UMass Medical School of Medicine Class of 2015 Picnic
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UMass Medical School of Medicine Class of 2015 Picnic

or the choice fifty schools and that this
is just always my topon eleven stillness of the people here who have the faculty and students so really sent
via suffering doing it because the people and really wonderful community clearly
very exciting of course the and uh… i think all of us uh… kind of relive it a little bit
with the students on the first day when they come on the excitement the
expectations and of course a lot of uh… trepidation and anxiety about what
awaits them but uh… it is mostly all parts of the from here on out they’ll be
i gradually involving in developing uh… their skills as a physician and
uh… it’s a wonderful thing to see on full or just basically saying uh… were all out happier here we want to celebrate your arrival i get to know you a little better and
side and tha really uh… t_v_ support going into what will be are very
challenging but we hope of their warning coming academic year i grew up in up
accidents about twenty five minute drive away from here and i actually as a kid my uh… titanium s my uh…
pediatricians actually based over in the uh… benedict i think the thing that
they’re billy s selling any amounts that was just the people here have found that
it was just very friendly very supportive environment uh… i don’t envy p_h_d_ student and
that i found that since i was looking at possible anywhere from seven to nine
years out of school though i fell by wanted
someplace which would be an open very family income from environment and i
felt that u_-mass was best-fit destroys retreat of the year when uh… a new class of students comes to
campus a since the lifeblood of any university
and to have the opportunity to to meet the new and energetic group of uh…
medical students usually is pretty spectacular this is one of the most
accomplished classes that uh… we’ve ever had there their g_p_a_ and uh… uh… and test scores are outstanding
and while that’s important there also extremely rounded as
individual states done very prestigious fellowships many
of them have been involved in medical research and service projects around
around the world really and uh… we’re very pleased this year we have twenty
five students who have come from other campuses within the university of
massachusetts i think it speaks to the quality of the education
in our university because uh… we have only one standard for students and and
that is really excellent and uh… we’re very excited as we uh… begin our new
year and love the masses made a great experience that you can start now ends and u_-mass medical school as a one
for physician and looking into getting into primary care and have
a tremendous reputation with that and then testified this summer enrichment
programs here last summer and i’d love to the atmosphere in up to the school
the people selling at this is the school i went to go to

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