very nice and handy in this pocket we have a bivi-bag on this other pocket we have long sleave thearmals and trouser thearmals for cold nights or if you get soaked through in the clothes your wearing even if its lycra its always nice to take shelter and put your thermals on to warm up in the main compartment i have my sleeping bag this one is an ultra lite sleeping bag but you could fit a bigger bag in if you choose be aware that this is on your hips and with a strap i added is on your shoulders you cant feel much waight but if you did add cooking equipment to the front loops then you might feel some waight something else worth recomending are the camelback water systems you can either wear it on your back or clip it to a millitary rucksack or vest what i personaly do i use these toggles here to secure it to my rear rack after six or seven minutes i have successfully setup my sleeping quarters it has nice storage space near your feet even though in this case you would only have the one bag while light waight cycle touring also with plenty of air flow through in this case i have not put the mosqueto net up as i forgot the strings that is another reason why i love fully loaded bicycle touring as i never forget anything so when i need something i know i have it

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