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I know you want to see me naked naked
naked I want to be a baby baby baby hello babes and welcome back to my
channel so today we’re gonna be doing another summer Tryon Culloden haul I’m
so excited I have a ton of items from sirens you guys know how much I love
sirens all the items that I show you guys today I will definitely leave a
link and down below so you guys can shop them and also for sirens I always leave
you guys eight coupon codes to make sure you guys check that out something about
our red list makes me feel super powerful I feel like I can accomplish
anything with this lip you know what I’m saying who else feels like that I will
leave a link down below I am absolutely in love with this road you guys I can
only wear like orangie Reds you guys are probably gonna ask me what my necklace
is a lot of you guys will like that an Instagram I am so in love with it it is
by German company I will leave a link down below and I also have my own coupon
code so that you guys can use let’s get started with the shoes before I don’t
want to like ever forget the shoes because they sit at the bottom of my
ringer rack seriously cannot these wrap around the bottom of your leg is walking
around like around the house for an hour in them just because I just felt so
super cute these are in a size 7 and these are $34.99 these ones are also in
a size 7 and they are also $34.99 and these ones over here have the take
underneath and it is a size 7 and these are 39.99 it’s been such a challenge for
me this summer to find like the perfect wedge so I’m so happy I have a black one
I have this like sandy topi nude one I really really wanted a shoe like this
something different just because I was getting so tired of all the shoes that I
have in my closet but these two on the ends here they can go with so many
different summer outfits and this one has more of that cork at the bottom here
and this one has more of that like basket weave at the bottom I absolutely
love it okay I can’t wait to get started with you tops because they are super
super cute this top actually fits really small so I’m actually going to be
getting a larger size in it this one is an extra small you could even get small
or medium to be honest with you if I was getting this top I would do as small and
it’s like super snug if you want to be more comfortable I would do a medium but
I love love love this color it’s a very orangie red compared to the one right
next to it and this one is $12.99 super movable
just because of this fabric over here is very very stretchy but again I would go
up a size or two in this chopped for sure I can’t really get over this top
like I just feel like I should be in Cuba wearing this top I seriously cannot
get over this like this is so adorable I am in love love love with this patterns
and this one is a size small and it’s also $12.99 like just such a good price
you can make such a cute outfit for such an affordable price especially with
sirens that’s what I absolutely love about them at the back it’s very very
simple just like that super stretchy material again comes with
the adjustable straps of course you guys know that’s like a very important
feature for me and I can’t wait to show you guys what it looks like with my
shorts look at this little black number over here it is so cute this one is a
size small and it’s $19.99 so you guys can get a very like dressy look like
this for under $20 like honestly and when it’s on it just looks so super
expensive like it doesn’t even look like it’s $20 and they do also come with the
adjustable straps which is like of course a must has this very beautiful
like cowl-neck it’s super elegant super sexy and very very classy the material
is this very like shiny sort of nylon material I don’t know if you guys can
tell I know you guys are like oh that’s a nice stretchy material
this one just hugs my body really really nice when I had it on I absolutely love
it if I need like a very simple classy black dress I’m just gonna throw like a
shaper underneath this and just literally walk out you don’t even
actually need a bra with this okay look at this dress like it is the I think the
first yellow dress I’ve ever worn in my entire life you guys I was actually very
in love with this when I saw it it is a size small and this one is $19.99 again
very affordable for a very dressy look it kind of comes over here on this side
and wraps over and does this ruching detail on this side over there it’s in
the exact same sort of fabric as the black dress that’s very like shiny
almost like satiny nylon sort of feel and this one with the small it just hugs
my body just perfectly and I love how it also has a slit on the side I will show
you guys more when I have it on so these here are midi skirts that they sent me
so this one is in a size small both of them are and they’re $14.99
really affordable again it has this very thick waistband over here and it is
elastic and it is stiff I’d like personally when they have that some
people don’t like it because I feel like it grabs them but I don’t know I think
it’s maybe my body shape too but I find when you do have the elastic waist it
does pull you in I like when I feel nice and like snug in clothing that’s just me
maybe it’s just my personal opinion and this is a little more of a cream color
they also sent me the nude color nude is obviously like a must have in your
closet a nude skirt you can never go wrong with and again they’re just really
good staple pieces to have in your wardrobe this I’m very very very excited
to show you guys little this stripe skirt over here underneath here they do
have with the same fabric the shorts underneath to cover you up which is
perfect and it just has this big long slit from all the way the top here all
the way down to the bottom I love the material it’s just this very breathable
light sort of chiffon sort of material this is perfect if you guys are going on
vacation some of you guys reached out to me and you’re like oh my god you have
any vacation outfits my girl I’ve got you we until you see what I’m gonna wear
this with it’s gonna be super cute her size small and it’s 1999 it is a tad bit
long because I am 5 foot 1 you guys I’m a little tiny mini-me okay these ones oh
my goodness let me tell you something girls I will tell you guys over and over
and over again and I don’t know if I can tell you guys enough
sirens shorts and jeans just denim in general and everything else I don’t know
what it is but they literally are made to fit my body shape these jeans wait
until you guys see me try them on they fit me like a glove I am normally I
would say mostly a size 5 with them and I had to get a size 7 so with these ones
I would say to safely go up like one or two sizes with them if and these ones
that says here $20 so they were on sale a lot of their stuff is on sale online
you guys so make sure you guys check it out and don’t forget to use my coupon
code I just love this zip up detail over here and also have this like sort of raw
hem at the bottom over here which I absolutely love and then when you turn
it around it’s very very plain and doesn’t have anything on the pocket okay
these pants I am absolutely in love with I knew I had to have a pair of these
these ones I will have to get in a smaller size because all they had was
the medium but I definitely definitely need a small these are 29
9 it is the same fabric as the skirt that I showed you guys before that very
like loose breathable fabric I don’t know if you guys can tell but they do
have like these white shorts underneath so it is lined underneath you can’t
really see through them you guys that’s enough with the music I am wearing the
crop top the floral one that I said I would definitely have to go to Cuba with
like hello this chop is just so adorable it is just so adorable like I don’t even
know what else to say I just love it so much I love this red color on me
I feel super happy in this top and I am also wearing shorts from them you guys I
actually showed you guys these shorts in a previous hauls but I also can leave a
link to these down below I’m also wearing the wedges that they send me
absolutely love these you guys tell me you guys want to see the back of my
outfit but I know you guys are just trying to see my booty like if you guys
just want to see my booty like let me know that’s what the back looks like
of course adjustable straps and then the back of the jeans I am not wearing a bra
I know you guys i am wearing nipple covers i will leave a link to those down
below as well I love this top you guys I don’t want to take it off it is so cute
it’s super comfortable super movable in it I love the detail with my necklace
with the top too so this is the more fiery red sort of red top I’m still
wearing the same shorts and the same one just from them I just want to show you
guys the different top so this one is an extra small of course it still fits me
as you guys can tell it’s just a little bit more snug than the other one so this
one I definitely would get a small that’s what I think I’m gonna do but I
love love love this color it’s just this very like deep corally orange e red I
just can’t get over it I just think it’s so adorable and again for $12.99 like
it’s just such an affordable top I just want to dance in this skirt and I just
want to do some stuff so like how can you not it is just so cute and I’m
wearing it this just bando top this is so super comfortable this is the size
small as I was saying I love the elastic waist because it kind of just tucks in
my waist over here I love how the slit starts from all the way up here and
comes all the way down like how beautiful is that and of course you’re
still covered by the shorts underneath and these are the shorts I was telling
you guys wait till you see how they fit on me I’m
so wearing their black wedges right now really really cute I absolutely love
them they are so comfortable you guys again these are a size 7 overall very
very snug to my body absolutely love it they definitely are short shorts they
are the only store I swear to you guys that fit my body the proper way this
bodysuit is from forever 21 I can link a similar or if I find the exact one for
you guys I can link it down below I just love this black-and-white look it’s just
super classy and it’s so easy for you guys to wear in the summertime you can
wear these shorts with any body suit I love how these are high-waisted my waist
is right here and they literally are like to the top so if this is that
miniskirt that came in the nude and the white I think I’m just gonna show you
guys one of them so I can show you guys how it sort of fits or do you guys want
to see both you guys probably both alright cool
I know what you guys are gonna ask me about this one if it’s see-through it
ain’t see through the white I will be honest white is always always always
going to be a little bit see-through it’s white you know what I mean like
it’s just you’d have to make white extremely sick like for example this
bodysuit it’s already a thick material I have like nipple covers on and you guys
can see it just a little bit what I like to do under white piece is especially
like a white sort of skirts and shorts if they’re see-through so like a cotton
material like this one is I like to use a nude like panty short or a nude shaper
make sure you guys check out my shaper video I will leave a link up here or is
it over there over there I’m also wearing the snakeskin shoes so different
and so beautiful like I can’t get over them and I’m being honest with you guys
these guys do not hurt that much I think it’s because there’s nothing really
you’re not really buckled into anything and it just kind of wraps around your
leg there and try them up for yourself and you guys will see what I mean
they’re not like really really horrible like some other heels this skirt I’m
wearing is a size small it is super stretchy I love love love it again I was
telling you guys I love this elastic band just because it holds in my waist
and grabs me this is perfect for like a dinner look or something like that I
just love it with a body suit or you guys can also do it with a crop top let
me know what you guys think about the looks and which ones are your favorite
you guys know what to do comment down below it so I put on the white skirt for
you guys to see so I don’t know if you guys can tell but you can see my white
body suit underneath I wanted to show you guys on purpose so you guys can see
how see-through this is but again I would just wear one of the shape
I show you guys on my shaper video underneath it and it would be perfect
again with white pieces it’s extremely difficult you guys to get a white piece
and not have a see-through or unless you guys want to wear something looks like
super thick but that would not be comfortable I love the material of the
skirt it actually hugs you in so if you wear this plus a shaper and you have
like problems in the front tummy area oh my god it would be so so so gorgeous
guys can see from the back head it is a little bit see-through if you guys see
this black thing that’s just the tag that stuck to the step to the skirt
these skirts are definitely basics you guys can wear this with pretty much
anything I love them so much and I love how they’re actually mini sometimes I
feel like wearing mini skirts but when you don’t you want to build it but more
comfortable I do like to use a midi skirt so make sure you guys check these
ones out this is that black sort of mini dress the stretchy material is just so
comfy and so movable I love this cowl neck over here how it dips it’s just so
classy I am not wearing a bra at all you guys I’m just wearing up my nipple
covers I personally will not be wearing a bra when I wear this dress does have a
very low back at the back there and I dipped on the side over here pretty low
so I think it would actually be a little bit difficult to wear a bra so that’s
why I just chose not to at all I am still wearing up my snakeskin heels
because the snakeskin and just like I just can’t get over it I just love it so
much and it does have a double layer so it has one layer here and then it has a
second layer over top it makes it less noticeable if you guys are wearing
anything underneath I would just do like a very nude thumb underneath or you also
can do one of those nude panty shorts as well and you definitely wouldn’t see
anything I am definitely definitely keeping this
for like a basic black dress it’s super sexy super classy you cannot go wrong
with this you guys can also wear this on vacation it is a perfect vacation sort
of dress for dinner and I love the way it looks with my gold necklace you guys
can also do gold hoops I just love love love it so much and for twenty dollars
like twenty dollars for something like now do you guys see what I meant it
looks very expensive and the material helps to make a look very expensive I’m
dying because I almost forgot to show you this look so these are those chiffon
sort of very sheer pants I absolutely love them so these are the white shorts
that come underneath so that you don’t have to feel uncomfortable this is the
sizing medium I definitely need to re get these ones in a size small just
because I feel like they’re a little bit loose on
waste of these pants again you guys are perfect for our vacation they’re
absolutely perfect for like dinner or something a little bit dressy at
nighttime this just feels like a very light piece of clothing to wear it just
feels very soft and free I’m actually wearing it with a bra that that’s
actually from Walmart leave a link to a similar top for you
guys you guys can do a bodysuit if you guys don’t want to show any tummy and I
am wearing their black wedges that siren sent me I absolutely love it with a
little bit of black to kind of bring in the black from the pin stripe over here
I really really love how this ruffle detail kind of goes along the leg at the
bottom and as you’re walking with the breeze it just kind of opens up just
want to show you guys the back so that’s what it looks like from the back you
guys are gonna see my hair tie because I’m just kind of like tucking it in but
with the white shorts you only see a little bit of the white shirts coming
through but again that’s just to have like a slip underneath so that you feel
a lot more comfortable wearing these it is so different than anything that I’ve
worn and I can’t wait to post this photo on Instagram because my mom took some
Sun photos of me oh my god I can’t wait what do you guys think of yellow on me
make sure you guys let me know down below this is a very like rich rich
canary yellow that’s exactly how I would describe it I think they called it like
mustard but I would definitely say like canary for sure it’s so funny because I
would have never ever worn anything like this in the past I’m telling you and I
know you guys know that too but I wanted to try something a little bit different
of course I think I’m definitely gonna save this as like a dinner look dress
for what I’m on a vacation like how can you go wrong with this I love this
material it’s the same moveable very shiny material as the the black dress
it’s not super shiny but it has like a sheen to it it’s not matte and again
it’s very very movable very very stretchy so I can show you guys over
here it has like this little ruching detail on the side here very very nice
for concealing the tummy area as well I’m actually really surprised how this
yellow looks on me like I actually really really like it and it is very
very bright but it’s just so fun and you just feel so happy when you’re wearing
color so this is the last look of the clothing haul make sure you guys comment
down below let me know which one was your favorite guys that’s basically it
for my clothing haul make sure you guys check out down below I’ve linked
everything for you guys and I also have a sirens coupon code if you guys enjoyed
this video make sure you guys give it a big thumbs up and also don’t forget to
scribe to my channel thank you to all of my beautiful babes for watching and I
will see you guys of course in my next video


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