US Military Ames Entrenching Tool Folding Shovel- Prepping Must Have Tool
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US Military Ames Entrenching Tool Folding Shovel- Prepping Must Have Tool

Ames Entrenching Tool best folding shovel us military folding shovel Hi it’s AlaskaGranny I wanted to show you
this an Ames entrenching tool and it’s a US
military item look on this side here it says US and over here it says USA it’s called Ames Entrenching Tool it says made in the USA called Ames Entrenching Tool Ames 02 the hardest thing for me is unfolding it because I’m not very
strong the thing only weighs about two and a half pounds and it folds up to maybe nine by 6
inches so I love it it’s just right taking out
when you go out and about so what I decided it is you have to open shovel end first before you open the handle see you can unfold it so that it opens up or you can put this
part down halfway so that you can use the tool this way and
then it’s got this part here that you twist to tighten it
and maybe after I use it more it’ll work more easily so then see this
won’t move and this won’t move so if I want it to go straight I open this back out and i can fold this up again if I twist this down is gonna
stay in one spot so if I come over here I can dig a hole how to use Ames entrenching tool folding shovel military folding shovel doesn’t take much effort to use one love it carrying the back your car or
even just around the garden or wherever so you
have a nice little foldable shovel ever want one and i can fold it back up Ames entrenching tool best folding shovel US Military folding shovel please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel


  • My Damn Channel

    Hey Granny  if strongly built as in your Ames E Tool, can also be used as weapons. Some entrenching tools can be even sharpened on one or both sides of the blade to be used as cutting tools or weapons as in your Ames; in fact, when used as such, the tool's sharp, thick edges are strong enough to cut through flesh and bone. During the Second World War, entrenchment spades were used in close quarters combat between German and Soviet forces.Even today in the US Military such tools are only rarely used for digging or entrenching positions.Modern commando forces are trained to fight with entrenchment tools and are highly effective 🙂

  • Ray Yuen

    Thanks for the video. These are current issue to US GI. The handle is aluminum while most cheaper ones made in china have steel handles and a bit heavier (for no added benefit). Good explanation of the stampings on the sides of the handles. The 02 means manufactured in 2002.

  • Ruben Carvajal

    Interesting design , I still use the same type of entrenching tool that I carried as a young marine, wooden handle type.
    Maybe I need to modernize my gear ?
    Nice video

  • highspeed696

    Haha. Granny are u high? u stay home and do the cooking and we'll do the man stuff. Lube it where it tells u and it will loosen up to the point where it will unfold by itself.and get a cover u'll need it.not trying to hate on you but thanks for the laughs.

  • Fred5612

    Wow you run the friendliest channel on YouTube, subscribed and enjoyed your videos, keep up the good work!

  • Rodger Brown

    To loosen it up use lubricant it should have a arrow pointing to the area you should lubricate after doing so try tightening it up and loosening it afew times it's good to do it after every 2 to 3 uses depending on your lubricant if it goes unlubricated for too long it can get stuck

  • Hal Rayner

    One really handy thing about the Ames Entrenching Tool — if you dig too deep and accidentally release hordes of UNDERGROUND ROCK MONSTERS from their subterranean lairs, you can use the Ames as a sturdy slashing and thrusting weapon.

  • Sonya Knight

    I brought one of these shovels. I was shoked to find they bend as soon as you put any weight on the blade end. I had to weld some steel on to it so i could use it to dig in firmer ground. I hope to get an older version, when they made things to last.

  • Its really Hairy

    Granny can chop you up with that if you act up to. Great video. I hope to see Alaska one of these days. I'm a vet and will always have my Ames shovel.

  • J. Nielsen

    Good quick review Granny- Thanks!
    Tool can be used to saw (which I would not do), to pry (I would not do- esp with it being aluminum), to hoe, dig, should be able to spark fire steel (I'd use my knife) and to use as a spearing or clubing weapon.
    The 02 means manufactured in 2002 by Ames.
    The draw back for most people is it's size… TIPS: You can dig from your knees so you don't have to bend down so far or harvest a decent size & sturdy stick from your wooded surroundings and fix it to the tools handle with cordage (I'd go around side to side and every 3 or so rounds change circle pattern to up & down to cinch it tight and keep repeating until firm) to extend the handle out more (if bending or working from knees is an issue).

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