Unboxing the Smokin Hot Rocket Stove  | What you get!
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Unboxing the Smokin Hot Rocket Stove | What you get!

– Okay so we’re just taking a quick, closer look at the box
that the stove comes in. Now they do state on the box
that it’s 10 kilos in weight, which is still quite light and portable. Three times more efficient than a campfire and two times more efficient
than the home stove. Does burn quite clean so as
far as your wood fires go you’re gonna get minimal smoke
once the unit gets fired up. You can use it basically
to keep warm around. You can do your marshmallows. But it also has a built
in grill on the top where you can actually put your pan and that’s where you do your cookin’. Now they do recommend using
wood that is about an inch thick so smaller wood would burn
cleaner and more efficiently so don’t put anything too large in because you’ll find your larger wood is basically gonna cause smoke and you know, it’s not gonna combust as well. Okay so we’ll pop the box open and have a bit of a look inside. Now I’ve already had this one
out of the original packing just to make it a bit easier. So it comes with a very sturdy carry bag. Which is great, you
don’t often see that with a lot of items you buy these days. Very heavy duty zip on it. And here we have the stove
all packed away inside. So the main parts you have, this pocket on the side, you have your two portions
which form the top of the stove as the stove rest. Top of the stove here. This is the backdoor for the stove so if you need to empty
the ash you lift this up and it just opens up the back of the stove allowing the ash to come out. Now this is the grill that
fits in the base of the stove. Now this is what allows air to flow underneath the wood as it burns to let is burn more cleanly
and more efficiently. This is your main chimney portion. One of the legs. So the two smaller side legs. And then the main body of the stove.

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