UPDATED video: “link in top right corner” Amok Equipment – Important info for Draumr™ customers
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UPDATED video: “link in top right corner” Amok Equipment – Important info for Draumr™ customers

Hi, I’m Jonas from Amok Equipment In this video I will talk about the details
of our Draumr 3.0 hammock and show you how to use it. It is a kickass camping hammock made for sleeping
outdoors. The Draumr’s main features are flat sleep,
integrated bug net and chair mode. When you first open your hammock you’ll
find a user manual in a small pocket inside this can also be found online. Now I will demonstrate how to set up the hammock. First, take out the integrated suspension straps. The carabiners are color-coded like on a boat. Green to the right and red to the left – seen from inside the hammock. Start with the green carabiner. Loop the carabiner around the tree. And attach it on the tree-strap. Pull the hammock out of the bag. And before you attach this strap around the
tree, make sure that the hammock is not twisted. Now the far corner is ok, but this corner
is still twisted so I just loop the webbing around like this. Then it’s straight and you can attach the
other strap. The carabiner should be pointing upwards – like this and the webbing should run straight through the carabiner and around the tree. Make sure that the webbing feeds straight
through the cinch buckle. So this is very bad. This can start to slide.
Make sure it is fed straight through the buckle Just make sure it is fed straight through the buckle like this. That’s ok. Then adjust the buckle. Upwards like this. And downwards like this. Adjust the buckles so the hammock is balanced
between the trees. Make sure the ridgeline is level. That looks good. And that the suspension straps have a 30 degree
angle up towards the trees. The hammock is specially designed for a sleeping
pad. The pad stretches out the hammock and gives
it structure. It also keep you warm at night. Open the zipper in the head end, and insert
the sleeping pad into the sleeping pad pocket. The pad pocket locks the pad in place, and
you must use it. At the other end, the foot end, there is a
hole that allows you to pull the pad in place. Now I’m going to show you how to enter the hammock. My favorite way, of entering, is folding the
foot-end over itself. And you want to sit in the middle, between
the grey pockets. So step inside like this. Grab a hold of the ridgeline. Then, lean back. Another way of entering the hammock, is simply
by standing in the middle. Grabbing a hold of the sides of the hammock,
pushing down, sitting down in the middle, then leaning back. Hanging the hammock as low as possible makes
entering a lot easier, and also safer. Sometimes you may think you’re lying flat but you’re actually tilted towards
the foot-end of the hammock. The solution is to trust the hammock and move
further towards the back. Just grab a hold of the sides here. And now I’m actually truly flat. So in this hammock you can sleep on your back, on your side or even on your stomach. In addition to being flat, this hammock also
has a chair mode. By adjusting the knee panels, while raising
your knees – you’ll lift them. Then afterwards lean forward and tighten the
straps in the back. The chair mode is great for fishing, reading
a book, or having a beer. In this corner there is a bug net.
You can take it out. On the middle you’ll find a small carabiner – it clips on to
the ridgeline. Then you zip the bug net on, all the way around. The bug net can be opened from both inside
and outside. And on the inside you can also adjust the
position of the bug net, so it’s tighter. You can also adjust it towards or away from your head. This can be used when you use the hammock as a chair. Behind your head, there is a shock cord that you
can attach to the ground like a guy line and it can be adjusted from the inside. It will help to keep the bug net away from your face. For protection against the elements, we’ve
designed a special tarp for the Draumr™ hammocks. This is an optional item. If it’s raining, you start by pitching the
Tarp. Just pitch it high on the trees so that you have enough clearance to pitch the hammock underneath it afterwards. But if it is sunny like today, you start with
the hammock. And you can pitch the Tarp later if you think it might rain. Now I’m going to show you how to
pitch the Tarp. You take the dark grey guy lines, for
the ridge. You start with the corner that’s attached
to the stuff-sack. Loop the carabiner around the tree. Try to get it as high as possible. Pull out the roof. You start by making the ridge even, and level,
between the trees. Yeah, that looks good. You can also half-pitch the Tarp. You don’t have to pitch it fully at once. You should always store the stake-bag inside
the stuff-sack, so you don’t loose it. If you want to pitch it all the way you do like this. There we go. And here you can see the view from inside. Looks quite good!


  • tybeejeffro

    Ripped my bug net first time sitting in it…and yes I had it unzipped all the way and thrown back. But otherwise, I had a fantastic sleep in it!

  • ZMBP

    So I have to carry a builder's level with me next time I go camping? I think not! I'm sure I could use the Eyeball Mark 1 and get it level.

  • Thomas Geffroyd

    Love my Draumr. Quick question for you, when using the exped UL (as in this video) do you use it fully inflated or do you use a "middle"' pressure? My footbox always go full "taco" as soon as I get in the draumr.

  • Rune Ellingsen

    Mounting the tarp as high over the ridge line in the movie, I would think that it is far more likely to rain on to the hammock it self. Especially if it is a little wind, and you get rain from the sides. Any thoughts? Any way this hammock I the KING

  • Rand

    What an excellent product! I've had mine for a month now & I just can't believe how incredibly comfortable this thing is. Even though the whole set up can be a bit heavy for thru-hiking or extended backpacking, the comfortable sleep I get every night makes this hammock invaluable. Great job Amok!!

  • Angry Daddy Bird

    I love mine. Used it on many trips. 3 weeks strait in Hawaii was awesome! I love the tarp ridgeline straps. I see you now use regular line instead of straps for the ridgeline. Are all the new model tarps one color or will they still match the hammock color?
    The attention to details like matching all the colors and stitching really stands out from the crowd!! Well made.

  • Conrad Rideout

    Hey brother. I ordered the hammock and tarp combo because I already had a air mattress with vertical baffles. I saw a review of this awesome looking hammock on Shug Emery’s you tube channel and also on syntax 77 and living survival.

    I have ran into an issue though. I ordered and paid for the hammock and tarp combo however my package arrived today and the tarp is missing. I am not sure where to go from here bro because I am not sure how to prove that. I can prove that I ordered and paid for both. And the shipping form says that I ordered both and that both were shipped but the tarp is missing.

    I sent and email to support but I know you are pretty active on YouTube and you answer comments in a timely manner. I also know that Shug had a lot of amazing things to say about you and your company so I figured the fastest way to contact you would be on your channel. Any insight or logical way I can find a way ahead bro would be greatly appreciated.

  • Tim Robson

    Best camping product on the market hands down, I love my Amok and use it all the time I have had no problems with it in the last nine months of use. I have made a video On a modification that I did to the Amok I sent you a message on instagram to ask you if you could watch it and maybe give me a little feedback on what you think

  • Nerb1

    Hmmm, this might be my next hammock… a bit lighter than my current and no poles, but still a flat lay. Is there any way to set it up as a bivi for when there are no trees?

  • Marko Max

    What's the carry weight of the hammock. Even on site there is no kilo/pound specs.
    Also, how come on the .com site Hammock is 189$ and on EU store is more than 270Euro?!?! Care to explain that huge difference?
    Thanks. Great hammock

  • Daniel G

    Why is the tarp so expensive? I see nothing special about it to justify the cost of the tarp. The hammock looks amazing though!

  • Alabama Woodsman

    I own this. I have sleep apnea and when I raise the back to resemble a chair, I can do without my CPAP machine. My only criticism 4:27 is that rolling over can be noisy. Other than that, it's a great system; I'm glad I purchased it. I'm overweight and older so sleeping on the ground is painful. This lets me sleep so much better than anything else I have tried; tent or conventional hammock. If you are short and fat like me, don't mount the Amok too high off the ground. When you get in it, you only need to be slightly off the ground to get the hammock benefits. My first night, the plug came out of my air pad as I was rolling over to my side. It was hilarious! My camp buddy was rolling on the ground laughing as the Amok collapsed with me in it.

  • Oros Abaddon

    So my amok doesn't have anything to keep the bug net away from my face except those pockets on the outside for shoving sticks in them. The only problem is, in my current location I am having trouble finding sticks that would work. Is there some kind of product out there that i can buy to just always have with me? Maybe like a single rod from a tent or something may wok?

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