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Unexpected Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

I’ll give you $10
if you guess what’s going to happen on this one. Got it! Dude Perfect From downtown. This is the basket punt! Bang! Gravity flipper! Whoo! Let’s go! This is the treehouse bucket. Here we go, boys! Crossbar hit. Let’s go! I was trying to do two
crossbars in a row. It didn’t work out. I’ll take it though. Whoo! Eight ball, corner pocket. This is a target. Is it my target? I don’t know. Could be. Is it? Maybe. Snipe! Where did you think I was going? Let’s ping the pong. Whoo! You guys are probably
thinking to yourself, What about the blue balloon? Let’s go! There’s a hole in the racket! Let’s go! You may not believe me, but
this is about to get splashy. Yeah! Whoo! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to the point of the video. Where it’s trust shot time. Whatever you do, I
need you to not move. OK. And? And then look like you’re
excited to be here. Don’t look so grim. Yeah, nice. It’s going to be good. Welcome to the first ever
real bow and arrow trust shot. Love you, Cobes! He’s good! Oh. Cobes, hey nice job. Whoa. Hey, Cobes! You’re good. What a shot! Oh! I don’t know if
you guys noticed, but it was a cardboard cutout. See? Yeah. Ty, no offense. I would never do that. Of course. Codes, what did you
think– honestly? On a scale of like– I don’t know– from
here to about right here, how good was it? OK. All away up top! Whoo! What’s up, guys? Thanks for watching. You’re not are a Dude
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miss out on any new videos. Special thanks to our
friends at Mobil 1, for making this video possible. Click here to watch
the bonus video– and to learn more
about the benefits of using Mobil 1 synthetic motor
oil in all of your vehicles. If you want to see the last
video, click right here. Signing off for now. Pound it. Noggin. See ya! Forgot to put a golf
ball in the balloon. Let’s run that back.


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