USC Dornsife End of Summer Staff Picnic
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USC Dornsife End of Summer Staff Picnic

This is our third year that we’ve held
the Staff Appreciation Event. This year it was a luncheon. We’re gathering together
to kind of honor all of our staff and just taking the time out to recognize
them for all the hard work that they do all year. We’ve got two hundred and fifty
plus people here today. It’s a beautiful day in Los Angeles. We’ve got ice cream, we’ve got a
magician, we’ve got a fortune teller. We’ve got several prizes that we’re giving
away this year. Everybody who came today gets to walk away with a personal sized
cooler. We have three pairs of tickets to the Dean’s box for football events. Up next we’ve got a gift card for
USC Bookstore, $50. Number 428. We’re spread across dozens of buildings, we have multiple sites off campus so it’s very complicated. The staff that you see behind us here, they’re
the ones who really make it all happen. I love to come to the annual picnic as we get to see our colleagues. Usually we don’t get to comingle, we usually have our lunches at different times so it’s nice to come in see all
the departments gathered together. It’s always good to be appreciated, and
to say that we’re all doing a good job. It’s all about the faculty and it’s all
about the students but ultimately it’s the staff that really helps hold it
all together and get it all done.

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