University Science Professor Moves into Shuttle Bus to Live Carbon Neutral
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University Science Professor Moves into Shuttle Bus to Live Carbon Neutral

I’m Jeanine. I am a lecturer at San Jose
State University. I am an ethno-ecologist. This is Lousã. She’s a min-pin. We live in
The Champion. I was living in Northern California. I was renting these beautiful places out in the mountains at reasonable rates. I thought I need to
switch this up. I remember this instant where I was driving behind a shuttle bus
and the shuttle bus was making a left turn in front of me and I said, “that bus
is good-looking. It’s shiny. It’s white. It has these huge windows all around it.
If it’s a bus it must have its own air conditioning heating system”, and I had a
bunch of leftover pension funds some of the tiny little ones that weren’t going
to do anything because at that time the stock market wasn’t doing so great. Then
I found a bus for exactly what my two pension funds put together. I bought the bus and I drove to Sacramento got a father-son team to put
the floor in. I drove back to the place I was renting at the time. I moved
everything out in one week. I basically took my studio bedroom and configured it
to fit in the bus. As an ecologist I teach environmental science. I teach climate change. I teach living responsibly, living sustainably. I believe
that I can’t be an honest authentic ethical teacher if I am not living
exactly what I teach. Every year I’ve set a new goal for myself to live more
sustainably. The next logical step was to live tiny, to live small. The thing with a
lot of tiny homes is people build from new, build from scratch. I wanted to
recycle and the best way to recycle was to get a bus. This is a Champion Challenger with an e450 engine. It’s a Ford engine with a shuttle bus chassis that would have fit
I think 16 to 20 people and now it’s just me and a dog. This is a 45 watt
panel connected to one battery which is the house battery that came with the bus.
It has a ton of windows which is what I wanted it in my home. I wanted a lot of
light. I installed screening all on one side of the bus. All of this furniture used to be in my bedroom studio. This bed which has been sawed to be half of its
height. This screen allows me to keep all of my windows open and only partially
curtained. I want to wake up with light and with being able to see all the trees
that are around me, but I also want privacy. Much of the artwork is made by
different artisans from tribes and tribal communities here in California.
This is also from palmer lady who does some amazing designs. This palm is special to me. It’s Areca catechu which is a betel nut palm and that’s native to
Southeast Asia and a third of my life is spent in Southeast Asia which is why I
have an adopted family of the tato a clan of about 3,000 people. My dog Luca
has her bed right down there and I also have a walk-in closet which most women want. This is my privy and it can also serve
as a shower. This is the minibar. It’s a ladies
traveling case and it has about 40 different liquors in it. This pantry is
full of food. Most of my cooking is done on an induction cooktop but when I don’t
have access to grid power I cook on a bio light stove that is filled with
little tiny chips of Redwood. I built into my systems here there’s Plan A and
Plan B and sometimes there’s even a Plan C so if I’m hooked into the grid I can
use my two electric lights. I can run my electric heater and my induction
stovetop. If I’m off-grid then I either use my battery-powered lights or use the
solar panel and I use wood fuel to cook on. I made a decision to go with
absolutely no propane because in becoming carbon neutral I wanted to
maximize how I could generate my own electricity through solar. I didn’t want
to be reliant on natural gas or on propane and also it’s dangerous. I felt
really nervous about having propane around whether it was on the back of my
bus or inside my bus. I have another pantry and the Yeti cooler. You would
think that you’d want to use this for cooling but for me it’s better to store
food in it because I would otherwise always have to be getting dry ice and
this keeps my food more temperature stabilized. And for those of us who rely
on chocolate in the middle of the summer either you have your chocolate in the
refrigerator or you have your chocolate in the Yeti so I have two. One Yeti here and one Yeti cooler there and then I have a tiny little igloo fridge
that is low enough wattage. This cloth here is handcrafted by the
weavers in the Manggarai region in Indonesia where my adopted family lives
and this is the harp that I am learning to play. That little white canister; that
is the amount of trash I generate in a month to two months. The blue canister
is dog food and the red canister are the little red wood chips that power my Biolite camp stove. This ficus tree is 17 years old. The mint
is new. Every person should have aloe to have aloe available for any sort of
stovetop burns or if overexposure to Sun. The first thing people said to me was,
“where you going to park it?” and I was this clueless save who said, “oh, that’ll
be no problem. I know some campgrounds down along the coast where you can camp for 500 bucks a month, 600 bucks a month”. During the off-season…pretty much after
March April it goes right back up. But then when I realized as a professor I
need to have a routine every fall semester, every spring semester, in the
summer session, I needed an anchor. It took me a year to find a campground
consortium where I can stay in these campgrounds for free based on a
membership for three weeks at a time and then a girlfriend calls it renewing my
visa but if I want to stay in the same campground I need to go out for a week
and then come back in again. So then the challenge became okay where do I go for that week and because of the place where I am there are always
Fairgrounds there are state park campgrounds within say about 20 mile
radius of five or six different places where I can be or I can simply put The
Champion in storage and go stay with some friends. Once I got over that
initial hump of where can I be geographically so that I can be
geographically stable and do my professional work, everything became so
much easier. Every semester my students do group projects that make a difference
in the world and this semester my students are helping me to become carbon neutral. We have set it up so that the students came to my tiny home to my bus
they audited my entire life they came up with a range of figures of how many tons
of carbon I am personally contributing to the atmosphere which is always
embarrassing but as human beings we are going to contribute carbon. Once we
crunched the numbers and figured out literally how many tea trees how many
certain palm plants how much bamboo how much grass needs to be planted
I will then get on the phone with my tato family and say, “okay, here you go”, and I will send the money over. I really like the idea that becoming carbon neutral I
am now absolutely practicing what I preach. If I’m going to teach about
climate change and how we humans are effecting climate change then I sure
better be carbon neutral and I get to support my extended family in planting
trees that will help build their homes that will provide bamboo for their
baskets. Because of my background of having an
adopted tribe as a family in Indonesia one of the phrases these folks have
taught me is the phrase ‘All Our Relations’. Initially I thought they meant
everyone we’re related to as our family or perhaps being relating to all humans,
but now I understand that it means all living beings and so that phrase ‘All Our
Relations’, which is something that you say as part of a ceremony or ritual or
prayer means that you are understanding that we have a relationship with all
living beings on the planet whether it is microscopic sulfur breathing bacteria
at the bottom of the ocean or it is a Jaguar or a coyote or the forest or the
waterway or the mountains. These are all our relations and so that is my family that’s who I care about.


  • Daniela Nyvltova

    How wonderful! Kudos for your effort! HOWEVER, the most important thing is to live vegan. This is the #1 culprit of the global warming. The animal agriculture + human overpopulation = destruction of planet's fauna and flora = destruction of the entire planet.

  • Ned Hill

    My god this lady is a dumbass. YouTube has dozens of videos by credible scientist that have won the Nobel prize that explain in detail how man has a little to nothing to do with global warming. She is carbon neutral? Not even close. Propane is dangerous? Are you kidding me? She lives in campgrounds around tons of other people who use propane. How many accidents has she ever seen? Does she not realize that half of America if not more uses propane or natural gas to heat their house and the cook their food yet we never hear of accidents. This lady is so smug and has such a superior attitude yet she is totally clueless to the fact that she is wrong in virtually everything she said in this video. There’s nothing I hate worse than ignorance and stupidity especially in those that teach.

  • Mari Ansaldo

    Such a cute, cute, cute place! She has a harp on there! Good for her, she practices what she peaches, or rather teaches. Ha!

  • Chris Grant

    If you are vegan you can literally cut your carbon footprint in half, just LOOK AT THE CARBON FOOTPRINT OF A 12OZ STEAK!!! GOVEGAN!!

  • Doreen Lopez

    Is it hard to pack everything down and find a place for these things while driving and changing locations? Btw, I love your home! So beautiful and serene… ♥️👍

  • Joyce Li

    Wooow! I would've never expected all these design elements to work together. I love that she has an adopted tribe and the film covered where she parks.

  • Kendall Biegler

    Love these videos they are so awesome to watch but just for some feedback maybe make the music more fun and vibrant like the people! 🙂

  • michael sabella

    I think what your doing is great with the environment and all but you have to also consider geoengineering that our govt is contributing too with the spraying of aluminum and other chemicles . Look up solar shield . I read our govt is spraying the skys to block out the sun in turn helping global warming, while in the process of posoning its inhabitants. The Govt is not keeping this a secret anymore either. Check out Dane Wiggington – Geoengineering…

  • StuieMaaate

    For a science professor she knows shit about climate Its doesn't change its a hoax by the globalists to attain more tax money from the gullible !!!its a hoax

  • Manny Foxgiven

    In relation to the large commercial ships that modern society depends on, I would say that while this may be a fun lifestyle that suits her needs, she is doing absolutely nothing to reduce carbon emissions. Ships, commercial trucks, commercial airlines, mining machines etc… all of these vehicles emit massive amounts of carbon that cannot be reduced in any meaningful way. Sorry for the Debby downing, but posturing like this on the internet in an effort to claim you are preventing climate change (whatever that means) is just silly.

  • anniegeiger1031

    Lol “everyone should have aloe!” Except me. Horribly allergic 😹 what a beautiful home, I love all the plants! …except the aloe 😬


    Ppl who are hating on this lady who’s just living her life as sustainable as possible are ppl who likes to hoard and have lots of stuff to feel complete or better so this kind of way of living seems insulting to their lifestyles. Or maybe some ppl are just jealous cuz she’s happy in a bus while they’re not in a mansion. Just sayin

  • Valentin Kolb

    you start living, you breath and Boooooom you are not c02 neutral * why you think that what you breath out and what plants need is sooooooo bad??????? 😉

  • Sky Watcher

    She "teaches climate change" yet fails even a mention of geoengineering.
    Playing the game to keep 501c3 status (or the promise of tenure) is more important to certain people than surviving into the next few years.

    Rad van though.

  • règis chevrot

    You all need to research Grand solar minium that is coming up now. The sun is the one controlling our climate.

  • Slyder Martin

    I apologize. I posted too soon. This woman is a threat to reality. Her students are "auditing" her "carbon footprint"? Her psychosis is not what she was hired for nor what the "students" are paying tuition for.
    Reminds me of an old story…. There was a Buddha of Great Compassion. He could not bare to walk about the earth while crushing the lives beneath his feet. He decided that wherever he traveled he would be carried in a palanquin. He replaced his own two feet with eight. So much for "good intentions".
    This woman has been used by the Globalists. She sees "logic" where it doesn't exist. "Carbon Footprint"? BS

  • Paddelnoob1

    Great idea. It is encouraging having people like you on earth, to show the people that there is another way of living, without ordering on amazon 40 times a month. Greetings from Germany. Keep up the work and spread the word.

  • Deena Gotti


  • Critical Role Highlights

    Calls herself "ethical" when teaching students that biased data collected by biased scientists through biased computer models is fact.

    Come back to me when you don't have to change said models to fit your views because they don't show what you want them to show.

  • Ayanda Mabhena

    She should desist involving climate change in her idea of living small. The CO2 emmission from that diesel engine + NO3 levels are not something to brag about

  • T Fernandez

    I respect this woman, well done, but I have some questions. If she earned a decent salary, would she prefer living in a conventional apartment / house? Are we being folled here by the small is better / bigger is worse? Its perfectly possible these days to build larger and sustainable houses. Also, who is going to fight for affordable housing and rent in cities? That still is a problem for many people who cant even afford to go small. And if you have a family? To me, living small is like putting a plaster, but it wont cure the illness.

  • PittMeadowsGuy

    Sorry "Professor" .
    Carbon Crisis is a farce .
    Our earth is green because of Co2 . More Co2 = More Plant growth = more oxygen . What a horrible problem .
    When you look at the stats ;
    Canada alone has 594 BILLION trees .
    Canada's Carbon Footprint ?
    559 Mega tonnes of Co2 .
    Trees required to catch 559 Megatonnes 25.7 BILLION trees .
    That means we have 569 BILLION unemployed trees .
    Enough to scrub the entire carbon footprint of Earth .
    Canadas trees alone .
    Only the government could villify a naturally occuring element . Carbon on earth is Finite. Unless our sun collided with a star recently…
    Wake up folks . Those stripes across the sky daily…theres your climate emergency .
    A created one . Climate "change" is government weather manipulation .
    People nee to wake up .
    Universities LIE .

  • Markus E

    But how is the Indonesian family "adopted"? And please, don't be ignorant and arrogant and feeble with your explanations.

  • Billetchrome

    "an honest, ethical teacher"…. yeah ok, a leftist propagandist indoctrinating children in fake science to fit your globalist dream. So noble.

  • euroovca25

    "this is just me and a dog" .. sorry to say lady but i was expecting you to say this any moment in the video.. that pretty much sums up your social life and status..

  • Fred Flintstone

    She should live as she pleases. But if she doesn't carry a weapon on those trails then I see crime scene tape in her future.

  • Bob Ingalls

    The more CO2 the better. Plants love it. Don't buy into the globalist propaganda. The whole climate change agenda is to shut down industries in the west. Notice how they never mention about China and climate change.

  • Bob Ingalls

    Do you realize that by cutting down on co2, world wide crop production goes down. That means food prices go up and poor people starve which exactly what the globalists want.


    Dayum, she definitely fine when young. Would've been a happily married woman with grandchildren.. But she's happy with this life as well, good for her.

  • Bryan Tran

    oh my buddha! Im from San Jose and I haven't heard of her until today! Im gonna ask my family who is currently studying there if they know her! Small World! 😉

  • L J

    LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!! She is amazing,me and my husband are wanting to save and plan our life on the road (10 year goal) .My father in law is buying a yacht and they are living on the seas.

  • Margaret K

    The professor should study more by herself!

  • Remember Neda

    Commendable leadership in the role of carbon management. Were our large Corporate entities as faithful. I often refer to the group as Predatory Corporate America, though I do many a disservice. Attitudes are changing primarily in the younger members of society and that includes corporate society and it culture. And of course, the more successful and enriched a company or a family becomes, it insulates and isolates them from the larger world. They have secrets to guard and large facilities to protect. And those barrier attitudes prevent many from adopting a larger world benefit awareness.

    I use to say boycott and the Money loss will catch their attention. But it is more that that. We will simply need to redress our own choices and spending and those patterns will be noticed and marketed to. Business in very efficient is learning about social change and where to put resources to capitalize on trends. So when we choose to refit an old van rather than build a McMansion on 3 acres, those 3 acres may not be sold and sit with vegetation on it.

    I wonder if she has looked into buying some acreage somewhere off the grid? Probably in CA way too expensive even for small parcels. And then going way to the East, she would eventually go into a whole new ecotone and time zone and would not work for her faculty work.

    Perhaps in her area, and COOP would be the answer. 20 or so individual Trucker like herself each contribute equal portions to a larger land purchase with the thought of being owners in their own park or camp ground?

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