UM coach Manny Diaz comments on spring game

Well in the room,
we came out I think injury free which is really the first goal of spring,
so pleased about that. The big thing we talked about
this morning was passion. [INAUDIBLE] one of the guys
that were excited to play. We had a great turnout. The fan base really stepped up,
turned up today. So we felt we had to repay them with a
team that looked like they were excited to be here and I thought we passed that test. In terms of the actual ball, I thought
there was good execution on both sides. I was happy to see all of our
three quarterbacks make plays. We believe all three of
those guys can play. And I think they go into summer now
knowing that all three guys can play. So, I think that was
a big plus added today. Our one defense played I think
like our one defense should. There was one drive that I kinda I
thought was not to our standard. But, for those most part I
thought those guys tackled well. And the big thing is it was starting
to look like the Miami Hurricanes. And I think in glimpses, you can kind of see the improvements
that this team has made. Now, if we stop here, we have no chance. And so
what today was about is today was about, we would say taking
[INAUDIBLE] of ourself. And we know that we have
to continue to improve. And the guys now, it is their team. They gotta go in the summer, and we gotta
make a big jump when we come back for report day. And another big jump during training camp,
to be able to come back here and be victorious August 24.

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