Vacation Call Center Ep. 1: The Grinch
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Vacation Call Center Ep. 1: The Grinch

Hello. Everybody back to work! Due to the high volume of very exciting holiday activities at Universal Orlando this year We’ve had to call in some help for our reservation lines. So we’ve got some volunteers from Whoville to help us out Yay! For the most part our volunteers have been super helpful. For the most part. [evil laughing] What was that? [evil laughing continues] Oh Greg, are you getting this? A lot of noise coming from our guests. Oh, oh, it hurts. Oh, oh, oh. The hardest decision is deciding which Resort Hotel you want to stay in because the pools are simply jus- Who would ever want to in a pool on a hot sunny day?! That wounds wonderful!
[mocking] That sounds wonderful! Oh yes the whole the whole thing lights up, it looks spectacular! [mocking] looks spectacular! Can you just?
[mocking] Can you jus- Oh, what me?! [chomps loudly] I will admit, I am way better at this than I thought I was going to be. As it turns out, problem solving, flexibility, communication, and organization, just so happen to be some of my most fabulous qualities. Great news everyone! We’re all getting bonuses! No, no, no, no, no, no, that is not accurate. Yes it is. So much sugar So much sugar. Can you tell me more about the Universal Holiday Parade? Hello? Well, we were hoping just the Whos would come and bring holiday cheer. He just insisted to come along with us Honestly, I don’t know what they’re talking about. I like having him around. People fall in the same routine it’s, it’s cool to finally have someone come around with a little bit of pizzazz. Well the Who’s they’re uh… Oh but Greg, give that guy a raise! That guy has got it going on. Haha, right Greg?! He..he can’t hear me right now. A giant parade with giant balloons and a giant man in a red suit. Ooh, and I snowflake would want to experience a thing like that Who in the snowflake would want to experience a thing like that?! [caller] Uhm, well I would, my family and I, uh- that’s why I calle- Who’s ready for lunch?! Yes Greg.
Not you. He doesn’t quite know what the mute button does. So we’ve been transferring his calls mostly to avoid any misinterpreted information. Uhm, we really do appreciate his support and his dedication but… He can be rather foul… In every meaning of the word. [loud coughing] Awe guys where you going Oh yeah, that was me. That stank. Where is everybody?! [muffled conversation] It didn’t hurt my feelings. It didn’t. Sure, didn’t. Nope. I’m fine I’m- [copier beeping] Hey Bill. [laughing] [evil laughing] Yes! Hehe, yeah! Yeah! Honestly, it’s a great problem to have the Universal Holidays are really spreading the cheer this year. So the extra help around the office has been real- Really great! Right Janice? Well, I thought it was going pretty well Happy Wholidays! Am I suppose to be looking here or there? [nervous laughing] It’s Melissa.


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